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Like .......... DUH!! 



Two studies published this month suggest the availability of booze and in one city, single servings of alcohol is linked to violent crime rates.


University of California, Riverside researchers used federal crime data for offenders between the ages of 13 and 24, and then used census and economic data to determine the density of beer, wine and liquor stories in 91 major cities.


"Taking into account other factors known to contribute to youth homicide rates – such as poverty, drugs, availability of guns and gangs – the researchers found that higher densities of liquor stores, providing easy access to alcoholic beverages, contributed significantly to higher youth homicide rates," said a news release from the university.


The second study isn't so broad and doesn't deal solely with young people. It looked at San Bernardino, California, and "generally found higher rates of violent crime in neighborhoods around alcohol outlets that allot more than 10 percent of cooler space for single-serve containers."


Using census and business data combined with crime reports and an estimate of cooler space devoted to single-serving containers of alcohol (the latter being conducted by the county Department of Public Health), the researchers found that sales of individual servings of booze had a "modest" impact on violent crime.


"However, the researchers did find that as the percentage of cooler space devoted to single-serve containers increased, so did the crime rate," according to a news release.


The news release about both studies was forwarded to Tuesday after a piece was published on the site about "violence interrupters" being employed in cities such as Chicago and Baltimore, which are among the 91 cities cited in the first UC-Riverside study.

A University of Chicago study published in 2009 offered some unsurprising findings about the victims and perpetrators of Chicago’s gun violence. They’re often gang-affiliated minorities from low-income families. What may be more surprising is that it cited alcohol not substance  abuse, depression, anxiety and poor grades in school as other contributing factors.


The emphasis on alcohol over substance abuse is notable because so much violence is linked to the illegal drug trade.


But the study said "analysis of data on Chicago homicides from the Illinois Violent Death Reporting System found that only 3 percent of victims ages 10 to 24 tested positive for recent cocaine or opiate use. In contrast, 35 percent of homicide victims had alcohol in their blood at the time of death, often at levels above legal thresholds defined for alcohol intoxication."


Again, that is the victims, not the perpetrators. You can read the whole report here in pdf format.


The UC-Riverside studies appeared in Drug and Alcohol Review, a publication from the Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and Other Drugs.


One of the researchers, sociology professor Robert Parker, who co-directs the Presley Center for Crime and Justice Studies, said of the findings, "These results suggest that alcohol control can be an important tool in violence prevention."


Parker was more emphatic about the San Bernardino study. Acknowledging that the research had a limited scope, Parker said communities concerned about the impact of selling single servings of alcohol should take action.


"Community interests should dictate local policy, and the potential benefits of reduced violence outweigh any potential harm that the banning or limitation of such sales would create," he said.


What's your take? Is alcohol a devil water spurring our cities to violence? Is it not a factor? Or do you think it's one of many factors contributing to the bloodshed? Let us hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Quote by ER: " Like .......... DUH!! 


Who was the University of California, Riverside approving authority; the academic "genius" who approved spending taxpayers money researching this ish?


And these two sentences.."Taking into account other factors known to contribute to youth homicide rates – such as poverty, drugs, availability of guns and gangs"..  "They’re often gang-affiliated minorities from low-income families".


Of all that data, that is the crux; the embedded code of all this research (it's Black people) and that's all that's needed to satisfy the average stereotypical critic.


But what about the millions of White kids who commit violent crimes...are early-on pre-teen & teenage alcoholics, constantly raiding their parent's liquor cabinet like Al Qaeda and false ID'ing their way at the local liquor store who suck down alcohol (especially beer) like a Dyson vaccum cleaner everyday?



Blacks are less than 20% of the entire population and we get stuck with every negative statistic known and created. We drink too much, we eat too much, we complain too much, we're lazy, we're too dependent on the government, we're oversexed, we are delinquient parents, we're violent...we commit ALL the crimes and we're the most uneducated.


And the old bearded White guy in the photo who looks like a department store Santa has that shit eating grin on his face that says...."the numbers don't lie".

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African Americans drink far less alcohol than White Americans, always have and probably always will.  And, I really did not see any evidence in the article to support the claim of the title. But, let me tell you what this is:


This is probably one of may lead propaganda pieces to be spread throughout the African American psychi (though probably aimed at most African American teens, children and young adults) to induce the self-fulfilling prophecy syndrome, i.e., if you say it enough times, the subject will begin to believe it, and once you have convinced the subject to believe it, the subject will begin to act it out.  Isn't that how they were able to get so many Black people in this country to experiment with drugs?  By using all the countless, tv "specials", "documentaries," "newspaper articles," not to mention all the Black exploitation movies and Black tv shows and comedies that were designed to do just that.  Yes, initially, we were told that so many of us used drugs, then we had it verified with "investigative journalism," "news reports," and then imprinted into our psychi with all the Hollywood Black exploitation films and tv shows


Black people should be leery of any and all statistics on Black people, African Americans and/or anything about anything about Black people/African Americans in this country, hell, throughout the diaspora.  They have successfully used this technique to socially condition/brainwash all Black people on this planet to stand divided against one another and what is naturally ours for decades/centuries.  Now, it could very well be that they are using the same technique to draw large percentages or more Black people toward alcohol and it's addictions and life destroying attributes.

  Well...I'm always skeptical to statistics....the probability charts....cuz my thang is:  who sponsored this research?  And are they deliberate issues strategically directed in a certain high risk area where blackfolks are?  And if the research facility doesn't come up with the right numbers....will they get paid anyway or if they are paid first do they justify the findings in the way the donor wants to project?


Too many questions pop in my head as why I always go  And base my personal findings on blackfolks ALWAYS on my own EXPERIENCE and knowledge.  Who know better about blackfolks than blackfolks?  I know what is goin on with our young piece of paper has to TELL me.  And I am NOT gonna dismiss anything or issue about us.....cuz I know of the mentality that is destroying not only our youth but grown folks too.  So I don't need massa's white coat analyst to tell me squat.  All I have to do is look out my window or in my family immediate or indirectly.  And it doesn't matter these days....WHERE?  It could be in the hood or Beverly Hills.  It's the mentality....the mindset that is deteriorating in some of our people who do not have the tools to stop it.  That's a FACT-no sugar coat.  And quite frankly, I care less about what's going on in massa's household/community. 


So just like I don't need a bible to know there is a God.  I don't need fancy reports to know that we as a people have issues we NEED to ADDRESS NOW and we also need to  stop being soooooooooooo insulted when massa play his dirty dozen mind games-a clever distraction....cuz that's all this is[to keep us from focusing on our people].  Cuz statistics don't have to tell me that ......time is a wasting....and!  What they say?  Statistics lie lie lie.....but!

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