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It's personal  trainer's fitness money hustle.


I get it but......


Try and do some of those "advanced" motion moves on a thread mill at your local fitness center and you will probably be dropped as member from the fitness center because if you end up injuring yourself on a running or non running thread mill , you might try and sue the fitness center for "physical training actions causing physical and/or mental injuries" you did on your very own that weren't authorized by the fitness center and not supposed to be executed based on the actual and normal standard use of a professional fitness center thread mill or any home based thread mill.


The fitness instructor should have known better and never do this at a local/corporate fitness center but instead, with her own personal thread mill she's responsible for at her home in order to not encourage or influence fitness center members and others to try and execute these unauthorized and advanced fitness moves at a fitness center or in their home.


Also, she didn't start or finish her instruction with a disclaimer that's says "these exercises are for trained professionals and their trained clients only. DO NOT try these exercises at your local fitness center or home without professionally trained supervision".


It's a insurance liability issue that no fitness center wants to be involved in.

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