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Pastor Tells 'Daily Show' That 'Jungle Fever' Made LGBT Group Target His Church

Rev. James David Manning didn't mince words.

02/24/2016 12:37 pm ET

A New York advocacy group dedicated to aiding homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) teens succeeded in raising $200,000 toward securing the ATLAH World Missionary Church, which is known for its extremely homophobic views, at a forthcoming auction this month. 

The Ali Forney Center's plans are, unfortunately, on hold until an April 21 hearing. But in the wake of the fundraising victory, Jessica Williams of "The Daily Show" dropped by the church, which is located in New York City's Harlem neighborhood, to find out what Rev. James David Manning thought about the center's plan to repurpose his parish's property into homeless LGBT youth housing.  

Needless to say, Manning, who once argued that Starbucks flavored its coffee drinks with "sodomites' semen," was not amused, and suggested that the Ali Forney Center's intentions were less than charitable. 

"A lot of them came up here looking for black meat," he said. When Williams asked the pastor what he meant, he clarified, "Sex with black men. Jungle fever." 

True to form, Manning didn't stop there.

"Before this church is foreclosed on, sodomites will carry babies in their testicles for nine months and then gestate them out of their a**holes," he said. "If it's possible for that to happen, then it's possible for this church to be foreclosed." 

As for the church's reported $1.02 million in amassed debts and tax liens, Manning said, "We're tax exempt! We're a church. Churches do not pay water bills, or any other kind of tax, for that matter."

While Manning's remarks have become too absurd to be truly offensive, we remain hopeful that love will win out over hatred in Harlem soon. 

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RadioRaheem posted:

Black churches have an image problem right now...

Very good example of why all these money-changers/"preachers", "ministers", "pastors", "reverends", etc., etc., can pretty much kiss my ass; 99% of them are just fake, lazy, and just do not want to work a regular job like any other man, so they decide to be a "minister", "preacher", etc., etc.  

"F"' all the "God" selling con artists.  

My money won't buy any of them a Mercedes or Cadillac or make their house note, or send their kid to private school or pay for him to take his family on vacation, or pay child support for that 'outside' child [or in Eddie Long's case, pay for one of his 'kept' boys].  

  As WHY I don't believe in ANY of the so-called man-made religions...christanity, judea and islam.  It's all about MONEY and CONTROL.  Nothing to do with people or their spirituality.  As why there has been nothing but WAR [and sex slavery] since these fools stole the strolls from our Egyptian i.e. Kemet Mysteries.  Man KNOWS nothing about God. Which is DOG spelled backwards.  And is exactly what they all are:  DOGS.  But! 

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