RZA Claims 'All Lives Matter' And Says More Black Men Should 'Clean Up'

RZA Claims 'All Lives Matter' And Says More Black Men Should 'Clean Up'

The rapper said cows' lives matter, too, which is why he gave up eating meat.

01/08/2016 04:05 pm ET

RZA is no stranger to speaking out about social and political issues.

The Wu-Tang Clan frontman shared his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement, and the reason why he stopped eating meat in the latest episode of Bloomberg television series “With All Due Respect.” The rapper said he has such an affinity for all the lives on earth that it influenced him to become a vegan

“Of course black lives matter. All lives matter,” he said to host John Heilemann.

“I stopped eating meat because their lives matter to me. I don’t think it’s necessary for us to grow a cow to kill it,” he added.


He went on express his admiration for police officers who uphold the principle of serving and protecting our society. However, he questioned how certain officers -- specifically those "who lose that focus" of the law -- can enforce the law on the streets if they don't understand it. 

The 46-year-old Staten Island-native also suggested that black men be more conscious and clean up their appearance to avoid being profiled and brutalized by the police.

“If I’m a cop and every time I see a young black youth, whether I watch them on TV, movies, or just see them hanging out, and they’re not looking properly dressed, properly refined, you know, carrying himself, conducting himself proper hours of the day -- things that a man does, you’re going to have a certain fear and stereotype of them,” he said. “I tell my sons, I say, ‘if you’re going somewhere, you don’t have to wear a hoodie -- we live in New York, so a hoodie and all that is all good. But sometimes, you know, button up your shirt. Clean up. Look like a young man. You’re not a little kid.”

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Well, I hope he remembers that the when he's stopped for DWB, falsely arrested, and/or murdered in cold blood in the streets, or in his car or in his house [in front of this children] by some psychotic racist cop.  I'm sure his family will take much solace in the fact that that at least he was "clean" when they murdered him.  DUMBASS!

What the hell is he talking about?  Most of the Black men and boys being murdered by cops in America are unarmed and innocent, and/or haven't done a damn thing that would warrant them being executed in the streets, or in their cars, or in their own homes.  

What the "F" does being "properly dressed" have to do with not being murdered by cops?  

Who decides what is "properly dressed"?  

He doesn't have the common sense to know that racist cops are harassing, brutalizing and murdering Black men, women and even Black children purely out of racism/racial hatred of Black people, especially Black males?  Oh, maybe that's why so many Black people were Lynched during the jim crow era; yeah, maybe it was because they were not "dressed properly".  Maybe that's why they shot Tamir Rice 2 seconds after exiting the police car; because he wasn't "dressed properly".  

Hell, he needs to stop telling his sons that, before he gets one of them killed with such a b.s. theory.  Dressing "properly" doesn't have jack to do with it.  Hell, a racist cop does not give a damn how your Black ass is dressed!

And how does he suggest Black men "clean up their appearance"?  What is he suggesting that Black men all go have their skin bleached so that won't look Black?  Again, DUMBASS!




Niggas make money, get fame, get their ass kissed by White folks and next thing you know they are talking bullshit.

Bruh, you are a member of the fucking Wu Tang Clan. Like WTF. 

And on top of that, Black men in the 50s, NOI and etc, they were sharp dressers and got their ass kicked by the police.


I am TIREEEEEEEEEEEED of the excuse of, "Well if you didn't dress like you dress and look nice, White cops won't hurt you."

You hear how that COON talk, he sound so uneducated, horrible pronunciation. That COON need some serious chap stick on that swollen ashy top lip. How in the hell he have a greasy bottom lip but a big fat ashy top lip? He looks just like a gaddam stooping and scraping COON!

  I didn't wanna do my spin on your profound response to that idiot so I decided to say it here.  You know this is WHY I can't STAND so called rappers and gangsta rappers.  Cuz as we can see now?  They are REALLY coward coons feeding off the anger of what black people have been going through since being in this country.  They used music or what they called music to incite a mentality that did nothing but deteriorate the progress of black people's newer generation.  Now that massa has given them a little attention and a few dollars in their pockets....look at their betrayal...huh?  From Coon Common to Koon Kanye...it's right there in black and white.  And I'ma tell ya during those gang banging days when young black men and boys were dying like flies....I was sooooooo pissed off and went on circuit tour in my community blasting their asses.  But of course my black community didn't support what I was doing or LISTENING to what I was saying.    Wonder why?

Now years later here we are.  I remember seeing rappers calling black women bitches and whores....with their camera lens between the legs of star-stuck female fans while calling out the police in violent verbal confrontation....but!  Today, those  same rappers have white cunts on the arms,  having children by them, as I've said earlier some rappers who were against the POLICE are now playing the ROLES of police.  WTF is that?  Ice T on Law and Order and that coward Ice Cube playing a cop in movies.  Where is the accountability and responsibility for your people?  WTF?  What happened to all that rage motherfuckers?  The only people you scared with it was innocent black people.  And why oh why you gon DISS  and call the black women who raised your asses whores and bitches and then get with these white skanks who don't even bathe...and your head is all the up their asses where we can your reflections in those cunts' eyes.  Explain that motherfuckers .  All this "We gon Kill the Police" bullshyte.  What happened to that?  Did massa give you one of their whores to shut you the fock up or did he pay you like he does MOST coons?

I remember when Kanye West said Bush hate black people and how the country with wild.  Was that a set-up?  I mean I don't give fock where dudes want to dip their stick in...but!  Black folks DIED for these stupid motherfuckers.  Black people were bitten by dogs, watered down by hoses by the police, lynched and hung for all to see...beaten to the pulp....burned....tarred and feathered...killed for LOOKING at a white whores...and that don't MEAN nothing?  It;s all about that mighty dollar?  Don't care what you're modeling for your kids and the next generation?  WTF is that?  A focking COON..boot licking color-struck baffoon spook who was probably recruited by massa in the first place.  

It is to the point now?  We as real Black People should call ALL these motherfuckers out and tell them to their faces...YOU ARE NOT BLACK.  You are BAFFOON COONS...a disgrace to the black race.  A race that CLEARLY created civilization..but!  Yall don't care about none of that.  Yall LIED and said you were for the people.  What people?  NOt us.  That's the same thang black rebels like the Black Panthers and US Organization said too.  But all I saw was black dudes in leather coats with white whores on their arms while they were trying to keep black women in check...while they continued to disrespect black woman....and that;s why their shyte COLLAPSED...big time.  And most of them motherfuckers ended up DEAD or in prison for life.  So.  

Was that a set up too. Is the BLACK pride a lie?  And the only ones to make real progress are the black women who are NOT afraid to deal with massa face to face.  Who will not succumb to massa's intimidations, threats, social manipulations.  What?  Is it gon take black women again?  To get the focking job done?  To lead the way for our people?  Seems to me.  Cuz black men are bailing out and if this is any example of black men protecting their black culture with the women and children in it?  We would do BETTER as we have in the past...in doing it OUR focking selves.  I know I am ranting but my son died because of this rap mentality bullshyte...where innocent black kids were murdered at the hands of their own peers and black race.  So.  Was that a set up too?  Sound like it to me.  It just could be.   But!


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