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Who's this little cute little kiddy with the mouth of Trumpet snackin' on a pair of watermelon sneakers? What am I supposed to think about?? Other than I didn't know how to spell watermelon with one "l"?? These are the cartoons of years ago. Stereotypes; whatever!!!!  At this stage of the game, who cares?? Is everyone OK at the moment?? That's all that matters. God is good!!!!

  I agree with you both and like to add that the other symbol of the watermelon may also be our fascination [with things specifically] and the way massa's continues to control it.  We must re-examine what's fascinates us to the point we allow ourselves to be controlled.  It is a vicious cycle-which comes in different forms of behavior.   But!  

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Originally Posted by RadioRaheem:


If money is the root of all evil

then greed's the seed


This ain't livin'

we take it because ain't nobody givin'


America is a rich man's vision 

but a poor man's prison




*snip* If He sends me to hell, then oh well

Cuz I just did 19 years in the ghetto as a black male. *snip*



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