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Personally I'm a boxer at heart. I boxed a good amount in the
video but I usually box harder. I really box hard to the most
interesting music. So this was a quick video clip. My mom's
camera only goes so long. I wish all cameras had great
lighting and would go for at least 10 minutes. I had to
do this outside because even though it was still day
time, it came out dark while in the house. I turn on
the lights and it still was dark. I was like , oh this is
just sickening!

So the next day was do over day! I started doing
some arm rolling to punch. THen I started to stretch.
I notice something about taebo that still has an
effect on me. I can see I got myself tighter in my
thigh areas, legs, just the whole leg!

I eat cheerios, fruits like apples, watermelon, sometimes
nutrigrain bars, then for dinner I eat a full meal, whatever
I want. It's not the smallest meal. I may eat a whole plate
of spaghetti. THe plate is full so it's not a tiny meal. I may
eat meatloaf and a large portion of mash potatoes with
baked beans. I get nacho belle grande with extra meat.
My point is I eat junk food everyday, just not all day!
But am I healthy? I don't know, can I be semi healthy
with fruits and junk food? Is my blood pressure
high or low? I don't know. I might not eat french fries
with season salt today to spike it high. I might
not be stressed today to spike it high. The point
is, even though I don't I hope ya'll checking your
blood pressure! People ask a professional!

I would not recommend eating a whole plate of junk food to start.
I know the best results come if you can eat veggies and baked chicken, I
know it's better for your health than just a whole plate
of spaghetti. I only ate like that after I lost all the weight.
But still, how did I get toned eating that big plate of
spaghetti? Well, I still stick with taebo! I run, I jump,
I knee raise, I raise my leg to the side, I move my
arms and legs at the same time. I move so fast
as if I am in a face past music video relying on
my every move. I move so fast that the sweat
is taking over me. But don't forget the fruits and
veggies help!

At one point I got thick in college,
I was so mad! I mean thick look good on some
people, but it's not for me! That's why I started
replacing french toast, sausage eggs with
cheerios, and fruits! I don't even go to a gym.
I figure taebo is the easy way to lose weight.
But think fairly and weigh out the benefits
of lifting weights versus boxing alone. I just
want everyone to make educated decisions.
You can do both!

Taebo is my thing. It's quick, easy, and
convenient. I never worked out at a gym
but taebo is more fun than what I see
people doing at the gym on tv.

And no excuses! I don't slack! I may not get
it in everyday but I do it 4-5 times a week
or more if I'm up for it. I would recommend 7
days for those starting off for faster results.
But then once you get to maintaining stage
that would help doing 4-5 times a week.
Well, at least it works for me.

Or if you look at it like this...if you want to build
up slowly doing 4 days then getting to 7 days
or 5 days or even 6 days that's another
helpful way. It might help to just build up.
Get an expert opinion on whether 3-4 days
is a good start for beginning to lose weight.

Let me tell you I still have a little pouch
on this stomach, not too much a little bit ya'll!
So my diet will not make the perfect body. You
might have to modify it.

Anyways, I love taebo! And though I don't love
fruit....I make myself eat it! I just naturally
gravitate toward it. I'm really forcing myself
to drink water! Help me Lord!

Taebo pose 3 Taebo pose 1 Taebo pose 2
"Black History, All Day, Everyday, All The Time."
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