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It appears I've been shut out of the fourm I started titled "person of color". I can see what I believe is the entire first page, (the last post I can see was from Ebonyrose on Dec 31, at 2:17 pm). The reply I made after that along with all the other replies others have made I am unable to see; and I am also unable to reply on that particular fourm anymore.

All the other fourms seem to work fine, I only am having problems with this one. Anyone else having such a problem?


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Okay ... I see the problem!

I AM having the same problem when I come to the board using Internet Explorer. The last thing I can see is what I quoted on December 30th ... but not the response I made afterward. And there's no posts after that.

Also, nobody's avatar pictures are showing up over here. And no editing features are showing up in the "Post Comment" box.

However, I primarily use the Mozilla Firefox browser and over there, I can get into and see and post to the thread just fine.  If you guys have another brower installed on your computer, (i.e., Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, AOL, etc.) you may want to try it and see if it works better!  If not, you may want to think about installing one now! 

I'm going to try to post a link to this thread in the "New site Info" forum and see if maybe one of the "fix it" people will see it and can fix the problem for the rest of y'all.
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The 'fix' for IE users.

"Hello guys.

Like me, you will no doubt have been suffering with the avatar/images issue where most pictures fail to appear.

I am happy to tell you that I have found a way to fix this.

The problem seems to be that all the avatars and so on are from the domain, but forum itself is on the domain.  Some how this is making IE's Privacy Protection System become nervous and it is not allowing media from the domain to appear.

Anyway, that being the case, you should try following these steps and see if you have the same success that I've had.

Step 1 - look at the VERY bottom of Internet Explorer, you'll see the status bar which has various little symbols.  One of these symbols looks like an eye, with a small red and white circle beneath it.

Step 2 - double click that eye, and a dialogue should then appear.

Step 3 - at the bottom of the dialogue will be a SETTINGS button, click it, another dialogue appears.

Step 4 - about half way down the dialogue will be a SITES button, click it, another dialogue appears.

Step 5 - Find the text box with a label above it which says "Address of website".

Step 6 - in that text box type

Step 7 - find the button called ALLOW, and click it.

Step 8 - in the list box below, should now be present, and next to it, the words Always Allow.

Step 9 - at the bottom of the dialogue is an OK button, click it.

Step 10 - close all the remaining open dialogues.

Step 11 - refresh this page to see if it's worked.

Yes, it's a bit of a long winded process but I've tried to make it as easy to understand as I can.  Let me know how you get along. "

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