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Republican don't appear to respect the law:

1) In new York Gullinanianspini as mayor constantly broke laws and fought out loosing cases in court in an effort to win by default.
2) Bush, got appointed instead of elected to the office of President.
3) Swartsnagger Klan used a loophole to take out an duly elected gov.
4) Florida Bush, overruled a court order in feed tube case.
5) Texas republicans redraw districts to make their majority even larger outside of new census data .
6) Bush tells us violence is wrong, to respect laws, then tell the whole world 'F U and all of the laws I'm taking Iraq. Giving my friends healthy contracts and making everyone pay for it.'

In general, the republican have taken away many of our representative, we no longer have any Senators; we have no governors, our number of mayors of large cities have dropped dramatically, and many of our gains all over have be worn away or taken away (including affirmative action), maybe violence is the answer? That's how Iraq is getting heard. Is violent revolution the answer?


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" 2) Bush, got appointed instead of elected to the office of President." Our Empowerment

The Supreme Court gambit was a new wrinkle. But the process for making Bush President was perfectly legal, and as prescribed by the Constitution.

Those in power not only make the law, they also get to interpret it.

It's a bitch.


Jim Chester

You are who you say you are. Your children are who you say you are.

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