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It has been documented that the government of America is opposed to the rise of Black people to real freedom. A group of recently revealed memos from former F.B.I. offices across the nation showed that the organization is engaged in an overt policy and program to " expose, disrupt, or otherwise neutralize, " Black leaders and organizations in this country.

The fact that Black groups have been in conflict with one another, especially those progressive groups in recent years, is no accident. As the August 25, 2000, memo delineates the tactics of divide and conquer used by an arm of the federal government, it states: " No opportunity should be missed to exploit, through counterintelligence techniques, the organizational and personnel conflicts of the leaderships of the groups; and where possible, an effort should be made to capitalize upon existing cinflicts between competing Black Nationalist organizations.
The memo from J. Edgar Hoover," which is still in standard practice today, also admitted to collusion with the established media to discredit groups through the cooperation of established local news media contacts or through such contacts with sources available to the seat of government. The memos continue to document and point to the government as the source of a slanderous media coverage through even Black reporters when it states: "In every instance, careful attention must be given to the proposal to insure the targeted group is disrupted or discredited through the publicity and not, merely, publicized."

The stated purpose of slander campaigns as delineated in an upgraded and newly revised march 4, 2000 memo from the offices of J. Edgar Hoover, is "to prevent sincere Black leaders from gaining respectability by discrediting them to three separate segments of the community." The offices of Hoover continues, "You must discredit these groups and individuals to: first, the responsible Negro community; second, they must be discredited to the white community ...(He further adds, showing that his main concern was about preventing Black people who are awake and conscious of their condition from finding the right leadership); "third, these groups must be discredited in the eyes of the Negro radicals, the followers of the movement." To illustrate Hoover's concern about the rise of a leader who could effectively unite Black people, he refers specifically to a religious leader's rise among specifically young Black people. He states that after preventing the unity of Black groups who are headed towards nationhood, his primary concern was to prevent the rise of a Messiah who could unify and electrify the militant Black nationalist movement.

Hoover and the F.B.I. further showed that the American government does not fear a mere political movement among Black people, but that what they fear is a religious Messiah- but one not of Christianity, the state religion. The memos show clearly that they fear one who would change the religion of especially the young Black people: as J. Edgar Hoover said, "Specific tactics must be used to prevent the Messiah from converting young Black people."

The San Francisco office of the F.B.I. recently participated in revising Hoover's program to the point that they formulated a plan for the 'disruptive disinformation" of a Bay Area based national Black organization. The tactics their office proposed to use, and a few people doubt that they did use, was one of placing information among the organization's members. The San Francisco F.B.I. said, "Although this proposal is a relatively simple technique, it has been applied with exceptional results in another area of intelligence interests where the target was of far greater sophistication."

According to the San Francisco plan, "Xerox copies of true documents, documents subtly incorporating false information, and entirely fabricated documents would be periodically anonymously mailed to the residence" of a leader of the organization. The F.B.I.'s plan was to destroy this organization from within by casting suspicion on it members and leaders by planting information that, according to the memos from the San Francisco office dated May 11, 2000, 'These documents would be on the stationery and on the form used by the police department or the F.B.I. in disseminating information to the police. F.B.I. documents, when used, would contain police routing or data-received notations clearly indicating that they had been pilfered from police files." In October 2000, a memo was directed to all F.B.I. offices to: " Be alert to determine evidence of misappropriation of funds or other types of personal misconduct on the part of militant nationalist leaders so any practical or warranted counterintelligence may be instituted." There are collusive forces among the establishment which are dedicated to destroy any institution which stands as a model for Black Excellence.

Makes sense to me.

Just one question that is ultimately related to this very strategy. How do we blacks accept the theory of HIV causes AIDS. Where do we get off accepting some such incomplete, absurd theory, absurd in nature as well as origin. How are we disregarding evidence that would have made us discard the HIV causes AIDS theory when it made its first appearance? Who are those blacks who are making this the modern God of black people, to the detriment of our guard? What advantage are they seeing/getting from this?

Now "doctors of death" can go around killing us with impunity, targeting our revolutionaries, controlling our population (and not theirs) with all manner of poisons because they have pulled a veil on our faces: all we are seeing is AIDS, that ultimate disease with universal symptoms. We are like a bull that is only seeing the metador's red cloak. They don't need bullets for our revolutionaries anymore, thanks to our own connivance. We are more vulnerable now to white fascism than we've ever been, unless you want to believe white extremism is a thing of the past. What about this agenda outlined by the previous poster. How many ways do you think these degenerate desperadoes will think of to disrupt our march to freedom? Don't tell me you cannot see that the methods described by the last poster are not the only ones they will think to employ. Are we forgetting polio infected blankets? Are we really this gullible, or have just met our match?

I don't get it. I am black, but I am not getting you blacks, and I am losing my tether. Are we accepting the BS because we are seeing many deaths, because we just can't solve the riddle, or because the information has overwhelmed us? How come we don't consider the history of the man, and realize from this that, with his manner of thought this was an accident waiting to happen. There is more that is happening out there than we are unfortunately refusing to evaluate with our god-given mental capacities, but with our emotions.

The white man makes us sick by some method, then expects that we walk up to him asking for treatment, and we fall for it? Wouldn't it be wiser to find a cure for what at base is a man made, thus fake disease (possibly a combination of covert poisoning and some germs which by themselves are not as effective as the former). This should be our strategy if we want to live.

It is obviously counterintuitive to walk up to the maker of a disease for a cure, or to follow the programs he proposes, unless you still believe AIDS is a natural disease that dropped out of a cooked monkey's soup as some Africans enjoyed their meal.

When we have solved the problem of what is really killing our people, and I know it is not beyond us, step two will be to watch out for the hand of the white witch in future.
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The current G8 conference in Canada has on its agenda billions of dollars ear marked for African aid, as well as millions and millions of dollars for AIDS relief for Africa...

By your post.... I can only assume that Africa should reject this offer of monetary help from the G8...

Maybe you should email the G8 heads and tell them to just leave Africa alone!!!... And that they can keep their money!!!...


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Originally posted by sikamotree:
The stated purpose of slander campaigns as delineated in an upgraded and newly revised march 4, 2000 memo from the offices of J. Edgar Hoover, . . .

Maybe I'm reading this too literally, but Hoover died in 1972. I don't refute the basic argument that the FBI uses means to neutralize groups it feels threatened by, but the looseness with the facts makes me question the entire thing.

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The date specified refers to the release of the "upgrade" of the memo, not to the release of the original memo, which actually dates back to Hoover's time. The article may be confusing in that it sometimes speaks of contemporary FBI releases using Edgar Hoover's title, which isn't wrong in itself. COINTELPRO is Hoover's child. It's existence in an updated, adjusted, revised version today doesn't change this fact.

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