This campaign and ongoing discussion is extremely disturbing to me. Murder is an epidemic in our communities. Part of it is the criminal element within our communities acting like morons and part of it is individuals taking revenge for incidents. All of it causes mayhem in our streets, fear among the peaceful among us, and fatalism among our youth.

Within societies (even all white societies like Iceland, for example), law enforcement is there to prevent the kind of lack of security and violence that vigilantism brings to a community. To say, "stop snitching, we'll take care of it ourselves" doesn't make the community safer. It just perpetuates a cycle of violence.

Law enforcement has a dark history. However, the way to overcome this is for the best of our community to join law enforcement and for the leaders in our community to politically engage in oversight and dialogue with law enforcement. That's what they do in the white suburbs and why the murder rate is low and drive-bys rare. The good people in those communities form neighborhood watch and police oversight committees. And their kids sometimes become cops and, thus, have a tie to their community.

But because we cannot get past our issues, we can't keep a bar or club open because there'll be a shooting there. Our kids can't play in our parks because gangs have taken them over. A good kid walking back and forth to the library has just as much a chance of being killed by someone in the neighborhood with a beef through mistaken identity as does an active drug dealer. And meanwhile, the outside society looks at Black people and says, "Those people clearly don't know how to live in civilized society."

We need to turn our backs on the criminals of our community -- the drug dealers, the gangsters, the pimps, and the junkies. Turn these people in when it is safe to do so. At the very least, make it clear that they are no longer our sons, daughters, cousins, uncles, or aunties. They are outsiders, strangers, no longer a part of our families, and they no longer have our love and protection. By cutting this cancer out of our society, with the help of law enforcement, we may be able to save the whole community.
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dark? careful of whitisms......that used black in the context of being bad....and do not believe that black people harbor criminals when their life is not in danger...cops use people to arrest others and then forget about their lives and leave them exposed to the dangers of retaliation.......
Originally posted by Kevin41:
dark? careful of whitisms......that used black in the context of being bad....and do not believe that black people harbor criminals when their life is not in danger...cops use people to arrest others and then forget about their lives and leave them exposed to the dangers of retaliation.......

Exactly. If the police wanted to arrest someone, all they have to do is go around their neghborhood asking questions and they'll find something to arrest that person on suspicion of ....
There is a black law and a white law.
I swear I always thought snitching was when one criminal would tell on another criminal to get a lighter punishment. Now it seems like snitching means anyone who reports to the police about a crime.
Ma'at Hotep,

I agree with those Brothers and Sisters who 'snitch' of the criminal element in our communities. To hid or conceal a murderer, a thief, a burgler, a rapist, a child molester or any other criminal is not only crazy, it too, is criminal. We must rid our communities of these people no matter who they are and what they are. They will eventually do to you what they are capable of doing and have done to others. Our communities are like war zones. Decent people cannot walk down the street, no matter what time of day or night, for fear of these thugs. If capital punishment was meted out properly and in fairness, I would be all for it. These killers of our people without just cause need to be eliminated. They are sometimes put back into the community by law enforcement so that they can continue the criminal acts. To me it is not snitching, it is telling the authorities who did what to who. These punks do nothing for the community but bring death and destruction to peaceful people who want nothing more than a peaceful co-existenance.

The european power structure would do us some justice if they were to remove their european storm troops, from our communities, who get off on criminal activities occuring in our communities. Often times, they add more destruction and confusion because they also may be of the criminal element themselves. If our communities were primairly manned by members of our race you would see much better results in terms of enforcement and community co-oelements themselperation with law enforcement. Thats because Black police officers know and understand their people and the europens do not and care not. The european power structure don't trust us to police ourselves therefore they stack our communities with KKK minded and european gestapo minded police who want to put as many notches on their guns as if this is the wild, wild west. How often do you see or hear of a Black police officer killing a european person, especially a yound european teenager. That will never happen. Get these europeans out of our communities and let the Brothers and Sisters handle criminals and crime. The results would be astonishing.

Snitching is a way of life for some folk. Often times the snitch is a paid informant who survives on telling on people who may be innocent but may be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also, the snitch may be in a situation where they 'must' provide the police with information (right or wrong, good or bad) becasue they 'owe' a 'favor' or in order to continue what criminal activities they may be into themselves (selling drugs, etc) or just to stay our of jail. As I stated I have nothing against 'snitching' so long as it is not telling the white man on a Black man in a racial, not criminal, manner. European want nothing more than to put Black men in jail. A Black man in jail or prison means no Black baby is forthcoming from this person. And the prison system is the newest form of employment utilized by major corporations with cheap (slave) wages and it is legal.

Snitch, tell, inform or whatever, do what you must do in order to rid our communities of these low life thugs who are devils who care about no one or nobody but themselves and mean none of us any good. Get rid of them. For those who say 'don't snitch' what's in it for them? They must be criminals themselves. HOTEP by Beautiful Brothers and Sisters, listen to Black Liberation Radio ( and free your mind. Again, HOTEP (Peace). OLU

So, my Beautiful GOD's people, if you have to, by all means "tell'. Hopefully in telling on a criminal, you rid the community of at least one or two (or how ever many)of another blight within the community. We cannot depend others to cleanse our communities. We must do it ourselves.

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