Science & Measurement: September; the Month of Perfection

Tishri- the tree of life

The word ˜sept' in ˜September' means ˜seven', the word ˜oct' in ˜October' means ˜eight' and the word ˜dec' in ˜December' means ˜ten' showing that our Calendars do not agree with the words for the months we go by. Based upon ˜science' [sky-ence] and our solar system, September would definitely be the 7th month of the year. One way to confirm this would be in regards to the Spring [Vernal] Equinox of which occurs in the month of March. That would make March the 1st month and therefore, September would indeed be the 7th month! For this reason, many ancient people celebrated the New Year in March as a spring celebration and many eastern pagan people called it ˜Easter' [eastern spring festival]. By the 2700s BC and based upon the Egyptian civilization, it becomes apparent that the earth had went through a great change. It tilted. For this reason, other Calendars were made to account for the change in seasons and eventually, some civilizations observed yet another New Year to occur in November [Nova or New]. So, the 9th month became ˜the New Year' for many such as Assyria [Nineveh, the ninth-heven; its capitol]. In addition to these changes came another significant Calendar change in regards to the Israelites. It was written during the PASSOVER, that the very month that they came out of Egypt would become their New Year and the 1st day of the month did not begin on day 1 but on day 14. That month then, was September so from then on every year on September 14, the Israelites began their PASSOVER observances of which lasted for about eight days. Now this can be confirmed by the Jewish-Persian word for the month of September, ˜Tishri'.

The root word ˜Tish' in ˜Tishri' written as ˜Shittim' [var. Shittah or Shittum] was the very wood meticulously outlined in the Bible as the foundation of the Tabernacle of the living God. Equally astonishingly, it housed the Covenant of God. It was the wood used to make the Ark of the Covenant. The Shittim tree, also known as ˜the acacia tree' was found in a forest area north of their camp in the Sinai Peninsula. Not only were the poles used to raise the tabernacle made with shittim wood but, everything in the tabernacle as well. Another name that also connects with this word for the month of September was the name of Elijah. He was called, Elijah-the-Tishbite. There are other revelations with the month of September and the words Tishri, Shittim and Elijah-the-Tishbite. The number seven implies ˜perfection' and in this month brings completion or, ˜the Fall Equinox' when the earth becomes ˜equal with the sun'. Also, the number seven is defined by the living God who poured out his ˜seven spirits upon the earth' and upon his anointed priesthood such as Elijah. Other examples of the number seven used in this context are as follows; ˜the seven locks of Samsun', ˜the Seven Churches of God in Turkey', ˜the seven candlesticks' and, ˜the seven stars'.


Another word used to define the month of September was written down as ˜abib' therefore, ˜bib' means ˜life' such as in the words ˜Bible' [the Book of Life] and ˜bibliography'. But ˜abib' means ˜no life' or ˜autumn' [fall]. This was the word used in the Bible to define this month as being the 1st month of the year for Israel and becomes yet another confirmation to another important issue with regards to the correct measurement of time. In our western world, we are taught that the PASSOVER occurred in the springtime but, it was indeed the fall. Therefore, the Crucifixion of Jesus, was in the autumn of the year as he was written to have suffered this on the evening of PASSOVER observances. But thinking back to the days of the recorded Exodus, if the Israelites would have left during the springtime, they would have been involved in ˜a khamsin' [fifty day sandstorm with a wind force up to about 85 mph]! Lastly, the Romans did change the dates and times as well as the time that the Israelites worshiped their PASSOVER and, this would be the basis for why we observe the Crucifixion of Jesus in the spring. The Roman government did not want the Jews [Israelites] to fixate on the Star of Bethlehem because at that time, the Romans were worshipers of the planet Jupiter. They built a temple of Jupiter in Jerusalem in the AD 100s. They hated the fact that this star came into orbit with the earth at a 180 degree angle [straight line] over the lowly Israelites. They wanted to keep them ignorant, violent and, uneducated so that they could rule over them and their lands. So, this change was documented to have taken affect about thirty years after the Crucifixion in the A.D. 60s and by the time that Peter was written to be jailed for one night by a ruler named Herod [not Herod-the-Great]. Why would this information be helpful? I believe that the proper alignment with time past would also cause history to be better understood and aligned properly as well. I also believe that if certain past events were put to a proper date and time, then the truth or lie will be better manifested or confirmed. Truth brings hope. Ultimately, I believe that confirmed truths can only help us to lead even better lives and make better decisions today. Knowledge is power.
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