What do you think about what the president did yesterday?  I haven't seen this form of denial since Nixon.  And even Nixon had a "love" for his country.  Where is the love Trump [claims he] has for the American people?  Is this a form of deliberate betrayal....even to his base? [which I know are scratching their heads about now wondering "WTF he just say?" ]  Any thoughts.    But    

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It went exactly as I expected, in that Trump flew over there and basically 'Benedict Arnold' (ed) the hell out of the whole afair.


[Benedict Arnold (1741-1801) was an early American hero of the Revolutionary War (1775-83) who later became one of the most infamous traitors in U.S. history after he switched sides and fought for the British. ... The plot was discovered, but Arnold escaped to British lines.]

  Now as of yesterday, he's back peddling.  Proof he doesn't give a DAMN about America.  It's a business to him.  And he's ready to dismantle it piece by piece.  And no one stops him?  Will in a new York minute.  It's amazing how the republican don't care as long as they are in power but the thing is Russia has been America's enemy since WW1 or 11 can't remember.  Yes Russia allied with America during the early years....but!  We know the type of history Russia has with dealing with people...especially in the 1880s.   Let's see how long folks gonna continue allowing this president to wipe his boots on our democracy.  It's not the best democracy but it is getting better and better and a lot better than most countries out there.  Having said that I never heard a sitting President denounced his own intel team in front  the adversary.  This is a first.  He really looked like a "wimp" in Putin's presence.  And maybe that's who he really is and all this fronting [political bullying] he does is just hoopla for the bigger picture he's seeking.  And that picture?  Selling America.  Cuz it's clear what his position is.  Crystal clear.  But!

America's not the same place it used to be, regardless of segregation and the racial hatred we've always lived surrounded by. There were times we used to laugh, could have drinks, get a little soused, (without fear of getting shot or locked up), dance; had wonderful music. If I didn't have YouTube, I'd be at a loss for the type of music I like. I'm not a "rap freak." I like songs that say something and mean something, preferably with a black man or men singing them to me. Ella, Sarah, Etta, Nancy and a couple other women right along side.

The thrill is gone from America as far as I'm concerned or I've just grown old and out of the country at the same damn time.

All the "white" men in this administration look like talking skeletons to me. Not a nice looking one in the entire bunch. When Tony, Cary and Rock died, there went the entire white male race in the looks department. The only decent looking one in the heap is Comey to me. Looks aren't that important, but damn, everyone looks like talking death!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump can talk about President Obama all day, everyday for as long as he lives, but he'll never take away President Obama's good looks, class, intelligence and the fact that in eight years, he NEVER was an embarrassment in any way. The same will not be said of HIM.

  I totally agree my sista!  America isn't what it used to be.  And so we all have to go back to old school, if you know what I mean.  Cuz you can't trust anybody....not even your own people.  Yesterday  in Cali, a dude shot his grandmother cuz she didn't want him to be bringing women in her house.  He shot her seven times and shot the woman he wanted to move in-made her his  hostage.  Then went on a trek to Trader Joe's where he killed an employee there.  So these days you gotta be careful who you call friend or family-which by the way is outside of the craziness that's currently going on in the world.  You gotta create your own space and live it.  Cuz folks/the world has gone mad.    But!  

Koco, it's those damn "opioids" (whatever the hell that name derives from). that has driven the young folks nuts. What kind of country is this that everyone has to be out of their minds on some kind of drug or on a telephone every second of every day, taking pictures or calling cops on young black men and women so they can be either shot to death or locked up for life for some petty bullshit?? (Like possibly delivering pizzas, selling cookies or delivering newspapers in a Caucasoid neighborhood.)

Caucasoid so-called leaders are taking brown children (cute, handsome, pretty) from their parents and locking them in cages just like they do the animals in the American zoos and American prisoners. The same shit they did to Native children, African children (also fed them to alligators as babies). Caged Japanese people, baked and fried Jewish people.

Something's severely wrong with these folks and it's not getting better; if anything; if at all possible, it's getting worse.

These beings called "WHITE" are beyond reproach. Remove all that two tons of makeup they wear on every TV station on the air, you'll see there's nothing HUMAN about them. Shoot, just casually watch them in passing, you'll either die from fright or die laughing. Quite scary looking and that's putting it mildly. I saw a creature in a restaurant yesterday and it took me 25 minutes to figure out WHAT it was, male or female. I'm not sure yet, I think it was some kind of woman, but I couldn't be all ignorant in the place, because my daughter would have been beyond mad at me.

I'm not saying this in secret, I'll tell them to their face if necessary. They might tell the world they're the best looking things walking, but I beg to differ!!!!!!

  You're right my sista.  And yet another black man dies in Florida, 28 years old by a white guy that provoked the murder like Zimmerman.  Yes the black guy was parked in a handicap spot but white dude wasn't the police or parking enforcement.  He had no authority.  So it was NONE OF HIS BUSINESSS!!!  And it is said that he was doing this all the time-monitoring the handicap space like  it was his territory.  So he was looking for trouble.  He had that gun and wanted to use it.  And did.  So yeah I hear what you saying my sista.    We are regressing socially.  I have my own theories as why but I don't wanna sound like a broken record.  We have a prez caught with not one but twelve tapes talking about pay offs to women while in the bed with Russia.  I never thought in my wildest dreams America would take this dark turn.  I can't believe how gullible people are and willing to go along with the destruction of America by standing by this fool just to be in power.  Its sad.  A while back I used to talk about how I vowed to help children but stopped because of the parents.  It was in the air then.  Now today they are starting to talk about this new generation of selfishness and racism is blamed on the parents.  I agree.  Something I've been screaming about for years.

So what we have in the black community is karma....from all those parents doing absolutely nothing when gang banging and pushing drugs in our neighborhoods [by their sons and daughters] were at an all time high and innocent young people were dying in droves.  In my opinion they, these parents, turned their backs  on their children-including the youth who benefit from this crisis.  A lot of parents (mothers and fathers] were too busy grooming-doing their nails/hair cuts, partying....wanting to stay young...to help their children stay out of trouble,  thrive and acquire the social skills/tools to survive this crazy ass world like the generations before.  But those parents failed to do that and many of those black children who are now adults grew up to be immature, disrespectful to their culture and do not have the ability to survive on their own merits.  Plus massa have resume his killing of young black men or incarcerating them  like he did during Jim Crow.   So what we see currently is KARMA attacking the black community for its lack of accountability during the 80s and 90s.   And what's makes it sadder, even as almost daily blacks are being killed, many blackfolks STILL don't get why its happening.  And that's the real tragedy of it all.  But!         

Silence is golden until they hit those damn HUMAN ZOOS and the doors clang behind them and fellas are howling all the damn time loud and clear because they've lost their god damn minds from being locked up. Silence ain't so golden then!!!!!! But, by then, it's too damn late and so damn sad forever and a damn day.

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