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Family Research Council Calls on Georgia Governor to Withdraw Demand for Pastor's Sermons and Documents


WASHINGTON, Oct. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Family Research Council (FRC) today expressed outrage after the State of Georgia issued a legal demand that Dr. Eric Walsh, a lay pastor, hand over his sermons, sermon notes, and all pastoral documentation including his Bible. FRC launched a petition today at that calls on Governor Deal to "correct this egregious overreach of the state into church affairs."

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"This demand for Dr. Eric Walsh's sermons, sermons notes, and ministerial documentation is an alarming display of government intrusion into the sanctity of the church, pastor's study, and pulpit," said Tony Perkins, Family Research Council President and himself an ordained pastor. "This is something that I would have expected to see in a communist country, not America. The pulpit is to be governed only by the Word of God. Government scrutiny of speech in the pulpit is unconstitutional, and unconscionable. Family Research Council stands with Dr. Walsh, and any other pastor who is targeted by the government because of what is said in the pulpit. We call on Gov. Deal to correct this egregious overreach of the state into church affairs."

Travis Weber, Director of FRC's Center for Religious Liberty, joins Dr. Eric Walsh at a press conference later today at the Georgia State Capitol, along with Walsh's attorneys at First Liberty Institute and an array of pastors and ministry leaders calling for the State of Georgia to cease its hostility toward people of faith.

"We've recently seen the former Mayor of Houston issue subpoenas against pastors in Houston, Texas, seeking their sermons," said Weber. "This action against Dr. Walsh is another unjust assault on people of faith, including the pulpit itself. This cannot go unchallenged. We support Dr. Walsh in his resistance, and call upon the Georgia government to act according to the law and traditions of our country, which respect people of faith and the autonomy of the church. What they are doing is the opposite of religious freedom and everything that it means to be an American," concluded Weber.

Dr. Eric Walsh was one of the nation's leading health administrators until being fired in 2014 by the Georgia Department of Public Health. A lay minister in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Walsh was fired after Georgia officials learned of his faith. Documents released by First Liberty include emails showing that Georgia officials assigned employees to examine his sermons on YouTube—sermons dealing with common Christian themes including creation, compassion, spiritual growth, the family, and Christian living. He was fired after this examination.

Walsh has filed a federal lawsuit against Georgia, alleging unlawful religious discrimination. Now, as part of that lawsuit, the state of Georgia—which ironically claims it did not fire Walsh for religious reasons—is demanding he hand over religious documents: his most intimate, private sermon notes, along with sermons themselves.

Read more about Dr. Walsh's case at

To sign FRC's petition in support of Dr. Eric Walsh:

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Kocolicious posted:

  Wow!  I always thought America separated CHURCH and STATE.  Cuz of what happen in Europe.  I think there are folks in the higher ups dictating the slowing and rapid dismantlement of America.  Cuz this shyte don't make ANY sense.  Not one ioda.  SMH.  But!


they control the Black church because the Black Pastors are agents.  I remember even Bishop 'Fast Eddie' Long was getting money and influence from GW Bush....but the history goes back to the beginning.  


As a side note, I will attend any Black church that has a pre-Revolution Nat Turner-type Pastor and an active Harriet Tubman gun club.  I just want to be safe in case the next Dylann Roof wants to visit during Bible study

Black Pastors --in truth-- can't make a move w/o the gub'ments permission. If they do, they are in danger of having their tax exempt status reversed!

Dr. Claud Anderson confirmed the control that the gub'ment has over Black churches in his book "Dirty Little Secrets" called Certain Sermons!



Last edited by Fine
Fine posted:

Black Pastors --in truth-- can't make a move w/o the gub'ments permission. If they do, they are in danger of having their tax exempt status reversed!

Dr. Claud Anderson confirmed the control that the gub'ment has over Black churches in his book "Dirty Little Secrets" called Certain Sermons!



Since "Christianity" was initially used as a Pacifier and Brainwashing/Social Conditioning Tool to program African Americans [And Africans] HOW to think and WHAT to believe, its really a waste of paper to issue such demands on Black pastors/ministers, because they have all already been Programmed by the West's Plagiarized, Redacted, Embellished forms of our ancestors' 'religious'/spiritual thought, philosophies and writings.

Besides, most Black 'ministers'/'pastors' are nothing but religion Pimps that are already selling our their own people to the oppressors in exchange for 30 pieces of silver.  

  We can see it happening before us....who these folks are.   And I agree with them.  I don't think we are the same species.  Look at the alpha behavior.  Its deadly..... again as we can see. The difference today is we can view them from the inside out-our centuries-long suspensions finally confirmed.  Now its no secret who/what we are dealing with.   The caul has fallen.  BTW  Yes there were questions as a result of their commitment to stuff the newfound Christianity down our throats.  This so called religion was European's ticket out of the broken Feudal system after the fall of rome.    This tragic journey for Africans/Amerindians had nothing to do with humanity or doing the right missionary thing.  It's all about money and power.  Hell Christians were the ones to enslave Africans in America.  So like Mike said they never gave a fock about us.  And guess what?  Here we are today.  The difference is?  Massa's not hiding behind the naked rhetoric of Christianity anymore.   He's standing fully dressed/armored  for all to see.   But!   

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