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Selective Outcry: The World Came Together After the Paris and Brussels Terrorist Attacks, But Who Will #PrayForNigeria?


March 25, 2016 | Posted by
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The nations of the world are outraged and saddened by the Brussels terror attacks staged by ISIS operatives, in which 31 people were killed and 330 were injured — as they should. However, there needs to be outrage when ALL acts of terrorism occur.

We have been through this before. As the world media focused on the terror attacks in Paris over a year ago, which killed 17, they completely ignored the killing of 2,000 in Baga, Nigeria by Boko Haram. Once again, before Brussels, there was another in a string of brutal attacks by this ISIS ally, which actually overtook ISIS last year as the deadliest terror group in the world.

In February, Boko Haram burned 86 people, including children, to death. And there was no media coverage of the carnage — no concern about terrorism in this case, because the victims lacked the requisite skin tone to draw attention and sympathy. Meanwhile, on March 16, two female suicide bombers exploded themselves at a mosque in Maiduguri in northeastern Nigeria. As a result, 25 were killed and at least 18 were wounded, according to The New York Times. But once again, very little attention was paid to this and other massacres.

“More than 9,500 civilians have died in the conflict and the number of displaced people has increased from just over 1 million at the end of 2014 to almost 2 million in 2015,” says Human Rights Watch in its 2016 World Report. “Nigerian security forces have neither taken adequate steps to protect civilians during operations against Boko Haram, nor to protect the rights of rescued hostages.”

While in Cuba, President Obama said the thoughts and prayers of Americans are with the people of Belgium, and “we stand in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people,” as CNN reported. “This is yet another reminder that the world must unite,” Obama added. “We must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism.”

“We will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally Belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible,” the president declared. And yet, President Obama provided no similar words to the people of Nigeria, who are living a nightmare, while the Republicans dare not call him out on it, if they even are aware that Boko Haram exists.

This comes as the White House plans to convene a special session on ISIS next week, as part of a nuclear summit held in Washington with as many as 50 world leaders, as the Miami Herald reported.  According to the Herald, “Obama’s decision to add a session on the Islamic State to a summit that is focused on securing nuclear materials is a sign of the deep concern in the White House and worldwide after attacks in Paris; San Bernardino, Calif.; and Brussels.” Yet, there is no mention of the ongoing terrorist acts committed by Boko Haram in Nigeria, reflecting how resources are allocated and decisions are made based on perceived threats and priorities.  And white lives, not Africans, are the priority.  “Tuesday’s attacks in Brussels only added to the urgency of the effort,” the report from the Miami Herald added, also pointing out that the nations represented at the nuclear summit have been sources of the ISIS fighters in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, the hashtag #PrayForNigeria has gone viral, even as the media and politicians ignore the impact of terrorism on Black bodies, on African people.









"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









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   They still haven't found those girls.  And terrorism there is getting worse...been getting worse.  I am praying for well as other African countries that face the same form of terrorism ...South Sudan,  Central Africa Republic, Congo, North Mali, Somalia [Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya], and will pray for those African countries stolen from us...Egypt and Libya,  There is a lotta fighting going on with no real resolution.  I pray for ALL those women [and children] in those areas.  They are the real victims.  But!

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No one really gives a damn about "black" people. The questions should be: "What makes the men of the world so damn crazy and out of control??" It's obvious no one can fix that anywhere. Before they joined their collective gangs worldwide, they were just boys. What the hell happened to them???? They've turned into murderers and killers. That surpasses "beasts"!!!!!!

We've been praying since the beginning of time. How is that really working out? The fact that we're not ALL DEAD; is that it???????? Seems like God and his Peeps have Alzheimer's when it comes to us, big time.

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I pray for those little girls too.  

I also pray that Africa/African will wake the fock up to veil that Western and Islamic "religions"keep them blinded with while they raid Africa's natural resources, Africa wealth, and Africa's economic prosperity, and while they corrupt Africans' morality and wash their brains of their own history, culture, language and KNOWLEDGE OF SELF.  

Why do Black people care so much that White people acknowledge their tragedy?

1st of all, they are White and the eternal enemy of Black people. Why would they acknowledge our suffering? 

2nd of all, it doesn't involve them

3rd, Black folks be the first ones crying when White people come save them and White people want something in return...see South Africa. Stop perpetuating the cycle of the White savior and the White Man's Burden. Stop it.

White man problems and Black man problems need to be kept separate. If Africa is too weak to stop a bunch of rag tag wanna be ISIS niggas, then let Africa learn it's lesson.  They give all their mineral wealth to Asians and CACs and niggas ravage their lands and they are too damn weak to do anything about,  then that's shame on Africa. 

4th, the solution is simple, don't be putting up the France flag and etc all up on your Twitter and Facebook if you are a Black person. Promote your own tragedy like everybody else in the world does. You don't need White people to feel sorry for yourself. I give no fucks about what happens to White people anywhere. 

5th, Hashtags and shit don't do anything anyway. Like we really crying about White people being sad about the loss of their own...and we want them to cry over us too? The fuq? You want your enemy to cry over your loss...the enemy, the wicked beast of the world, the blue eyed devil, come on Black people.

If the 1st reaction of the African race when something bad happens to us, is "Where the White people at ?" then we might as well just walk back into slavery and let the White man handle all of our problems.

Like, there's 1 billion people of African descent in the entire world, you telling me, that we don't got news stations? Or is the White man's news station and White man's sympathy and the White man's tears is just better than our own?


This whole BLM thing, begging White people to acknowledge us, is demeaning at this point. Got Black people dying all over the place and then we ask for White sympathy and acknowledgement? 



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I don't think it's that Black people "care so much that White people acknowledge their tragedy", but rather articles like this are to expose Western hypocrisy.

But, such tragedies DO 'involve' White people/Westerners, in that America and Europe [and Asia] and Islamic Nations are where the weapons being used to murder people in Africa are coming from. 

Nearly all of the "terrorists" around the world have weapons that have been manufactured and supplied by American, European and Asian companies and War Profiteers, something most articles like this fail to point out, but however, is something that should be pointed out each and every time there is reporting, articles and discussion regarding the wars and terrorism happening to Africans.

Africans [and Black people globally] continue to engage in self-defeating behavior, violence, and wars against each other to the profit of their collective oppressors.  What happens in African America is only a microcosm of what is happening in Africa, where you have young Black males fighting and killing each other and belonging to violent gangs that do nothing but commit acts of violence and murder against each other, all the while, racists and organized racist groups [like racist police] are out there trying to destroy and/or murder all of them.  



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 We're all just human beings. We have names of separation:  African ,European, separation in religious beliefs: Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, etc. Forget all of that; we're just people. How did so many people become so FUCKING CRAZY?????? That's the $64,000 question.

The atrocities these people are performing are indescribable. Beheadings, Bombings, Bombs dropping on people from way up in the air, rapes, killings of all kinds by all kinds of crazy, crazy men.

Folks need to go home, close their doors, put on some cool, cool music and CHILL. Give the world a rest. You're not superior, the best looking, the smartest, the anything. You're just an insane human being if you partake in such horrendous things.  If everyone was so damn "good looking", there'd be no need for plastic surgeons or Cremation #5 makeup (Funky Dineva  ) spread all over your ugly mugs with caterpillars taking the place for eyelashes.

It's sad to see people get obliterated on TV, it could have been my behind had I been there; that's what makes it so sad. You're toodling along, minding your business, enjoying yourself, saying good bye to relatives at an airport; trying to get to Point B from Point A on a subway, next thing that happens:  You're no longer You. You have been obliterated totally by some assholes that wanted to die, but had to take hundreds with them. There are no words for all the madness people are participating in. For what? To belong?? Are there any more people on the planet that can think independently and realize when something's WRONG; it's NOT to be performed. No one lives forever; it would be cooler than cool, if we could all live in peace with others minding their business.

If you think of all the creatures you COULD HAVE HIT THE PLANET AS, being a human being is kind of nice, whatever your color or hair texture; if it's appreciated the way most mothers intended your lives to be.

Too bad COMMON SENSE can't be bought at a popular shopping place or just distributed no price attached to billions of people.

Stop killing and turning people into spaghetti and take a walk through a beautiful park if you can find one, somewhere, and bask in that BEAUTY and get off the DEATH DESTRUCTION. Who's going to be left to clean up that mammoth mess of rubble that you've placed EVERYWHERE?  You going to look for some slaves to come to the rescue? How about doing it yourselves, if you SURVIVE?????????????????????????????? Whatcha going to do for food and clothes?? What are you all trying to prove and to whom??????????????????????????? All your leaders you're following are worth this?????????????????????????????????

Leaders to the grave. Leaders to the grave. Leaders to the grave.

Where are the leaders to LIFE and HAPPINESS????????????????????????




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