See?  As  I listen to  her it is unbelievable to me that she ALLOWED this to happen.  She was his manager and I'm sure she has connections.  And this lawyer thing?  They are standing in line to get a celebrity divorce.  So I don't understand why she didn't get  her own attorney.  And the star?  It has nothing to do with it.  A lot of people want to  take Steve down.  So.  How was Steve able to take her child away?  Something smells fishy.  Steve isn't the first celebrity with money....who got divorced.  So many folks get divorce if she is a smart woman why did she allow this to happen.  I do not believe Steve have that kind of power.  She had to have had some play in people turning their backs on  her.  Plus she is the one to get Steve where he is today.  So for her to allow Steve to have that kind of power over her?  Nawl.  I don't believe it.  Cuz this is social media.  And if she doesn't have paper work as evidence that there's a gag order?  I don't believe this woman has been kept away from the public in telling her story.  Something ain't right.  Steve is rich but he aint that DAMN rich.  It doesn't sound right.  Because as an individual she has a RIGHT to tell her story.  Also Allred is the woman lawyer of our times....she could have went to  her and got a copy of the records that pertains to her.   I think something's wrong with her.  She can always appeal and request another  hearing from another judge.  So.  I can't she doesn't strike me as a woman who will let folks run over  her and tell her no.  She's not telling it all.  Just sayin But!

RadioRaheem posted:

coons are dirty all across the board.  He screwed his ex-wife (if she is divorced) out of money and even the right to her own kid.  Beyond sad.  If he treats his own family like this, what makes you think he has any good advice for the rest of us.

Yeah, I keep hearing certain celebrities talk about what a 'nice' guy he is, and all of the things he's doing to 'help' Black youth, but that's the thing, you only hear about it from those "in the business", you never actually know of anything in particular, or where exactly it is that he is doing all this 'good' to 'help Black youth'.

And then, there have been plently of people that 'helped' Black, and "inner-city", or "urban" youth,  you know like Charlie Sheen in the movie, "The Mighty Ducks".

Any Black people worth one speck of the melanin in their body should NEVER trust a House-Kneegroe, should never trust a Black person that will voluntarily throw the Black Race under the bus, nor should ANY Black people trust ANY Black person that "doesn't care about slavery", and damn sure as hell shouldn't trust or support any Black person that says that "Black people can kiss his ass".

  Bravo my sista!  Exactly!!!  I agree with everything you said.  And again...I know a lot folks wanna take Steve I don't understand his ex-wife not having the power to get back her son and why she isn't getting alimony given the fact she was married to him all those plus years.  I don't understand that cuz there is always a shark circling attorney looking for the blood of a celebrity to feast on.  Having said that?  Steve is the greatest example of a coon eunuch trader of his own people...especially when he said black people can kiss his ass-now that?  A real eunuch move.  So I agree with both you and Brotha RR.  But!

More evidence on why we need to focus on Coon-free black folk....


Remember how Steve you to brag about how many black people he hires in the background as a way for him to try to seem Pro-Black.....I guess the truth is coming to light.  Like Dr. Frances Cress Wheling said, 'A lie always has an expiration date'


Yeah, you can't give an ignorant Kneegroe two dimes to rub together, because it goes straight to their head, and they start suffering from delusions of grandeur and stuff, and immediately forget where they came from.

It's the same way that 'authority' goes straight to the head of ignorant kneegroes; they start having plantation flashbacks of when they were the Black overseers over their own people.

But, just like what you do in the dark, always comes to light, all the dirt you do is alway waiting, lurking just around the corner, waiting on your ass.   

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