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Police Accuse 12-Year-Old Black Girl Of Being A Prostitute Outside Of Her Home, Beat And Kidnap Her


Dymond Milburn, age 12. Image via The Free Thought Project

Dymond Milburn, age 12. Image via The Free Thought Project


If you think police brutality is only a recent issue, think again. By now, most of us have heard the report of Django Unchained actress, Danièle Watts, being arrested by police who mistook her for a prostitute. But did you know the same thing happened to an African-American child eight years ago, only worse?


Three police officers in Texas accused a 12-year-old black girl of being a prostitute, beat and kidnapped her, and none of them ever faced any consequences for their actions.

On August 22, 2006, 12-year-old Dymond Milburn was outside her home flipping a breaker switch to help her family after the electricity went out, when a blue van pulled up and three men exited the vehicle without identifying themselves. The men were cops in plain clothes with the Galveston police and they accused Dymond, who is black, of being a prostitute.

 “You’re a prostitute,” an officer declared. “You’re coming with me.”

They then tried to drag Milburn into their van while she scratched and clawed in her struggle to stop them from taking her. She screamed for her father to come to her rescue while the angry officers began beating her in an effort to force her into the van. One of the officers, David Roark, muzzled the girl’s mouth with his hand to silence her.

Hearing her screams, Dymond’s parents arrived on the scene and told officers, “That’s our daughter. She’s twelve.” But Roark didn’t give a damn. “I don’t care if she’s twenty-two, thirty-two, or forty-six,” Roark responded.

Along with Roark, the other officers included Sean Stewart and their Sergeant, Gilbert Gomez. They believed they had the right to take Dymond Milburn away without consulting her parents. Horrified, Dymond’s parents were devastated and powerless as the officers literally kidnapped their daughter before their eyes.

The officers decided to bring Dymond to the hospital for medical attention, and the level of herinjuries was devastating. As a result of the brutal beating by police, the little girl suffered a head injury, a throat injury, abrasions on her arms, a sprained wrist, two black eyes, and lacerations as well as spinal injuries. On top of all these physical wounds, Dymond also suffered nightmares and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In all, her injuries resulted in a hospital bill totaling $8,000.

But police still weren’t done putting Dymond through hell. When she finally returned to school following her release from the hospital, police embarrassed her further by showing up at her school. They arrested her in front of her classmates at Austin Middle School in revenge for putting up a fight. The charges? Assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

You read that right. Cops beat the hell out of this girl and they charge HER with assault. Plus she resisted the officers because that’s what we tell our children to do when strangers try to force them into a vehicle against their will.

Milburn and her family had to deal with two mistrials over a period of three years before the District Attorney agreed to stop pursuing the charges.

By then, Dymond was 15-years-old and a huge chunk of her childhood was stolen from her. In retaliation, the Milburns filed a civil lawsuit against the officers who changed her life three year earlier. But none of them have been punished and a settlement hasn’t occurred. Basically, all three officers complicit in the kidnapping and beating of the then-12-year-old girl got away with it. Sean Stewart was actually named “Officer of the Year” sometime later and Gomez went on to be promoted prior to becoming a private detective.

Dymond Milburn is 20-years-old now and still hasn’t received justice for what these police officers did to her.

She was just a black 12-year-old girl in front of her own home at night, and yet, police accused her of being a prostitute even though she didn’t do anything wrong and officers had no cause to accuse her of anything.


In fact, the only reason the officers were around is because they were responding to a call about three white prostitutes allegedly soliciting in the area.


However, they attacked a black child who obviously didn’t fit the description instead and accused her of being the prostitute. Remember, we’re talking about a 12-year-old girl who was at her house with her parents. She was an honors student helping around the house. She wasn’t out on the street hooking.

Police brutality against people of color is not just an epidemic today. It’s been around for a long time. And even children aren’t immune from illegal police behavior. If this can happen to one child, it can happen to any child in America. For too long, police have been able to do what they want to the citizens they are supposed to serve and protect with little or no consequences. That needs to change or police behavior never will.

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Where is DYMOND MILBURN NOW??? Has she returned to any semblance of a normal life????????? How's her family? I don't remember her case at all, but I'm sorry for everything she endured now that I've read her story. White men have always had screws loose in their heads. Something in those skulls we see talking everyday has a pineal gland that's calcified. Anything calcified ain't good, even their faces and necks are calcified. I wish their non-existent lips were calcified so that maybe the "Angry Birds"
could be on my TV or 24-7 Wanda Sykes.

We've never taken the United States Oath of Allegiance to this joint; were just Emancipated and have never been considered CITIZENS of this country. They get away with the things they do, because we've NEVER BEEN FREED FROM SLAVERY and we're aliens from a foreign land in their twisted books. They do what they do because we have ABSOLUTELY NO BACKUP. To them, Harambe was our family member, even though NO ONE ON THE PLANET is more ANIMALISTIC than the European Albino, nor hairy .  

We are so fucked living among these "people." It's getting worse, if that's at all possible. Hatred's everywhere and the stench of death is so damn strong, it'll give you a continuous migraine headache for 5 years.

Last edited by Norland

No one has to take an "oath of allegiance" to America,  but immigrants to America that are being naturalized.

However, the only slavery Black people are suffering from, is mental slavery.

But, mental slavery is something Black people must free themselves from, and the chains that bind Black people to mental slavery are, DIVISION, IGNORANCE OF THE TRUE HISTORY OF THE BLACK RACE, AND DISORGANIZATION.

These Europeans don't see us as CITIZENS. All I've done is pledge allegiance to the flag, every damn day that I was in school, haven't been anywhere that's been required since. There's SOMETHING that riles these creeps against us every damn day of the year for 500 years and counting, with no repercussions from ANYONE. They don't treat the foreigners here like they do us, the country they're originally from would "raise the roof."

We've had our asses hung, slung and rung and NO ONE'S said shit. They do to us what they want BECAUSE THEY CAN. We don't know our original language, don't have our original names, don't have our original bodies. The ones we have were made from The biggest, baddest of the Enslaved/Original/Whateverthefuckweare. Now that lots of us have all the strength from the fornication of the strongest of the ancestors, they're scared shitless and their bullets are slaughtering our kids.

To them, we ALL look like Harambe, man, woman, child, baby, newborn. That's why HARAMBE received a bullet, he looked the same as every other black MAN they've slaughtered in this God forsaken joint. Black man/Gorilla; the same to YT. Although if the white man grew out his hair they way it's intended, he and his woman would make every gorilla on the planet look like BALD MOTHErFUCKERS. (Harambe is a pretty name, to me. Reaps of African Masculinity.) No one on EARTH's hairier than ALMIGHTY YT. The secret he's held from us is that HE'S Harambe's ANCESTORS. Doesn't EVER want you to know THAT!!!

These bastards are ALL WE KNOW; Good, Bad, Indifferent, as they sling all their disgust, bullets and hatred our way. I'd LOVE to hear the jokes and stories white Undertakers have to tell about Africans in America. Probably put the Klan to SHAME after they view our bodies!!!!!

Dick Gregory calls "America" his "mother." If that's the case, "America" has been one hell of a motherfucker to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's never treated us with hugs and kisses, nor as "Americans".   How can one be an "American", when no one's from here and the Europeans fabricated the name from some Italian explorer named "Amerigo Vespucci"? They gave themselves that phony name and it only applied to THEM due to some kind of sovereignty. In reality, this whole country's FABRICATED. Truth  be told: They should have named themselves "Amerigos", because right now "Americans", should be called American's Can't Do a Damn Thing At the Moment but Kill and Hate. With the name "Amerigos", we could all wonder when in the hell they're GOING back to those damn Caucasus Caves before they kill everything breathing.

The people in control are former EUROPEANS; people who FLOCKED here from EUROPE. In America, everyone is a This, That and The Other. All EVERYONE is, is their parents sexual production. No more, no less. Everyone looks like their parents and family members, world-wide. We're all just living and breathing on a portion of the earth wherever Earth can sustain LIFE. Call yourself a MUPPET, it has just as much meaning. When you're dead, you're just a decomposing corpse. That's it.

We've been much more loyal to "America" in every way than she's ever been to us. The worst we've called them is "HONKEY", while they've made "NIGGER", damn near OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM.

Last edited by Norland

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