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Originally posted by sergeant:
I'm not responsible for your problems or lack of knowledge. Again, if the doctor prescribed it, then who are you to say there's a problem with it.

Most of us are aware that plenty of addictive medications are prescribed by physicians each and every day. Ask anyone who has been treated for something as simple as 'stress', 'anxiety', depression or hyperactivity what they are taking, let alone people with major neck and back injuries. Yes, you are truly ignorant.
Where is your proof that this is the case with Rush?

Where is your proof that despite the addictive qualities of OxyContin, Rush's doctor prescribed him the addictive drug ad infinitum... just to make Rush feel good?

Don't get confused by the language that says "Addicted To Prescription Pain-Killers" to actually mean that the medication was actually "prescribed" throughout and for every period of the addiction. The use of the term "prescription pain-killers" is just a way to classify the drugs and not necessarily indicative of the means by which these drugs are ascertained from start to finish...

My link with Vicky's story should help you. I see you are smart enought to find support for your claims.

Stating that doctor prescribe potentially addictive medicines is no revelation Sherlocke! Read my link... Those type of drugs... as with most everything, used in moderation - i.e. over very short periods of time can be very effective. However, as Kevin has suggested (not to mention my own personal experience with any prescribed medicines that remotely had addictive qualities) those types of medications aren't given out long term, year-after-year by any professional worth their salt.

I've never encountered an instance where I was prescribed any such medication that either didn't have it on the label and wasn't meticulously specified by doctor, nurse, pharmacy, etc. that the drug involved was/is addictive and only to be taken for short periods and one's that had either NO REFILLS or very limited ones.

YOU ARE IGNORANT BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SUPPORT the full extent of your claims. Rush is more than likely like Vicky...

(You have NO proof...)
And where is the proof that it is not so? Again, that is my point.

Please, you are wasting good folks time now. You have answered yourself when you wrote:
"Stating that doctor prescribe potentially addictive medicines is no revelation"

Indeed it is not, and doesn't suddenly become 'not' so just because you may or may not like a particular individual. I know that in your little world you love to quote the expression, 'innocent until proven guilty'. That applies here as well my frustrated friend.

Looking over the entire issue from this vantage point, one sees there really was nothing to the story at all. The man is back at his profession, hasn't been accused or charged with anything, and his audience from all accounts is as large as ever. I'd say this whole 'pop culture' hate fest has amounted to a big waste of time for little minds everywhere.

Remember, to wish for someone's misfortune says more about you than it says about the someone. Better luck next time I guess....

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Originally posted by sergeant:
And where is the proof that it is not so?

Please, you are wasting good folks time now.
I guess they were right when they said that common sense isn't very common.

Sgt. "The Uncommonly IGNORANT"... thanks for wasting my time with your beligerent ignorance.

Until you can show proof that Rush got actual prescriptions that account for every OxyContin pill he took (something that he has not claimed) then you have no argument. STANDARD PRACTICE and procedures dictate that no such long term 5-6 or 8 year prescription regime was endorsed by any one knowledgeable and ethical doctor. It just doesn't stand to reason and couldn't possibly be the case unless you believe doctors are that careless to open themselves up for litigation for something as excessive as Rush's case.

Admit it. Your premise that Rush got his drug perfectly legal has no basis and defies common freakin' sense and any real practical knowledge on how cases of that type of period of time works.

So, I'm satisfied with saying we don't know for sure one way or the other. Fine with me. But your point was not to simply say that... you insist that Rush has "done nothing wrong" and that's what you believe and want to emphasize.

Well, truth be told, unless you are his full-time 24/7 Jock Changer/Knob Cleaner... you don't know jack and can't form that opinion.
Indeed it is not, and doesn't suddenly become 'not' so just because you may or may not like a particular individual. I know that in your little world you love to quote the expression, 'innocent until proven guilty'. That applies here as well my frustrated friend.
I see you haven't read this whole thread.

I don't have emotions for Rush. Like, Hate, or even indifference. He is a non-entity when it comes to my emotions. I could care less whether he Eats Sh*t and dies today or live to be older that Noah. Makes me no never-f*ckin-mind.

What part of "I Don't Give A Sh*t" don't you understand!?

So, I could care less whether he's "guilty" or not and even if he is I wouldn't think he would get jail time and wouldn't be in favor of it unless similar offenses where he lives are prosecuted that way. So, I don't care whether he spends one minute behind bars or even one cent in fines.

"I Don't Give A Sh*t"

You should know who the hell you're talkin' to and don't assume sh*t about what I think. This is an academic treatment on Rush's situation on my part. "I Don't Give A Damn" about him one way or the other.

It's never that personal with me... I never met the dude, so it's not like we got a thang'.
Rush Limbaugh's medical records seized

Investigators said in search warrants Limbaugh engaged in illegal drug use and "doctor shopping" for prescription painkillers, The Associated Press reported.

"Doctor shopping," in this context, say investigators, refers to the practice of trying to find a physician willing to prescribe drugs illegally.

Limbaugh Pokes Fun at Pain-Killer Probe
Krischer's office began investigating Limbaugh 10 months before the Enquirer story, after prosecutors met with the former maid, Wilma Cline. She told them she sold Limbaugh "large quantities of hydrocodone, Oxycontin and other pharmaceutical drugs in Palm Beach County over the course of many years."

Cline provided investigators with e-mails and answering machine recordings to support her claims. Investigators then examined records from Palm Beach pharmacies near Limbaugh's $24 million oceanfront mansion that they say support the doctor-shopping allegations.

The warrants list prescriptions for more than 2,000 pills from March 24 through Sept. 26. from four doctors. The medications include the powerful painkillers Oxycontin, Lorcet, Norco, hydrocodone and Kadian. In addition, Limbaugh received prescriptions for the anti-anxiety drug Xanax and Clonodine, used to treat high blood pressure.
shakeaboy and private a very stupid,

"Dr. Drew Pinsky, an addiction specialist in Pasadena, California, told CNN that if Limbaugh is addicted to OxyContin, "We're really talking about opiate addiction. The withdrawal is miserable and painful and it takes a long time to recover."

Fat boy is an addict and a felon to be. He is guilty of multiple felony crimes. His addiction to Hill Billy Heroine is the end of his fat career. He is a dork. And he is going down.

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