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Okay, I know I don't know all there is to know about foreign policy, but, I was understanding that it was pretty much a rule of diplomacy (albeit unwritten) that the leader of one country just does not go and kill off another!! Eek Eek There's supposed to be something very, very wrong with that!! Isn't it?

The reports out now are saying that Bush's first bombs of this so-called "war" were directly targeted to Sadaam's home! To me, that seems like he intended to murder the man!! Openly at that!! Eek Does "regime change" actually = assasination? And if so, wouldn't that make Bush a war criminal?? I think anybody else who did it would be!

Will somebody PLEASE tell me that the President of this United States did not/is not trying to openly kill the leader of another country??? Roll Eyes
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Its not like this is the first time that we have tried to or actually have been involved in attempts to assasinate leaders in other countries.

The Church Committee in 1975 uncovered many instances whereby the CIA had either planned an assassination, or backed one, doing away with such individuals such as president Patrice Lumumba, (Congo) president Salvador Allende (Chile) Che Guevara, president Rafael Trujillo, (Dominican Republic) and many attempts on president Fidel Castro. In the case of Lumumba, US President Eisenhower had ordered his assassination, but according to the CIA, Lumumba's domestic enemies got to him before the CIA's hit-men could kill him. Wink

In 1986 the United States sought to quell Libya's alleged terrorist activities by bombing several sites in Libya. Muammar Qaddafi survived, but several of his children were hurt or killed.

Business as usual.

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Jazzdog ...

You know, "taking out" a regime by relieving it of and/or changing its leadership is one thing. And depending on how you do it determinest the right or wrong of it. But, trying to kill/assassinate anybody ... let alone a leader of a country is just .... well, it's just .... EekEekEek

G.W. is attempting murder!! I mean, am I wrong about this? Regardless of what he is calling it or trying to disguise it as, he dropped a bomb on the man's house, believing him to be sleeping inside of it, right? Confused

Not that I like being wrong about things, but I would take not knowing what the hell I'm talking about with grace and style in this matter, if someone could tell me I have made a mistake about this!
I understand what you are saying eboneyrose but look at it this way if in 1942 or 1943 Hilter could have been found and killed that probably would have effectively ended the World War II and saved two years of combat and countless lives.

As with Hilter Saddam has had internal conflicts where his own people have tried to kill him understanding that doing so would have ended his regime and saved lives.
Yes, they bombed where his son lived and they bombed where he lived. Kresege, you are right on those counts of past assasinations. And Lumumba's internal enemies got to him with the aid of Belgium and the CIA. I just read on that Mugabe's office was bombed. I guess he will be next to go on the Europeans assasination list.......

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It's not that I have a problem with bumping off cruel, murdering dictators. And it's not that I don't believe Sadaam Hussein to be one! For all I know, he and Hitler were spawn from the same cesspool of evil!!

But Bush, in the name of America, very publically, with the whole world watching attempted murder/assassination of a sitting leader of another country!! Okay, THAT I have a problem with!! Eek Has he no understanding of the word "covert"? Does he not employ a special forces sharpshooter of some sort who could do the job? He managed to plant bugs on virtually the whole U.N. Security Council ... although, true enough, he got busted doing it!! But still, somewhere the intricate little details of the whole "secret operations" thing had to have passed through his little pea brain at some point!!

Even with the whole Muammar Qaddafi thing ... at least we weren't told about it until after it happened ... or shall I say after the failure of the objective became public knowledge ... that we had only killed his child and not him.

I mean .... ohhh ... never mind! Mad

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