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WOndering how long it will take me to stop associating Fabulous with that fine looking model whose picture she posted a few posts up... Not that Fab probably isn't attractive, but you know...

And here's a fond R.I.P. to Oshun Auset's most recent avatar (the pregnant woman with the Africa tattoo on the belly), which was, to me, by far the best avatar I've ever seen on any website anywhere...
I also despise women who go around slandering & spreading "downlow" rumors about a man they don't even know...

...& posting pictures of the wrong man as evidence .... ALL to poke so-called "fun"? geesh! What's wrong with this picture dear readers?

Go on up there and meet ms fraud ^^^, the slanderer.

"She" started this crap in the first place, and obviously she wants to keep the BS going.

Too damn funny. lol
My oh my someone has a guilty conscience! 19Wasn't it you that said *I* was ASSuming something geesh!
Sweetie you are overestimating your importance really!!!!! laugh lol 20 20 20I was not talking about you when I said "I detest fake people," I was talking about someone I work with that I passed this morning. YOU MUST THINK OF YOURSELF AS A FAKE PERSON because you did not see me say Fab is a fake person or I detest Fab you assumed I was talking about you. If I want to direct something to you, you will know.Talk about too damn funny, your right, YOU are too damn funny! 20 And don't use my "geesh" either or I will be forced to use your oh so terrifying "Got it? Good!" lol or maybe your Dear Readers... Big Grin
My oh my someone has a guilty conscience! Wasn't it you that said *I* was ASSuming something geesh!

My comments had nothing to do with a guilty conscience. And you've only proven my point with your post-a PERFECT example of what hypocrites do.

And yes ... you DID make an ASSumption. You assumed you could "poke fun" at me ... at the expense of slandering a man you claim you know nothing about.

And you've proven what a hypocrite you are by your actions, cause APPARENTLY, only YOU can make an assumption--of course, THAT is what hypocrites do.

So very priviledged, aren't ya? We ain't ALL able. geesh!
Why do some parents think it's cute for their toddler children to curse! it's not, it's a damn shame is what it is. td6 Admittedly I may laugh upon first hearing a very young child curse just because it's a child and you don't necessarily expect that from a child, but I will attempt to hide the laugh and explain to them that those are bad words etc... nono
I'm always surprised when I hear black people use terms like "good hair" or "bad hair," to describe the texture of hair some of us have. Course, nappy or kinky is usually considered "bad hair."

How long people???? How long will we judge ourselves by 'white folk' standards? How long will we send this negative message to black children???

ALL hair is good hair ... get with the program!

and sometimes, you just have to work with it. . .

Goodness gracious!

[shaking my damn head]
I said it before and i will say it again-I HATE RUDE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!
If I smile at you and say good morning the polite thing to do would be to smile back and say good morning back or smile back at the very least! geesh! I hate to make things into a race issue but I'm starting to think that is exactly what it is. anytime i speak to a group of people (3 white and 1 black) and the only person to speak back or even acknowledge my presence is the black one out of the group something wrong! (in this incident the black woman was a woman i had never seen before, but the 3 white women were women i see in passing everyday!)
Originally posted by EbonyRose:
Originally posted by AudioGuy:
Okay... Rachel Robinson (Frank Robinson's widow) must have been about two when she married Frank... She does not look like she is in her eighties...

Amen to that, AG!! appl

I was very surprised to see how good she looked 'for her age'! Smile

except for one very important thing: Rachel Robinson never married Frank. Rachel Robinson was the wife of the great Jackie Robinson. Know your history...
It's been my experience - the main judgmental skanks who will talk about you behind your back; consider themselves better; smarter; and more worthy of living & breathing on G.d's green earth ... are typically the MAIN skanks who will copy your style. Eek

no matter what it is. . .


I find this very amusing to say the least and very telling. All that talk & snobbery from what is apparently [imo] an insecure person.

Oh well, they [whoever THEY are.. 4] say, imitation is the highest form of compliment or is that "flattery"? Whatever.

*I* say, too dang funny honey. laugh
Originally posted by EbonyRose:
Originally posted by AudioGuy:
Okay... Rachel Robinson (Frank Robinson's widow) must have been about two when she married Frank... She does not look like she is in her eighties...

Amen to that, AG!! appl

I was very surprised to see how good she looked 'for her age'! Smile

Hey, good black, don't crack!

She was up in the booth with the announcers on Friday Night. It was Jackie Robinson Day at Shea. She looked fabulous!

Ah, so this white middle aged Property manager walks through one of my real estate rehab projects. He notices the copper pipes recently installed. He asks why I still allow my plumbers to install copper instead of plastic (PVC). He suggests that I switch, since I am rehabbing homes "in the hood", and "The animals keep breaking into investment properties and stealing the copper".....

He called black people "animals" right to my face, and He also referred to an upscale Detroit neighborhood as "The Hood" simply because blacks live there predominantly...He noticed very quickly how unhappy I was with the comment, he turned very red, and left the property..Of course I called the company which hired him and he was reprimanded...However, that wasn't really the was really sickening to hear this from this white man.

He actually thought because I am a professional black guy that I would be willing to allow him to make such a display...

Damn..I wonder how many Negroes would have just done nothing but laugh and allow this cracka to pat them on the back as he insults the black community??

I love my mother, she's an amazing woman. She's always there for everybody, especially in time of need; always very supportive. Sometimes, like today, I wonder how she does it.

Yesterday she helped my uncle [her youngest brother] bury his stepson.

It was a typical situation for young black men these days -- in the wrong neighborhood; at the wrong time; with the wrong latina girl. He had been warned, not only to leave the latina girl alone, but to stay out of their neighborhood. He didn't listen ... which is not unusual for a 19 year old.

Like so many other young black boys, he didn't deserve to die such a violent death - what a waste of life. He was a sweet young man who never gave his mother any trouble [though I didn't know him well], and he was also attending a community college along with his twin.

Yet again ... another innocent victim.

What sticks in my mind, though, is my mother. I wonder how she does it. How does she continue being there for everybody, while we continue to bury our black men.

I watched as my uncle reached for my mother, his sister ... I watched as she held him; consoling him. How can she keep doing this ... over & over again?

I wonder, but I won't ask ...

It's not something I want to talk about right now.

My mother is a very strong this society, most black women have to be.
I had the weirdest dream. I was outside [taking pictures, I believe] when I spotted a little brown-skin black boy about 7 or 8 years old. I don't know if he was outside to play or simply standing there ... he seem to come out of nowhere.

At first, I couldn't see his face clearly, but then he turned his head toward me and I was speechless. He had only one eye in the center of his head - he even blinked it a few times. Eek

Everything else about him was normal. But I was flabbergasted to see that ONE eye. OMG!!! Eek

So I stoop down to talk to him.

Me: I feel bad for you ... People must tease you a lot about having one eye.

Now, this is not how I would approach a similar situation in real life, but this is how it went in my dream.

The little boy smiled, turned his head away from me; then back again. This time his face was normal, with two eyes where they were supposed to be. The ONE eye in the center of his head was gone. I fell back, shocked again.

The little boy: Not many people can see my third eye.

Eek I was almost afraid of him now, but he smiled at me--I couldn't help myself, I smiled back.

The little boy: Not many people can see my third eye. Don't be afraid of it.

As he said this, he kept smiling ... so I kept smiling back.

Then I woke up.

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