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There are reports of a serial killer in Flint, Michigan allegedly targeting black men in the area. To date, he has murdered five people and wounded eight others, and only one of the victims is non-black. He is described as a muscular young white male, according to Flint police.

The Associated Press is reporting that all of the victims were out alone at night. The attacker approached by asking for directions or help with a broken down vehicle. "He then pulls a knife and attacks them without saying anything more," Johnson said.

The presence of a serial killer targeting African Americans may only inspire additional racial tensions after Omar Thornton murdered several white colleagues in the workplace. In fact, I would argue that this kind of thing happens more often than we think, but those cases may not be highlighted by the media.

What we also have to remember is that the idea of a white man killing several black people may not imply that racial hatred is the driving force behind his decision to kill. Flint is a city that is predominantly black, and what we've defined to be a serial killer with a broader social agenda may simply be a hired hitman for a local drug dealer.

He may also, unfortunately, be a man who lives in a black neighborhood who's simply decided to murder other people. This does not, of course, belittle the tragedy experienced by those in Flint and the families of the victims, since killing is wrong no matter who is targeted by the violence.
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There is a very conscious and responsible effort by law enforcement and the media to not make this a seem like a crime motivated by race. We live in very racially charged times now and I respect those efforts to play down racial motivation.

That having been said, saying that flint is a majority black city is true but misleading. Its not an ALL black city. Its around 55 black and most blacks live on the North Side. Its not like Detroit or Gary Indiana where about 90% of the people are black. Some of the murders happened on the South side and outside of the city of flint in areas where there would be plenty of opportunity to kill white people. However, Michigan does have its hit men who carry out murders for other people, but the lives of these individuals does not appear linked to drug dealers. Hit men are usually hired to take out rival dealers.....not old men who might be users. There have been 36 murders in that city already this year and it only has about 110,000 people.

Keep in mind also that the Michigan militia is very active. They were linked to the Oklahoma city bombing, a splinter group recently plotted to kill police officers to start some kind of race/anti government war. America is like a racial powder keg right now and some whites are feeling like they are "loosing" their country. Why stab people when you can shoot them? There are some groups who have planned for a race war for a long time and they may feel the the time is ripe. I am not saying that I believe that what this is.....but those are the times we are now living in.

Thats my opinion.
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Hunt for Serial Killer Targeting Black Men Hits 3 States.

Police say they think a serial killer who is believed to have targeted black men in Michigan is also responsible for three stabbings in Northern Virginia.

The suspect is believed to have stabbed five people to death and wounded 10 others in Michigan -- all but two are black. In Virginia, two black men and a dark-complexioned Latino teen are also believed to be the serial killer's latest victims.

Leesburg Chief of Police Joseph R. Price said he believes that the Caucasian man wanted in Michigan is the same one who behind one hammer and two knife attacks in his area.

The suspect, who is believed to be driving a dark-green Chevy S-10 Blazer with tan trim, is also being investigated in the critical stabbing of a church janitor in Toledo, Ohio.


The FBI is now involved in the case. The victims seem to be randomly chosen simply for the color of their skin. None of the men were robbed, so police have ruled out financial gain as a motive. That leaves race and sex as the only connecting factors.

The AP writes:

The attacks in the Flint began in May 24 and targeted males 17 to 60. But it was only last week that a pattern became apparent to police there. The last attack in Michigan was Aug. 2, Price said. The first attack in Virginia was a day later. The first attack in Virginia occurred when a 15-year-old boy was stabbed in the back while jogging down a street in Leesburg. Two days later, a 67-year-old man was stabbed -- also in the back -- while sitting on the steps of his apartment complex. The man lost a kidney but is expected to make a full recovery. And Friday, a 19-year-old victim was attacked with a hammer while walking through a shopping center parking lot.

It's scary when any group is being targeted by a disturbed individual. Let's hope police are able to quickly catch and prosecute the person responsible. Open link for video:
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What we also have to remember is that the idea of a white man killing several black people may not imply that racial hatred is the driving force behind his decision to kill.

What the . . ?!  No, "What we also have to remember is," how many black people are murdered, beaten, harassed and wrongly arrested and imprisoned to this day in America.

What the hell else is it.  They should know by now if ALL five of these men know each other or are involved in dealing drugs.  They always find a way to down play horrors suffered by blacks at the hands of whites.  Black people are often the target of serial killers, but they don't mention that information on the nightly/cable news, but if a white person is even missing you can't turn on your t.v. for all the coverage they are given.
It is being report that 'a man' had been captured at Atlanta airport (int'l) trying to board a plane bound for Israel.

Oh, Oh...Here comes the JDL (Jewish Defense League)!!

If this man is, indeed, Jewish, all hell will break loose.

So be it.

There is a call by 'Joe Madison' on The Power for men of African ancestry living in Virginia to arm themselves in self-defense.


P.S.  The suspect is an Israeli citizen who is in the U.S. legally, according to a law enforcement official who spoke on the condition of anonymity due to the ongoing investigation.---on-line article


Jim Chester
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If this man is, indeed, Jewish, all hell will break loose. So be it. There is a call by 'Joe Madison' on The Power for men of African ancestry living in Virginia to arm themselves in self-defense. I HEARTILY AGREE.
I agree Brotha Chester. Brothas need to be whatever necessary to protect themselves. It is unusual for a jewish man to target black males especially small-framed black males. Sumthin' brewin. Jewish people have always hid behind Blackfolks to voice their concerns regarding civil rights. They have a history of using blackfolks to shield from massa's wrath. Most of 'em...not all are COWARDS!!! Sneaky, backstabbing and two-faced cowards at that....but! I'm just sayin...[something's wrong with this particular thread...I can't seem to use my icons..] oh well.

Israeli identified as man held in stabbings probe

By the CNN Wire Staff

Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) -- Authorities have identified the man arrested at the Atlanta airport as Elias Abuelazam, 33, who is wanted on a charge of assault with intent to murder in connection with 20 stabbings in three states.

The stabbings occurred in Michigan, Virginia and Ohio, and five of those attacked died.

A judge in Flint, Michigan, issued the arrest warrant.

Abuelazam was trying to board a flight to Israel when he was taken into custody Wednesday night in Atlanta, police said Thursday.

Two sources said the man is an Israeli citizen who is in the United States legally. A federal law enforcement official involved in the investigation said the man was traveling on an expired Israeli passport.

Abuelazam had been arrested a week ago in Arlington, Virginia, Michigan authorities said Thursday.

The arrest record and the vehicle that Abuelazam was driving at the time linked him to an address in Michigan that helped authorities track him.

Leesburg, Virginia, police Chief Joseph Price said Thursday that African-Americans were targeted in the stabbings in his state that have been connected to other attacks in Ohio and Michigan.

The FBI and local police had been conducting a multistate search for a suspect in the stabbings, which began in May, and they had recently released a composite sketch.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said they arrested the man at 10 p.m. ET Wednesday as he attempted to board Delta Air Lines Flight 152 bound for Tel Aviv, Israel, at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. A Department of Homeland Security official said the National Targeting Center had looked at the passenger list and saw his name on the manifest.

Upon confirmation of his identity, the man was placed in the custody of the FBI and Atlanta Police Department.

WDIV-TV in Detroit: Man arrested in serial stabbings case

WEYI-TV in Flint, Michigan: Serial stabber suspect in custody

WXIA-TV in Atlanta: Man tied to Michigan serial killings arrested

WNWO in Toledo, Ohio: Suspect nabbed on way to Israel

The Transportation Security Administration asked Delta officials to hold that particular flight, a Department of Homeland Security official said. The official said the man was apprehended on murder-related charges as he was boarding the aircraft.

A federal law enforcement official involved in the investigation said the man was traveling on an expired Israeli passport.

Atlanta police said Thursday that officers at the airport precinct were involved in the apprehension and detention of a man sought by Michigan authorities for questioning in connection with a series of homicides and stabbings.

Over the past week, investigators from the Michigan Task Force, Leesburg police, Toledo, Ohio, police, FBI and other law enforcement agencies investigated leads and tips from the public.

Michigan stabbing suspect linked to Virginia, Ohio attacks

One of those tips on Wednesday "developed into a strong investigative lead that identified an individual who has ties to both the Flint, Michigan, and Leesburg, Virginia, areas," police said.

"While this is a key step in the investigation, there are still many issues that need to be addressed before we identify this individual as the person responsible for this horrific crime spree," police said.

Stabbings, deaths raise fears in Flint, Michigan

Another federal law enforcement source said the suspect remains in custody in Atlanta and will have an initial appearance there in next few days.

Authorities have said the same person is responsible for three recent attacks in Leesburg, the stabbing deaths of five people and injuries to 11 others in the Flint, Michigan, area and a stabbing Saturday that injured one man in Toledo.

Fourteen of the 16 victims in Michigan were African-American, police said. Flint is a majority African-American community. In Leesburg, two victims were black, and one was Hispanic.

The Michigan attacks began May 24, with the most recent taking place August 2. The three attacks in Virginia occurred August 3 and 5 and Friday.

The Michigan victims' ages ranged from 17 to 60, according to authorities. All the victims have been men.

The suspect is said to have approached victims who were on foot during early-morning hours, asking for directions or other assistance to lure them closer to his car, police said. Toledo police Sgt. Bill Wauford said the method of attack in the Ohio case matched the Michigan incidents.

The five slain Michigan victims were David Motley, Emmanuel Dent, Darwin Marshall, Frank Kellybrew and Arnold Miner.

CNN's Susan Candiotti and Jeanne Meserve contributed to this report.


Find this article at:
I can't wait to hear the psychological breakdown of this psycho.  Why in the hell would an Isreali citizen want to be roaming all over America targeting African Americans?  This makes no sense.  

I saw a brief interview with one of his victims that survived; he look about fifteen years old, and showed the Frankenstein stitches from his navel to his neck.  The little guy was still so upset, so hurt, that he could not really verbalized what he wanted to say well.

This freak probably changed his mind about randomly stabbing Black men in Atlanta before trying to flee since damn near every Black male in the ATL is usually packing something that would make that knife look like a toothpick.  One good thing about this psycho trying to board a plane in Atlanta is that the Atlanta police may be able to hold him long enough to let him see how big and bad is ass is in their predominately Black prison.  Oh, wait, it really doesn't matter where he was caught at in that case, considering that nearly ALL American prisons are predominately Black.

Do you know what would've happened if that muthaf*cka had successfully escaped to Israel??!!
1. He would've invoked his Israeli citizenship
2. Israel doesn't extradite their citizens to other countries for trial, let me say it again
3. This guy would've been tried in Israeli courts according to Israeli law. How much time do you think he would've gotten?

He may still try to pull his Israeli citizenship status to get out of this. But regardless, he will never have the noteriety as the D.C. Snipers although he's probably killed more people. I'm also willing to bet that he will be tried in a state court and not federal court.
I just feel very cynical about this entire affair.

I heard a lot of comments from people saying that something like that could not happen where they the ATL for example. I don't think to many people outside the Midwest know about Flint Michigan. Flint is a more dangerous city than Detroit. Black people there are no push overs. Its a city with one of the highest rates of unemployment for Decades now. Its a verty hard and tough city. What allowed so many people to be killed and hurt is because the Flint police Department was slow to figure out the pattern or release the infomation to the public. It does not matter how armed you are........if someone has the element of surprise.....that is all it takes.

Now that this "white guy" is discovered to be a Palestenian/Arab/Muslim.......will this be considered "terrorism", if not "racism"? Would it be considered terrorism if the victims were white
No. Why should it? He is what he is -a deranged serial killer who needs to be put down like all serial killers. This is why I believe in the death penalty.....

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