Study: Water in D.C. Has Unsafe Toxin Levels

Date: Thursday, July 19, 2007
By: Associated Press

WASHINGTON - (AP) Unsafe levels of toxic chlorine pollutants were found in 40 percent of the District of Columbia tap water samples tested during a spring chlorine surge, according to a study released Thursday.

The Environmental Working Group, nonprofit organization, conducted the tests from May 1 to 4, at the end of a monthlong "chlorine burn" that the Washington Aqueduct conducts annually to remove sludge and sediment from pipes.

The tests were done at private homes, a school, the U.S. Capitol and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The organization measured levels of toxins that could cause cancer, reproductive problems and developmental delays in children. The toxins are a byproduct of the reaction between chlorine and organic matter in Potomac River water. The group urged the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which operates the aqueduct, to switch to carbon filtration.

Washington Aqueduct General Manager Thomas P. Jacobus said the study's levels were probably temporary. He said D.C. water meets EPA safety standards because test results for the concentration of chlorination compounds are averaged over the year.

The EPA's regional office in Philadelphia is responsible for overseeing the city's water quality. A water official there said EPA regulations focus on limiting risks from long-term exposure, not short-term spikes.

"A couple of months of higher numbers -- we don't have any information that shows conclusively that that causes health risks," Rick Rogers said.

But the Environmental Working Group said the district's water issues reflect national water treatment problems.

"It's time to face up to the fact that it's impossible to take the Potomac River in its current polluted state, put it through a very old, rudimentary treatment system and get water that people can safely drink," said the group's executive director, Richard Wiles.

The Washington Aqueduct provides water to 1.1 million customers in the district, as well as parts of northern Virginia.
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Originally posted by Rowe:
It's interesting though to see people become outraged over what's in the water, and show absolutely no concern for the toxins and chemicals in their food.

A riot starter after my own heart. hug

Along with toxins and chemicals, let's add genetically modified to the list. Razz
*whew* Fortunately I don't drink tap water!!---Audioguy

You would be surprise what you drink.

Pepsico announced today the two of its brands, namely Desani and Aquafina, are bottled from public water supplies.

I told everyone...years ago...this was the case.

It is not just cynicism.'s the truth.

You are paying big...big bucks for public water.

A 55-gallon drum of $1.00 for a quart...costs $220!!!!

That's more than twice the price petroleum crude!!!!

We pay it an brag about it.


The primary problem of most...MOST...public water supplies is chlorine...which used to kill living contaminants.

Over chlorinating causes the problem.

Some supplies have problems with metals notably lead, and copper.

All public water supplies are REQUIRED to provide reports of the quality of the water to all customers.

All you have to do is read it.

Many of us exercise our personal perogative to ignore that report, or simply not believe it.

There is no penalty for exercising that choice...except the price of the product.


Jim Chester


Jim Chester
For drinking water, sometimes I filter it twice.---EbonyRose

Heh, heh, heh

I make a filter, for my home, that dechlorinates the water for my entire house.

Anyone can do this by simply connecting a tank filled with activated carbon...with silver impregnation please if used alone to prevent bacteria growth.

I add to that bed, and the system keeps chlorine below detection for upwards of 5 years.

I am also satisfied that bacteria, in general, is not in the water.

What else is there to be concerned about?

And my wife STILL...STILL...buys bottled water...Aquafina, Desani, you name it.

Go figure.


Jim Chester

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