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I'll start.

Basic Html Help & Webpage Development sites
The WWW Help Page Webmasters
Dynamic Drive

Online Photo Gallery
This is the place to view your photo collection and share them with friends, all stored for free on our secure web site. All you need to do is upload your images from your hard drive to their server. Note: These sites do not allow remote logging, which means you will not be able to link your image to say from their site.
Yahoo Photo Gallery

Software Product Information and Trial Download Site. (Very informative)

Graphic Software
Ever wonder how those beautiful images/graphics are created? Here is some of the graphic software used. These products are for novice to advanced users. PhotoImpact and Paint Shop Pro are user friendly.
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Macromedia Freehand
Paint Shop Pro 8
PhotoImpact 7
Corel Graphics Suite

Website Building Software Editiors
These are good editiors for building your website. I didn't include Frontpage but its popular too.
Dreamweaver (The best editor IMO)
Coffee Cup
Adobe Go Live

Interactive Software
This very creative site was created with Macromedia Flash.
Style Engineers

Flash MX
Swishzone Novice user

An Optismisitc person see the glass of water as half full, the Pessimistic person see it half empty, the Blessed person will just drink it.

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