Angelica Ross Puts BET On Notice That Black Trans Girls Rock, Too


Points were made

Last night, BET aired its annual Black Girls Rock! Awards. The event, created and founded by former model and DJ Beverly Bond uplifts and promotes the success of Black women and girls across industries and generations.

This year's honorees included Ciara, Regina King, H.E.R., and Angela Bassett, among other activists and artists. None of these women were trans, and Pose star Angelica Ross noticed.

The actress took to Twitter to proclaim that "BLACK TRANS GIRLS ROCK" and cast doubt on whether any Black trans women had been invited to this year's event. She also brought up the fact that, to date, 18 Black trans women have been killed this year, but there was no mention of this tragic statistic during Black Girls Rock!'s segment honoring the recently deceased.



Pose is one of the highest-rated shows on cable television and broke barriers of LGBTQ representation, including Black trans women—behind and in front of the camera. They are Black girls who rock. Janet Mock just became the first openly trans person to secure an overall deal with a major streaming platform. She is a Black girl who rocks. Black trans women are hit the hardest by anti-Blackness, homophobia, sexism, violence, and transphobia. They are activists, artists, scholars, and icons. Black trans women exist, and there is no excuse not to include them.


Unfortunately, this oversight isn't surprising from BET. The network has been slow to embrace intersectionality or chill with its reliance on respectability politics in its approach to Black content. Case in point: This is only the first year that BET has run content for Pride Month on its site in its nearly 40-year history.

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Trans Women Were Excluded From The Black Girls Rock! Awards And Angelica Ross Wasn't Having It

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B.E.T’s annual Black Girls Rock! Awards aired Sunday night and honored incredible women like Angela Bassett, Regina King, H.E.R., and Ciara.

Since 2007, the award show has done an amazing job at showcasing the talent and beauty that black women possess but, for the 12th year in a row, they’ve failed to acknowledge black trans women. And it didn’t go unnoticed.

Pose star and trans rights activist Angelica Ross called out the award show on Sunday night. She tweeted,

“BLACK TRANS GIRLS ROCK!!! I’m willing to B.E.T. that no trans women were invited or highlighted at #BlackGirlsRock. Is it 18 now? 18 black trans women have been killed this year but NO MENTION during the segment dedicated to the lives lost???”

Pose, a show that highlights the underground ballroom culture started by the black and brown LGBTQ community is full of black trans actresses. It’s been met with favorable reviews and was most recently nominated for seven Emmy Awards. And yet, it seems that Angelica was right. Black women filled the audience, but B.E.T couldn’t invite at least one trans actress or activist? Did they do this on purpose?

Most people agreed with Angelica’s sentiments, while others told her that black trans women needed to have a separate ceremony. One user responded,

“And they shouldn’t have been. It’s ‘BLACK GIRLS ROCK’ not ‘BLACK DUDES WHO ARE NOW GIRLS ROCK.’ Have your celebration and stop trying to bully others to accept YOUR ‘life.'”

This mentality that trans women are the “other” or that they’re not “real” women is the mentality that gets them killed.

At the Fashion Media awards, Angelica’s co-star Indya Moore — who was being honored for being the first trans woman to be featured on Elle Magazine used her platform to raise awareness on violence towards black trans women. 

Moore’s keepsake earrings were adorned with the 16 trans women that had been murdered this year (it’s now up to 18). Her purse had a picture of Bailey Reeves,  a 17- year-old trans girl who was gunned down in Baltimore just two days before the award ceremony. 

She said in her acceptance speech

“It’s hard to celebrate being celebrated for being myself during a time when people like me are being murdered for being themselves. This year, 16 known women were taken from us because of that same fear. On this day that I’m celebrated and awarded for being visible, I decided to bring them with me. I’m wearing them on my ears as earrings. I’d like to thank Ian Bradley, my stylist, and the designer, Aree for creating a way for me to bring these women here with me tonight…Just like me, these women dared to exhaust their freedom to exist by being visible. However, instead of being celebrated they’re punished for it… Trans people deserve safety, acknowledgment, and respect. Not just when we’re on the cover of magazines, but when we are in the streets, when we are poor, when we are sex workers.”

The discrimination and violence that all trans women face is a daily issue. But according to the Human Rights Campaign, trans women of color are most at risk when it comes to violent attacks. 

Last Wednesday, Bee Love Slater of Florida became the 18th black trans murdered in 2019. She was found burned to death in her car, about 30 miles from where she lived. Her death came just two days after Bailey’s. How many more trans women need to die before something is done? 

Am I surprised that B.E.T. didn’t include trans women in their ceremony? No, I’m just disappointed. Black trans women are brave, they are superstars, innovators, activists, and icons. They exist and by not including them, you are denying their existence. 

Whether or not the snub was intentional, B.E.T. needs to do better.

Should 'Black Girls Rock' annual awards show include Trans Black girls?"



The short answer is, NO.

As much as I am for the non-discrimination, justice and fairness for members of the LGBTQ community, the LGBTQ community cannot be allowed to run roughshod over Heterosexuality.

They do not have the right to just bust on the scene and decide to redefine heterosexuality and/or heterosexual female gender [or heterosexual male gender] FOR heterosexuals.

Heterosexual women [or men] should not have to sacrifice their gender to the whims, desires or beliefs of the LGBTQ community.  

The LGBTQ community cannot just arbitrarily redefine what a woman or what a girl [or man or boy] is.  

Transgenders cannot [and should not be allowed to] just Bogart heterosexual gender and bend it to their will.

There is far more to being a woman or a girl than wearing a dress or wearing makeup or just wishing to be.  

The LGBTQ community needs to get together and decide on a name for the gender of a so-called "trans-gender", because "woman", "girl", "female", is already taken.  

Heterosexual women [and girls] are under no obligation share their gender with gay men [and boys] who believe they either are or want to be women.

Heterosexual people, [without malice, hatred or discrimination against the LGBTQ community] are going to have to stand up for their gender, for their own distinct, well defined, already established, heterosexual gender.

The LGBTQ community needs to practice what it preaches about gender being 'on a spectrum', by actually, literally declaring a name for their distinct gender on that spectrum.

If Trans-genders really believe they were born that way and really believe their is nothing wrong with their sexuality, then they need to NAME it, and CLAIM it, not usurp heterosexual's gender.

If Transgenders really believe that their is nothing wrong with being who they are, then, they should have no problem with Naming and Claiming who and/or what they are.  






If your penis remains intact, you're a boy or a man. If you have it surgically removed, and you have no other choice but to sit down to pee, you can call yourself a girl or a woman if it makes you feel comfortable.  You're nothing but a discombobulated boy or man with a "let's pretend" sexual organ. Whatever floats your boat; you'll die eventually. It happens to all of us.

A girl is more than dresses and make up.  Just like a woman is more than lipstick and high heel shoes.  Just cuz you got the look?  Doesn't mean your DNA has transformed cuz you did on the outside.  And that's how many of em get it twisted.  I  knew a college school mate who transitioned into a man wayyyyyy before it was chic.  And you know what she died of?  Uterine and breast cancer-even though she had  her breasts removed years before she contracted the disease.  See?  DNA don't forget who it is and I think it should stay that way.  But!  What gets me angry is that they want to intrude in our stuff.  They need to get their own stuff.  Including their own bathroom.   It's enough of em.     But! 

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