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Originally posted by henry38:

I have a question why would you say sexual images has a negative impact on society? I thought sex and sexual images are a natural part of humankind.

Two part response:

  • Some would say that sex, particularly pornography, is not an appropriate thing to be displayed in the media, on TV, etc.

  • Violence is no less a "natural" a part of humanity, is it?
  • Left to some they would even like to control the air we breath by trying to convince us how bad it is. In the end these ones make a lot of money by controlling what is natural. A good example is how much money is made by those that have access to the sex industry.

    Sex is natural to mankind. There is nothing wrong with it. Without sex life would become meaningless and grind to a halt. It is the best thing we have in nature. The problems that comes with sex like anything good is when we start abusing it. To give an example food is good but start abusing it and it can become very bad for one's health. The same can be said for a great many things.

    Violence on the other hand is something else. It deals with fear, power, control and hatred, all very negative sides of humanity
    No simply because I am not an exhibtionist. But I bet we would all make a mad dash to trafalgar square to see something most of us do at every opportunity.

    I tell you MBM, sex or sexual images society can never have enough of it. That is why people who trade in it make an awful lot of money. I am sure most film makers would see it as suicidal not to include sex and sexual images because they understand full well how much influence including them in the film has a hold on the public imagination
    I need a "both" box myself! Smile

    We need to remember, though, that over in Europe, sex is much more liberal, much more exposed, and much less morally taboo than here in the States.

    Nudity is spashed on the front pages of newspapers, let alone what they allow as prime time television content. I remember not to long ago hearing a report about censorship regarding a picture in the newspaper that had to do with a woman breastfeeding her baby, but the only reason there was controversy was because there was some religious basis there ... there was the symbol of a cross, or something about the Church or something! However, the public was pretty hopping mad that they wouldn't be able to see it!

    I'm sure to Henry38, sex and nudity is a normal, usual, casual occurrance, and he probably can't conceive of anybody having a problem with it! Naturally, he probably wouldn't understand the consequences of such an open policy on sex that it has on society and especially the youth. That is why he could even make a straight-faced comment about a 12-year-old having sex and becoming pregnant without flinching! Big Grin

    I don't think we should be so hard on him once we understand that things are very different where he is and where we are! Just like I'm sure he will try to understand why we (MBM) would even ask such a question.
    Originally posted by Kevin41:

    Think of the impact of the way sex is portrayed on TV on children's behavior....the promiscuity of it all makes kids explore their own sexuality early an in an other-than-desirable manner.............

    Yes kev. I agree that sex is bad if it is abused. I did mention that earlier.

    I believe you know I am an advocate of marrying our youth off young in their late teens before their sexual desires take over their reasoning. I support this approach as I see this can cure many of the problems of our youth today. I don't believe sex can be necsssarily abused if we adopt this as a culture. In line with this I still hold the view that sex does no harm to society. It ONLY harms the people and cultures that fail to recognise it's power and influence so as to harness it for the good of the people and the culture.

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