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This is not just reverse discrimination, it's backwards discrimination too.

Would-Be Mentor Says He Was Called Too Moral
by Steve Jordahl, correspondent

SUMMARY: Big Brothers Big Sisters accused of turning down
a Christian because his morals were too high.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters program in Whatcom County,
Wash., has a waiting list of 100 boys who need to be
paired with mentors. Dan Pritchett thought he was a
perfect candidate to help, but he was rejected by the

The reason? He says it was because his morals are too

During his interview, Pritchett made no secret of the fact
that he is a Christian. He said he abstains from
premarital sex. He said he worked for a company that makes
Bible software. But Pritchett said he was shocked by what
a program official told him: He's a fine person, but he
might not be tolerant or understanding of someone who came
from a different background.

Pritchett said he has nothing against Big Brothers and
still "really wants" to mentor a needy child. But he added
he's left to question what kind of organization would deny
him that chance.

"They gave me the impression that they were looking for
mentors with low morals," he said. "If my morals are too
high, the alternative would be lower morals."

Whatcom County Big Brothers Big Sisters Chief of Staff Jim
Boyle said he can't talk about the case, but he did say
morality is desirable in a mentor.

"We actually would look forward to people with high
morals," he said. "And all of our volunteers do (have

What may have done Pritchett in is his disagreement with
the Big Brothers Big Sisters national policy of assigning
gay mentors to children without a parent's knowledge.
Jesse Binnall, a spokesman for the group Public Advocate,
worries about the kids under Big Brothers care.

"Now they're saying that people that do have high morals
are not eligible to help these kids, (making it even more
likely) that these kids are going to end up in harmful
situations," Binnall said.

Pritchett continues to press his case because he still
wants to be a mentor. But the situation isn't likely to
end up in court; since Big Brothers is a private
organization, it can deny participation to anyone on any

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
(BBBSA) now requires its local chapters to allow active
homosexuals to become mentors for boys and girls. Focus on
the Family is urging corporations and individuals who
donate to the United Way to exclude BBBSA from their
charitable contributions.

To find out more about that, please see our news release
on the topic.

Protect your family with all of your might.


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*sniff* *sniff* Do I smell propoganda here? We've gone through this before on the site. We are in an age of almost unlimited information, let's utilize it. thumbsup

Our people have made the mistake of confusing the methods with the objectives. As long as we agree on objectives, we should never fall out with each other just because we believe in different methods, or tactics, or strategy. We have to keep in mind at all times that we are not fighting for separation. We are fighting for recognition as free humans in this society
Malcolm X, 1965
Big Brothers/Sisters organization is not private in the since that it also receive government funding as well as donations and any organization that receives government funding is not immune to anti-discrimination laws. I have never heard of the organization doing anything that extreme and I do know people personally that run the program in my city. As far as I have always known, they were always looking for positive mentors without regard to personal sexual preference as long as the mentor was a law abiding, positive influence without any background of violence, or abuse.

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