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On new years eve i rang in the new year at church. I couldn't help but feel guilty when my girl called me, during church, and asked me if i wanted to go out and get drunk-I was like, "damn I'm at church i can't, but if service hurry up and get over with I can." After i got off the phone i felt guilty for even talking like that in church and decided to keep it clean and play cards at my aunts instead with just one cup of cask and cream to drink instead of partying. Every year i ring in the new year drunk, tipsy, trying to get drunk or on my way to being drunk, but this year I didn't.I can't help but think maybe that was a good choice, maybe this is the beginning of a great year!
And so, he didn't do what he said he'd do. Eek

And every time this happens I lose a little respect for him & I trust him less.

Every time he fails to keep his word [which is becoming more & more often], I see that he is NOT the man I thought he was.

Also. . .

It pisses me off . . .

I try to be a good friend, I try to consider the other person's feelings, I TRY to do as I say I'll do ... and I KNOW that I am deserving of the same, especially, from one who claims he 'appreciates' & values our friendship.

When he lies to me ... OR ... seems to take our friendship for granted, I no longer "try" to be a good friend to him.

Neither one of us is perfect, of course, but dang if he ain't taking me for granted. 19

I won't allow his actions to mildly affect me this way, anymore.

Better to stop dealing with someone who doesn't value the friendship, than to change or lower my standards of how I enteract as a friend.

I don't plan to start the new year [2007] wasting precious time with someone who couldn't care less. Looking at the situation this way, makes it easier to let the friendship go.

Cause nowadays ... when I think of him, I'm shaking my head and thinking -- Hell naw, I'm OUT!
Originally posted by Kweli4Real:
Every year i ring in the new year drunk, tipsy, trying to get drunk or on my way to being drunk, but this year I didn't.I can't help but think maybe that was a good choice, maybe this is the beginning of a great year!

No doubt.

We'll see, when I'm reflecting back over 2007 this time next year 19 but i do have a good feeling! cabbage
It's supposed to be summer over here, and we've had a few wonderful hot days with caressing cool breezes, Cool but it's grey every 3rd day. Mad
So what's up with New York's weather? I turn on the evening news and instead of winter snow in New York it looks more like summer than here!! Eek Spring lossoms are blooming in January, 3 months earlier than usual... global warming?
Originally posted by ddouble:
After ten days of restful vacation, why did I feel so tired when the alarm clock sounded this morning?

whooooa now i know what you mean! sck I was off for almost three weeks and just went back today-it was torture getting up this morning and i still feel out of whack at almost 3:00. I think I'm going to need a full week to get back into the swing of things again sck Roll Eyes
I'm bored with my routine.

It's almost 4:30 am and I don't feel like DOING a darn thing.

I don't feel like getting on the treadmill, cause the thought of running even one mile, does not appeal to me right now. In fact, I don't feel like exercising at all.

Unfortunately, it's still too dark outside to run at the park, and this is the only time I have to do this.

Yet, here I am complaining on a message board.
My mother is the most forgiving, self sacrificing person I know, unfortunately, this has caused serious problems for her in life. She's had her identity stolen--sold to several different people who then purchased homes and businesses using her credit.

She loves people though, and once she loves you, she loves you forever.

Many of my childhood friends still keep in contact with my mother, they come by to visit and will spend the whole day with her. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes not.

When I stopped by my mom's house yesterday, an old boyfriend was there ... she hired him to clean the backyard and work on her garden. He is an ex [i hope] drug addict, also ... experiencing hard times, so the money she gives him helps out a lot [or so he says].

The fact is, he's been experiencing hard times for as long as I can remember. He's been in jail at least twice, & currently he is homeless -- his own mother called my mother to warn her about him. "Don't trust him or let him in your house." OMG!!!!!

He & I dated in high school [when I didn't know any better of course] and even THEN he stayed in trouble all the time.

I wish my mother would stop allowing him to come around, but she doesn't listen and she will say to anyone who tries to get in her business, "this is MY house and I will have who I want here." Wow & smh.

The good news is ... she has promised that she won't allow him [the ex boyfriend] inside the house, and for her THAT's saying something.

My random thought: I can't control my mother, obviously ... but I'll be a force to be reckoned with if this man does ANYTHING to hurt her.

He still calls me the love of his life, Humph! If he hurts my mother ... he's gonna have a very serious problem.
I always thought the word "episode" referred to fictional installments... Like, "Tune in for the next episode of Batman."

Nowadays, I'm hearing people referring to the next episode of a radio talk show, or the next episode of a news broadcast. Whether it's fiction or not (you can have an episode of a reality show), an episode has to involve an unfolding story, right? You can't talk about "last episode of the Michael Baisden Show," can you? I hear that usage all the time, but I don't think it's right... or is it?
The teacher next door is having a shyt fit on the students. He told a boy "you not going to the bathroom in my class, don't think about it, unless you got a note from a doctor saying something wrong with you and you can't hold it -you not going." It's amazing how teachers will talk to students when they think no one can hear them. The teacher yelled at the top of his lungs that he was going to write up another boy everyday because he's a jerk. He is irate! I dont know whether to laugh or be mad/feel bad for the students.
crazy teacher strikes again. He was so loud today the kids across the hall were saying "ooooh!!!!!" He told some boy," when your damn parents come to school for parent conference I don't want to see them-you don't know how to act and i just don't care anymore." he told some other boy " you so damn ignorant i don't even want to look at you!" It's more the way he says things not so much what he says that bothers me. I would not want someone yelling to the top of his lungs at my child! He has a habit of saying boy, sounding just like a slave master with his little country twang.
Originally posted by msprettygirl:
I'm tired of the cold weather when is it going to be warm???????? 6 I don't see how northerners do it! Confused Bring on 75+ degrees! cabbage dance

ahem... msprettygirl + kweli it's your turn to have winter! Razz we've been waiting quite a while down here in the southern hemisphere... it's our turn to have summer Big Grin

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