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One of the most ignored points about Africa is the international prostitution that goes on in Africa. For the most part when international prostitution is mention, the Asian nations are the ones primarily mention but I am a witness to the prostitution that takes place in Africa. I spent three months in Kenya back in 1994, Kenya is a great country, I was in the city of Mombassa and we made a trip down to Nairobi as well. While in Kenya, I witnessed people from all over the world vacationing there and using the Kenyans, both men and women as prostitutes. One of the strangest things I seen was old white women from Europe who would come there as explained to me by a Kenyan and use the young Kenyan men as boy toys. I witness this with my own eyes, these old women walking through the hotel day after day with young African men.

Recently there was an attack on an Israeli hotel in Mombassa, most people never stopped to ask themselves why Israeli's have a hotel in Mombassa. They too travel to Kenya for vacations or holiday as they call it and use the local men and women for prostitution. I say all this as a preface to the article below that speaks about "Sugar Daddies" an euphemism for white men from Europe for the most part that are enticing young African women to have sex with them and promising to pay there school tuition but simultaneously spreading the HIV virus in poor African nations. Read and respond.


'Sugar daddies' fuelling HIV spread
Agnes Nalwadda is a 17-year-old student living in a small village in Uganda.
Like many teenagers in her village, she struggles to pay her school fees.

A rich man has offered to pay for her education. However, in return Agnes must sleep with him.

"The man told me he would pay my school fees and everything I want," she told the BBC.

Agnes is not alone. Nine out of 12 girls in her class say they have been approached by so-called "sugar daddies".

"He told me he would pay for my school fees, pay for me to go on holidays to go to other countries" says one girl.

"When you go to his place, you have sex with him," says another girl.

HIV threat

Their teacher Daniel Okello says many of these sugar daddies are infected with HIV.

Girls who agree to have sex with these men are at risk of catching the disease.

However, many are trapped in a cycle of poverty and cycle and feel unable to speak out.

"The men don't have any protective measures," he says.

"They don't think about it. It is the girls who are at risk not the sugar daddies and the girls don't have any voice."
A local organisation called Straight Talk is helping to spread the word about sugar daddies and HIV.

It has staged marches through villages and towns in Uganda to inform teenagers about the risks.

It has already helped to convince at least one teenage girl not to strike a deal with a local sugar daddy.

"They advise us to stay safe and to stay away from those sugar daddies," says Agnes.

She has taken their advice on board. Agnes now does odd jobs to pay her school fees

"We got to organize ourselves, We got to mobilize and there can't be no confusion in our collective solution, If not for ourselves, then for our kids, because we know who our enemy is!"

DPZ "for the hood"

More to come later!

Your Brother Faheem
There are Negroes who will never fight for freedom. There are Negroes who will seek profit for themselves from the struggle. There are even some Negroes who will cooperate with the oppressors. The hammer blows of discrimination, poverty, and segregation must warp and corrupt some. No one can pretend that because a people may be oppressed, every individual member is virtuous and worthy. Martin Luther King

More to come later! Your Brother Faheem
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Faheem, my cousin who was in Kenya last year on official business, was actually approached as if she were a prostitute several times in her hotel. She was approached by both African and white men. She demanded that the government move her to a different hotel. The sad part is that this was one of the nicest hotels in the city.
I think that this is a phenomenon in many poor countries though. From my own personal experiences, I've seen prostitutes in eastern Europe, Southwestern U.S., and seen various stories about sex slaves worldwide. It's sickening what these men do just for a piece of ass.

Our people have made the mistake of confusing the methods with the objectives. As long as we agree on objectives, we should never fall out with each other just because we believe in different methods, or tactics, or strategy. We have to keep in mind at all times that we are not fighting for separation. We are fighting for recognition as free humans in this society
Malcolm X, 1965
No ... Probably not ... but it's the West (read: White folk) that are going to Nogales, AZ to buy 8 yr girls (and boys) for sex ... it's the West (read: White folk) that are going to Cuba on educational junkets and spending their evenings offering greenbacks to any native that they can find to get them to bring their little sister or brother to their rooms ... it's the West (read: White folk) that appeared in this article ... And, it's the West (read: White folk) that do all these things, while claiming moral and intellectual superiority over those that they are exploiting.

But then maybe your question was facetious?
I guess you're right. I give some of them a lot of credit. Not for being "smarter" or more intelligent; but rather, for being more immoral and/or having less scruples, than much of the world's peoples. (Mind you, I am not referring to the majority of White folks, only those in the position to exploit.)

And, BTW exploitation rarely is a function of smarts. It's more a function of economic and/or physical power. Let it not be thought or believed that the exploited are unaware of their plight. But sometimes the alternative to exploitation is death.
it's the West (read: White folk) that do all these things, while claiming moral and intellectual superiority

That sums it all up right there Kweli. They preach messages of goodwill and turn around in the same breath inflict ill will towards people of color. It's a continuous cycle. They want to be good on one hand, while the other is dirty as hell.

It's a damned shame that they want to claim that Africa is the center of the AIDS thing, but they aren't circulating the truth about the white folks giving HIV/AIDS to our people in the motherland.

~You're UNIQUE, just like EVERYONE else~

Lawd, this is a sick world we live in now. Same "sexers" kissing all over the TV screen in the name of "marriage". Doesn't sodomy help to spread AIDS? Folks been having sex with "others different" since the beginning of time. That's why we have Hispanics, Latinos, Mexicanos and all the other so-called "mixtures" hollering about how they're "better" than the other. Sex is gonna destroy us all. So many people genitalia confused, lying, denying, signifying. It's a mess and one-half.

Africans have made no advancement in America without shedding their blood. Yet, they are so confused that they are the first to shed blood for the system which made them shed their blood. African soldiers knew nothing of Iraq or Kuwait, nothing of Zionism. All they knew was Saddam was a monster. Nevertheless, the African in America represents the most instinctively revolutionary group in the country because of the position they are in. It is time for us to get conscious.--Kwame Ture
Why is it affecting more black people than whites and more brown people than whites and more black people than brown?
Could it be that the people initially experimented on would be the prominent carriers of a disease?
The fact that it affects one group so much more than another group, especially in a country like the U.S., makes it obvious that it is not coincidence that it affect one to two groups primarily significantly more than the other.

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