It's like a month or week for different things, events,

issues. People in government really have big roles

to play so they get these weeks and months

assigned for different situations.

That brings me to talk about the US Senator Blanche

LIncoln. He has informed people of a Senate

resolution. September 7, 2008 is now going to

be known as "National Historically Black Colleges

and Universities Week. Just like we have Black

History MOnth, it's not nearly enough.

Black History MOnth is all the time. National

Historically Black College and Universities

celebration should be all the time.

But since there is a National Historical Black

College and Universities Week, that's something.

LIncoln has been a co sponsor of this yearly

commemorative legislation for 2 years.

OUr nation's historically black college and

universities should receive applause for offering

students educational and job and other opportunities.

There are 103 total historically black colleges and

universities in America. HBCU's have a beautiful

and luxurious heritage and made the history of

America what it is. THe Senate calls on the people

of the United States and interested grops to observe

the HBCU week with ceremonies, activities, and programs

that support HBCU's in America.

See how powerful it is to be in the Senate? I hope

more of OUR BLACK people get into the senate and

start naming what they want just like that, as

quick as a snap.
"Black History, All Day, Everyday, All The Time."
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