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When the US government attempts to or passes some unfair law or one which makes no sense whatsoever? Do you just let it go or do you take action. I'm just curious..

I just started paying attention to politics about 2 years ago.. I never voted up until the last election. My goal this year is to be more active in the laws of where I live and the ones passed by Congress, etc.. Do you think we can make a difference by writing letters, leaving messages with Senators, etc? Whats your take??
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For most of my life, and in most instances, I did not get involved.

In '60-'61, I got participated in the 'Sit-in Movement'.

I didn't get, directly, involved again until '95 when I became incensed at the hypocrisy and arrogance of the Jim Crow construction of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, as amended.

I don't like frustrating myself.

In this case, I got so pissed, I had to.

And it seems like no one else cares.

And I still cannot swallow it like most others seem to be able to do.


Jim Chester

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