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Administration Neglected Coal Mining Safety

Bloomberg reports that:
    Federal authorities issued 21 citations last year for a build-up of combustible materials at the West Virginia mine where 12 men died, according to U.S. Labor Department statistics.

The catastrophic results of an administration's disregard for government regulations, particularly those that protect workers in potentially dangerous occupations, is evidenced by the Sago explosion.

  • ... The Washington Post reported that West Virginia coal firms raised $275,000 for Bush.

    Last September, Bush rewarded the coal industry by placing coal industry veteran Richard Stickler in charge of MSHA. Stickler spent about 30 years as a coal company manager with Beth Energy. Mines managed by Stickler were marked by worker injury rates that were double the national average, according to government data cited by the United Mine Workers union.

But we shouldn't even mention it. We all got our share of coal, the company only had to pay "nusiance" fines for the numerous OSHA violations and were still able to pay the really big bucks to the executives, the miners got paid and their families were fed... so what's a few dead bodies towards that noble end?!

Racism systematically verifies itself anytime the slave

can only be free by imitating his master.

~ Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin ~
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Do you get paid by someone to do what you do? Do you see any particular benefit that is translated to the people that you are concerned about based on what you do?

How much money do you figure that SENATOR Robert KKK Byrd has received from these same companies?

You see if you were OBJECTIVE (and we all know the deal) you would inspect the donations to Byrd as well.

You would also attempt to place this ONE INCIDENT into the CONTEXT of the general condition of safety of the industry.

History Of WVa Coal Mining Accidents
Originally posted by Kevin41:
Don't you coloreds say a damn thing about all know he is a great white man that is going to save you Negroes from yourselves (end sarcasm)....geesh...right-wing negroes next on Geraldo.........

... that would be very bad!! We mustn't talk about political appointments, policy trends and budget cuts that make a bad situation worse. Why that would be NOT putting individual instances into context...
By the time the International Labor Organization's Convention 176 was signed:

And, for gawwd's sake don't click the links (even ones provided by the black-faced lackeys), because they provide that CONTEXT... and we wouldn't want that.
The mining industry is 'monitored', as in regulated, in much the same manner as the airline industry.

Mine managers retire, or otherwise leave the industry, and are immediately given jobs in the government regulating the industry.

Fostering the well-being used to be written directley in the mission statement of the agency.

I would think little has changed.


Jim Chester
Originally posted by Kevin41:
Don't you coloreds say a damn thing about all know he is a great white man that is going to save you Negroes from yourselves (end sarcasm)....geesh...right-wing negroes next on Geraldo.........



Rather than me PUTTING FORTH FACTS I am supposed stay within the confines of what a GOOD KNEEGROW is supposed to think.

If there is any point that you can refute PLEASE DO SO.

If this were the most LIBERAL president and there was an attack full of LIES I would have posted the very same data.

Please tell me in advance Kevin - what else is Bush currently destorying that you and Isome are going to hop on AFTER THE FACT? Where are all of the PROGRESSIVES to stand in defense so that on one in America scrapes their elbows? cannot even stay within the confines of coherent thought.....and yes you are the great white defender....but before you put things in your racial context......what do you think my take is on ward coonerly or clarence thomas? you think they get a pass from me because of their race? Go back and read what I think of em....and then come back and tell me what I said is based entirely on say allot of stupid shit CF...but hey, how many times do you find that out on a daily basis? too bad you started in 06 to have a learning're waaay overdue and have some catching up to do............and don't talk about facts CF....when I posted graduation rates as a measure of policy EFFECTIVENESS (your word), you ran like too many black people moved into your neighborhood....and tried to deflect it with descriptive rhetoric instead of quantifiable policy alternatives......just like you tried to present AA as something that makes up for what blacks cannot do in terms of performance.......that is why every chance I get, I intellectually shit on blkCONS and their racist masters based on their intended malice towards the black collective..........
Dr. Kevin:

It is clear that you prefer a Black man who you can easily draw upon. You prefer to have Black folks commit to simple "Yes or No" questions rather than be able to justify their positions.

I am convinced that you are more comfortable with a Black man who doesn't know much BUT who supports your position and when challenged resorts to the cry of RACISM rather than a Black man who DISAGREES WITH YOU AND CAN ARTICULATE WHY HE THINKS THAT WAY. YOU ARE A SHORT SIGHTED IDEOLOGUE (read - a LIBERAL fundementalist). Your struggle is IN THE CONTEXT OF AMERICA. Your only hope is that AMERICA WILL BREAK SOMETHING OFF TO YOU. You have no RADICAL or REVOLUTIONARY goals in for BLACK PEOPLE THOUGH. You have REFORM OF WHITE FOLKS as your main goal.

What is it - 33 million Black folks in American now and yet you focus so much of your energy on a select few of them who are in disagreement with your ideology. Why Kevin? Why is the Black man who disagrees with you so much of a threat?

Why is it that Black man who EMBARASES YOU with his crime? With his lyrics? With his INARTICULATE TALK when interviewed after the sporting event NOT A BIGGER THREAT TO YOUR SENSIBILITIES?

What is it Kevin?

Think about the "HNIC" theory where as long as this one Black man was the only company Nigger he was happy. When the second, third and forth one came in - he felt threatened. When the one that had the college degree, was articulate and was hired on at a higher position came in - THE HNIC REALLY FLIPPED OUT. He began telling his WHITE BOSS the trash that this other Black man has done. He longed for the day where HE WAS THE ONLY PERSPECTIVE BEING REPRESENTED.

In my view THIS is the problem with the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist. He does not want anyone else to destroy his system in America.
Dr. Kevin:

It is clear that you prefer a Black man who you can easily draw upon. You prefer to have Black folks commit to simple "Yes or No" questions rather than be able to justify their positions.
You have hardly ever, if ever, "justified" your positions, let alone substantiated them. Or should I say, you've never justified your position because you couldn't or wouldn't substantiate them with anything resembling sound logic or coherent thought of any kind - even the most subjective type of rationale seeing as how that would necessitate making one point connect with another. No. That's too hard for you. You can't get all your Ranting Points in... if you actually made sure the things you say actually related one to the other.
He's an idiot Nmaginate...his bitch azz starts off every post with what HE thinks or what is clear to HIM without quoting the person as a way of establishing what their position is according to them. He cannot even take the actual words of a person and rebut them..he has to make up some shit that he can you are one sad sack CF.....if you think you are going to slip those dumbed-down tactics of yours ain't happening lil fella.......
Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, a woman of color, used the expected rightwing half-truth tactic to defend the administration's record on mine safety enforcement. She said that federal inspectors had "increased their inspections [at the Sago mine] by about 84 percent."

That's only half true. Though inspectors increased their inspections at Sago, what Chao didn't say was that the inspections clearly documented the unsafe conditions at the mine:
    Nearly half of the 208 safety citations levied in 2005 against the Sago coal mine where 12 men died this week were "serious and substantial." Federal inspectors found 20 dangerous roof-falls, 14 power wire insulation problems, and three cases of inadequate ventilation plans, among the 96 major violations.

A woman whose father died in the mine, Amber Helms, is quoted as saying, "If they had that many violations..., they shouldn't have had the mines open in my opinion."

Inspections weren't the problem; the problem was enforcement that amounted to nothing more than "nuisance fines" for Sago. Serious enforcement could have saved the lives of the men.
Kanye West claimed during Hurricane Katrina that "George Bush doesn't care about Black people."

Kanye West was half-right. Bush doesn't care about Black people, but he doesn't care about non-rich White either, that's what alot of people seem to be missing. In fact, the whole Republican Party is geared towards rich-White business-owners, managers and the wealthy, elite capital class. They only pander to working-class Whites becuase they know working-class Whites make up a major voting bloc of American Conservatives.

Republicans do to working-class Whites what Democrats do to Black voters: promise them the Moon, then dump them once they get in office. All of their policies hurt Minorities and working-class and poor Americans and only benefit a small number of wealthy people who own most of America's production.

This mine explosion is yet another example of the Bush Admin.'s incompetency, and lack of concern even for White people, if they are not rich. Had this been a wealthy oil factory, those men would not have died.

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