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Star Jones

Never one to mince words, Star Jones is coming out against those who are lending support to jailed director Roman Polanski, saying that if a black director admitted to having sex with a minor, he or she wouldn't have been allowed to camp out in France for 30+ years. "He's white, he's rich ... I didn't stutter. I think it's a class and a privilege thing," Jones said during a discussion on 'The Insider.'

During an appearance on 'The Insider,' Jones let loose on Polanski, who was recently arrested after fleeing America to dodge charges he admitted to more than 30 years ago. Jones took little time to get right into her thoughts, saying that she has "no sympathy for him. He's in jail, three hots and a cot, that's what you're supposed to get."

And she was just getting started.

Jones went on to say: "Something tells me Spike Lee would not have been allowed to chill in France for the last three decades had he admitted to having sex with a 13-year-old." She continued, questioning why Polanski, despite his admission of the crime, has the support of many in Hollywood.

"The point is, Roman Polanski is very much loved by the Hollywood industry, community, and they are out there putting petitions together."

When questioned by a fellow panel member as to whether she thinks it's just race involved, Jones clarified her stance by saying: "Not just because he's white, because he's white, he's rich ... I didn't stutter. I think it's a class and a privilege thing."

Polanski is currently in a Swiss jail as he awaits possible extradition to the U.S.

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