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During the system of Matriarchy there existed an orderly and dual relationship of divine feminine and masculine balance. 

 Stylized statue of a man and a woman standing next to one another. Both are very static. The rock between the two figures has not been removed to give the statue stability

Menkaure (Mycerinus) and Khamerernebty (2490-2472 BCE) - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA


The lands of Ancient Sais(Zau) - TaMara/TaMeri - KmT existed during the pre-dynastic period of Matriarchy. During this "Golden Era" many achievements evolved:   Architecture, Art, Astronomy, Law, Music, Philosophy, the true Social Sophistication of Civilization. Over many millenniums KmT (the black land) came to be known as Egypt --the Greek word for "Aegyptos". The name is misleading because every singe  Greek that claimed knowledge first sat at the feet of Ancient KmTic  Scribes. Also, understand that changing the name from Ancient KmT to Egypt does in no form or fashion alter the greatness of OUR HER-HIS STORY and its impact upon the entire known world.

p 590, "A Book Of The Beginnings," Gerald Massey

p. 193, "Mami Wata: Africa's Ancient God/dess Unveiled", Mama Zogbe - Vivian Hunter Hindrew  

p. 5, "Introduction to African Civilizations", John G. Jackson


During the advent of Matriarchy there was a time of balance as women shared their knowledge with men on a spiritual level. The Mystery Schools of Ancient KmT began under the matriarchal system.

p. 131, "Stolen Legacy" by Prof George GM James


This most powerful BLACK AFRICAN area of Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Spiritual Grace, and Learning suffered 7 major invasions:

19th C --British Invasion 
17th C --French Invasion
16th C --Turkish Invasion
7th C --Arab Invasion
50AD --Roman Invasion
333BC --Greek Invasion
404BC --Persian Invasion

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Yet after each and every invasion and with the help of their neighbors (ie. Sudan, Kush-Nubia) the two lands were able to physically regain and build their territories and move forward.

The name Egypt became common place after King Menes unified the upper and lower lands of Ancient Sais(Zau) - TaMara/TaMeri - KmT.

Prior to the the unification by force of the upper and lower lands of Ancient KmT each ruler wore a different colored crown. 

The military exercises of King Narmer (ie. King Menes was his son) mark a very important event in Her Story because Matriarchy fell and the His Story of Patriarchy rose.  Once patriarchy took over --male dynasties began to exert themselves into His Story --yet in order to legitimize their royal-spiritual inheritance the Sutens had to give homage to the African Queen Mother's - The Sibyls.   

p. 50, 51 "The Sibyls" by Mama Zogbe (Vivian Hunter-Hindrew


King Narmer made an historical mistake by fight against rather than fighting for the "African Queen Mothers/the Sibyls" whose "sacredotal authority" had previously attracted many heads of state from many countries the ancient world. This mistake would later cost Ancient KmT. And although she arose under the new name Ancient Egypt she only lasted 29 dynasties. 

The Goddess Neith was the oldest and most Important Goddess of Lower Egypt and Patron of Sais between 6,000 - 3,150 bce

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The Pope and all of his henchmen through the world wear dresses and skirts w/o know they reveal the Sacredotal Authority of the "African Queen Mothers" which they usurped.

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Even the vatican is shaped like a Female Uterus

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Always Remember that: "Anytime We As A People Are Not Having Our WaySomeone Else Is Having Theirs...And It's Never To Our Advantage."


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