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Al Sharpton took issue with Ralph Nader's use of a racial epithet at a Washington fund-raiser.

If Ralph Nader doesn't stop dropping the N-bomb, Al Sharpton is going to wash out his mouth with soap.
"Nader is not a racist by any stretch of the imagination," Sharpton told me yesterday. "He has a good track record. But he ought to be sensitive that he does not sanitize that word."

Speaking Wednesday night at a Washington fund-raiser to retire the debt from his 2004 presidential campaign, Nader complained that Democratic Party powerbrokers had kept him off the ballot in such Southern states as Georgia and Virginia - which reminded him of the oppressive Jim Crow laws that denied African-Americans equal rights.

"I felt like a [n-word]," remarked the 70-year-old white multimillionaire graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School.

Washington gadfly Evan Gahr reported Nader's comments on his Web site.

"If Ed Koch had said what Ralph Nader said, we'd be marching," Sharpton noted. "This [scolding] doesn't rise to the level of a march. It rises to the level of a wrist slap."

Yesterday, Nader told me he was using the word in the same spirit as the Black Panthers of the 1960s - "as a word of defiance."

But Sharpton retorted: "He's not a Black Panther."

Democratic operative Harold Ickes - a former civil rights activist who lost a kidney in 1965 after being beaten to a pulp by white racists in Tallulah, La. - was also troubled by Nader's use of the epithet.

"It's not something that I would say," Ickes told me yesterday. "Having grown up in the 1950s and 1960s, I think it's not a word that whites can use.

"It's unfortunate and he may regret it."
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Yeeeep. I suppose now he knows how a 'ni$$er' or excuse me.......'a ni@@ah' (for all the "its a term of endearment" clowns) really feels.

If I could get at him, I'd whoop his azz just on "GP"!! ("GP"=an old school abreviation for 'general principal). Nawww......on second thought----I'd just curse him out to keep from going to jail.
Nader and the writer of this piece are both full of sh*T.

Dig what the write did. He wrote what Nader said then he added "the 70-year-old white multimillionaire graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School." This could have been to show the hypocrisy in Nader's statement in that how can he claim to be a Nigger and be those things, or it could be that the writer feels no Nigger could be a multi-millionair who atteneded Princeton and Harvard Law. Who knows.

Apparantly Nader do see Black folk as Niggers, because it was not Niggers who were denied anything, Black folk were denied basic human rights and rights as a citizen.
Originally posted by James Wesley Chester:
Nader is in such a 'hurt' to gain traction he using everything he can exchange for currency, including his 'understanding' of the 'black' man, and empathy of course.

Where is the Anti-Defamation League, pray tell?

Don't racial verbage being hurled by a Jew count?

Actually, Ralph Nader is not Jewish. His parents were Lebanese immigrants.
Originally posted by Frenchy:
This is quite unfortunate. I actually voted for this guy back in 2000. What a dick. I especially don't like that he's offering up excuses for why he said it. Just apologize. Perhaps he's contemplating a move to the Repulican party.

It is unfortunate. I actually liked him.

Lol@ "perhaps he's contemplating a move to the Republican party"
Originally posted by James Wesley Chester:

Where is the Anti-Defamation League, pray tell?

Don't racial verbage being hurled by a Jew count?

Hey Jim, did you get your foot out your mouth yet? LOL!!! Actually, Nader being an Arab, I'm sure he identifies with his black brothers in America. But he probably needs to change his first name to Kareem, Abdul or Osama. "Ralph" is too white sounding.
Originally posted by EgbertSouse:
Originally posted by James Wesley Chester:

Where is the Anti-Defamation League, pray tell?

Don't racial verbage being hurled by a Jew count?

Hey Jim, did you get your foot out your mouth yet? LOL!!! Actually, Nader being an Arab, I'm sure he identifies with his black brothers in America. But he probably needs to change his first name to Kareem, Abdul or Osama. "Ralph" is too white sounding.

Yeah....Ralph is pretty plain and dull.....
Originally posted by EgbertSouse:
Originally posted by James Wesley Chester:

Where is the Anti-Defamation League, pray tell?

Don't racial verbage being hurled by a Jew count?

Hey Jim, did you get your foot out your mouth yet? LOL!!! Actually, Nader being an Arab, I'm sure he identifies with his black brothers in America. But he probably needs to change his first name to Kareem, Abdul or Osama. "Ralph" is too white sounding.

Sorry for the generalization, but Arabs and black africans don't mix, let alone African Americans.
Ralph Nader's not the only one. You could slap a white guy's/girl's head clean off for calling you that and it would utter that word as it was rolling down the street. Suckas never learn, since it was taught them from BIRTH.---Norland

You do have a point.

A cousin of mine had an experience in Kentucky during the 50s.

He got separated from his group on a bivouac. While wandering around the mountains, he and a couple of other sodiers came upon a house with a well in the yard. They went to the well and began drawing water.

The owner came out of the house screaming, N@@ger get out of my well!!!' My cousin tells how he set upon him with 'numerous blows about the head and body.'

The man fell to the ground yelling, 'Please n@@ger, don't hit me no mo'.'


Jim Chester
There'll cone a time when we get sick and tired of being sick and tired. Every minute of every day of every year thru 2 to 4 centuries, people are dehumanized to make the English, Irish, Scottish immigrants feel some sort of faux "supremacy", while they depopulate the world for their gains. (gooks, japs, n's, sandn's, chinks, the list goes on and on.)

I just saw the BET awards; saw nothing but beauty. Bodies out of this world. The word "Minority" has taken over the N-word. Well, I ask, if we were so god damn Minor, what the hell we doing over here? Seems they could have built the Indigenous lands all by their lonesome, since they're so "Supreme", wouldn't ya think? I've very seldom seen one African, male or female that couldn't fill out his "clothes" needing some kind of "artificial" help to accomplish the "task". What was the first thing snatched from the dead corpses during lynching and put on mantles? That's why our babies are getting shot recklessly by "powers that be" and locked up ferociously all the time. After all that, they want us to go to their wars and die for them wherever that might be. I think we're enclosed in more than a sea of hate; I think insanity's mixed up with it. I think I'm the only one that sees it.

Those labor pains are a bitch. Every woman on earth goes through them. No one's thinking other mother's children are going to be killing them en masse in some war or another. I love all my children ALIVE. Trying to live Life is a maze all over the earth. Death has taken over living by people with faux titles they've bestowed upon themselves, all for money and some faux "honor". Mr. Walton died today in a plane crash. He was #11 on the list of the wealthy. Is he gonna take some of that money with him? I THINK NOT!! Everyone's born equal; everyone lies entombed equally. It's a bitch just trying to live and be left alone even if you abide by ALL THE RULES AND REGULATIONS. THEIR RULES AND REGULATIONS. You can't fluckin' win and it's not meant for us to win!!!!!!!! It's just meant for us to DIE, 'cause that's the way of the immigrant Scottish, Irish, British and Jews. Their call; not God's call.

I don't belong to the larger population of albinos, I belong to the lesser population of the melanined. Believe this: THERE'S NOTHING MINOR ABOUT ME. If you can't call me Mrs., keep your mouth SHUT!! Won't bother me in the least.
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Originally posted by James Wesley Chester: My cousin tells how he set upon him with 'numerous blows about the head and body.'

The man fell to the ground yelling, 'Please n@@ger, don't hit me no mo'.'[/i]


Jim Chester

Jim (Man of "PEACE"),

Did you leave out the part where your cousin got arrested and thrown in jail for assault and battery like most negroes do for attacking other people physically?

Just wondering. I've noticed blacks love to play up how violent whites are; yet, these same blacks rarely miss an opportunity to pass on some boastful shaggy tale of how they or someone else beat up a white person. Odd, isn't it?

Niggaz, Niggers, & Other Mythical Creatures

by Morpheus

So the other day I'm watchin some evening news on one of the major networks, and lo' and behold the whole *nigga* and J-Lo controversy erupts. And yeah I know, its been talked bout and rehashed. So why beat a dead horse u might ask? CUZ ITZ DEAD! Ain't gonna hurt da' horse none!

On the show, a black journalist reported on the entire fiasco. He went around interviewing different black people, asking them if J-Lo had the right to use the word and what folks thought of the word in general.

It seems every black person he interviewed wasn't certain who should and who should not use the word *nigga.* Most of the young were ready to give even George Dubya license to use it---"Aye yo', Colin Powell is my numba one nigga dun!"

Now I can't blame them. Face it. Young folks iz ignunt. And I mean ignunt in a, "jes don't know enough bout life, history, society, etc. yet." I mean honestly, they don't know shyt from shinola. A few more years should remedy some of that. Can't blame them for their thoughts much: its understandable.

But when you got these grown Hip-Hop generation folks 20s to 30s and beyond, standing there stuttering over their words and scratching where they don't itch on the whole topic, I just shake my head in remembrance of that scenario from the movie Deep Cover.

White Detective: "Do you know the difference between a black man and a nigger?"

Confused Negro: "uhhhh...uh"

White Detective: "Yeah. Most niggers don't."

In the end, the confusion over this runaway bastard creation displayed by those old enough to KNOW better just illustrates how out of control it has become.

The black journalist in his final commentary, with a hint of disgust and sarcasm, basically pointed out that as of yet J-Lo has seen no NEED to apologize for the term. Heck, they even let her on BET to tell all us *niggaz* why she felt she had the need to say whatever she damn well pleased whenever she damn well pleased. And we all sat there like a bunch of confused slaves goin', "okay."

You think J-Lo could have done that if she had used the word "kyke" or anything remotely considered anti-Semitic? Hell no! U know why? Because Jewish organizations and lobbies would have rallied together to cut J-Lo's shyt SMOOTH DA' PHUCK OFF! She woulda be a media pariah, shunned and shipped back to da' Bronx before you could say a Yiddish OY!

But do we do that? OOOOOOOhhhhh NO. We argue among ourselves WHO should call us *niggaz.* I mean does anyone here realize how dumb-as-a-box-of-rockz that makes us look as a people? There are folks in Borneo probably laughin' they asses off.

In the end the black journalist noted that not only had J-Lo seen no NEED to apologize, but that due to the fact we black folks were so bass ackwards---she'd probably never have to. In fact her song has been #1 for quite some time.

So why all this seeming confusion over *nigga?* Where does it come from? Why do we use it anyway? Do we even know? Do we even care?


First off let's dispell a myth.

Nigga is a derivatoin of *Nigger,* no matter how you slice it. Its not from Niger. Its not some long lost African word. It comes from *Nigger*.

*Nigger* seems to be an offensive derivation of Negro, with its numerous links. Negro and its precursors seem to have just been descriptive, even if used at times with negative comments.


2nd Myth dispelled

*Nigger* does not mean a lazy person or any relation to lazy. It was a word that came into being for the sole purporse of denigrating black people. And folks are probably thinking of the supposedly unrelated *niggardly* when they say it means lazy or the like.

*Nigger* seems to have come about fully for the purpose of spite, hatred and inferiority. Need proof? Here's what the linguists say on it.

[I quote, with permission, from Jonathon Green: 'Words Apart: The Language of Prejudice' (Kyle Cathie Publishing, London, 1996)

If 'Negro' veers towards respectability, its slangy derivative 'nigger' leaves one in no doubt as to its intention and with it one meets gut-level racism. Alongside such race-related terms as 'kike', 'wop', 'mick 'and 'spick', nigger is one of the most opprobrious of all such words. Like Negro it comes from the French 'negre', and Spanish 'negro' and was initially spelt 'Neger', a spelling that is still found in Holland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. As the current edition of the Oxford English Dictionary puts it, the term is 'colloquial and usually contemptuous... [it is] now virtually restricted to contexts of deliberate and contemptuous ethnic abuse'.

Only, as the Dictionary notes, within the context of Black English vernacular, i.e. one Black person talking to another, does it shed (and then only in terms of deepest irony) its negative connotations.

The term appears in English around 1785, used by, among others, Robert Burns (recounting the legend of Noah's son Ham - the supposed progenitor of all Black races) and shortly after him Lord Byron. For them, and for a number of British writers, the term was general: it covered any Black, as much as did those otherwise characterized as 'fuzzy-wuzzies' and similar dismissives.

Kipling's 'Soldiers Three' talked blithely of 'naygurs' and they were not alone. The readers of such jingoistic journals as the 'Sporting Times' (better known as 'The Pink 'Un' - from the colour of its stock - and professing racial and nationalist attitudes that would seem utterly familiar to the readers of today's 'Sun' newspaper) knew a nigger when they saw one - and certainly didn't demur in saying so.

It was in 1901 in the pages of the 'Pink 'Un', after all, that the highly respected illustrator Phil May (1864-1903) offered his drawing of 'The Complacent Coon'. There were no complaints.

Like Negro, nigger has been used in a variety of combinations since the 19th century and both Webster III (1961) and the Oxford English Dictionary list a number of these, usually referring to birds, animals and crops, without comment - the assumption being that, for better or worse, they are an accepted (if local) usage; and while they, like the parallel uses of negro, are also based on stereotypes, it is more those of colour than of primarily racist assumptions.

Thus, to take examples at random, 'nigger daisy,' the 'black-eyed Susan', 'nigger fish,' a small grouper ('Cephalopholis fulvus'), found in the West Indies and off the coast of Florida; 'nigger lice', informal name of the prickly awns (bristles) of various species of plants, esp. of the genus 'Desmodium', 'nigger pea', a species of coarse black bean and 'nigger toe', a Brazil nut; 'niggerweed', queen-of-the-meadow and 'niggerwool', western sedge.

At the same time another stereotype, the traditional role of the Black man as an unskilled labourer, taking on a variety of strenuous tasks, gives a number of other terms. To take just a few, culled from the jargons of various occupations a 'nigger' can be a cotton spinner (the machine not the human), dark ore, a machine used to position logs for cutting in a sawmill, the turnip sawfly, a steamboat hoist, a motor which runs the capstan on a ship and a fault in the insulated covering on an electrical conductor. Used without the article it can denote a patois of English and African words.

That, however, is as far as equanimity goes. And even that is limited: the word rankles, however it appears. Nigger is in the end a pejorative term that means Black man or woman (and is used similarly in Australia, where it has referred to the Aborigine or Native Australian since the 1840s). Classically pronounced 'nigra' (among the comedian Lenny Bruce's best-known 'bits' was that in which the southern-born president Lyndon Johnson - paradoxically a champion of Black civil rights - fought to master the respectable 'northern' word 'Negro'), it is most commonly found in the southern states of America. Occasionally one also finds the equally hostile abbreviations 'gar' or 'nig'.

Thus one finds 'niggerdom', the world of Blacks; 'nigger-gal,' a Black woman or girl; 'nigger-boy', a Black boy; 'niggerkin' or 'niggerling, 'a Black child. A 'nigger baby', other than its obvious use, can also mean a sanicle ('Heuchera villosa'), a plant with purple flowers, a large cannon ball, (as used during the American Civil War; the gun from which they were fired being known as a 'swamp angel') or a form of sweet or candy, this last found as recently as 1948. A 'nigger killer' means both a hard taskmaster (1856) or a revolver (1944).

A 'nigger-shooter' is a slingshot, a 'nigger-trigger' a gun, a 'nigger-stick' a baton as used by prison warders and a 'nigger chaser' (1883) a small firework that scurries about on the ground (Britain's jumping-jack). A 'nigger catcher', as well as meaning a man who captured escaped slaves and returned them to their masters, also described a small, slotted leather flap on a saddle: once caught the slave would be bound and then attached to the saddle via a rope tied through this flap.

The 'nigger heaven' (otherwise known as the 'Ethiopian paradise', 'Ethiopian heaven' or the 'peanut heaven') was the upper circle or 'gods' in a theatre. Only here were seats cheap enough for Black wages. Its best-known popular use came in 1926, as the title of a best-selling look at 1920s Harlem - then a favourite centre of rich, White slumming - by the socialite Carl van Vechten.

The use of nigger heaven to mean the roof of a freight car refers to the time when Blacks joined the ranks of tramps 'riding the rods' across Depression-era America.

The synonymous 'nigger gallery' referred, in the mid-19th century, to those seats, also up in the 'gods', set aside for Black patrons. The poker games of 'big' and 'little nigger' are those in which, respectively, the hand with the high or low spade splits the pot; Damon Runyon's 'Big Nig' was a crap shooter, but presumably there was some reference to the other popular gambling game.

The exclamation 'niggers!' is used as a mild oath. 'Nigger pot', however, as recounted by Terry Southern in 'Red-Dirt Marijuana' (1973) is not in fact cannabis (as the slang word 'pot') but a form of 'moonshine', illicitly distilled whisky. 'Niggero', blending the 'respectable' and the pejorative terms, merely underlines the antipathy.

The entire vocabulary, is perhaps best summed up in the mid-19th-century Americanism 'humble as a dead nigger', meaning utterly subservient and laying out, consciously or otherwise, the preferred role, as seen by many of their fellow-citizens, of the American Black.

Nor is nigger exclusively an American phenomenon. In one notorious British by-election campaign of the 1960s Conservative supporters suggested that the local electorate should 'Vote Labour if you want a nigger for your neighbour'.

Like earlier uses of the word in Britain, the reference was not to American slaves or their descendants but to West Indian and African immigrants (the former of which groups had, of course, been slaves in their own right). The less discriminating racist includes Indians and Pakistanis (and indeed anyone else with a dark skin) in the term, but 'properly' it applies to Blacks only.

The British also enjoy 'nig-nog' (which actually began life meaning a foolish person; hence, a raw and unskilled recruit) and the term has been exported to Australia, where 'nog 'and 'noggy' both mean a Vietnamese (originally the north Vietnamese soldiers and iregulars against whom Australians fought in the late 1960s).

Like America, Australia boasts a number of 'nigger' combinations, typically 'nigger-country', land inhabited by Aborigines; 'nigger farming', farming that is underwritten by a government grant to Aborgine farmers; 'nigger-twist', a form of cheap, rough tobacco 'which would knock a White man into a coma' and which was often used instead of cash to pay wages to Aborigine labourers, and 'nigger-hunting', the 19th-century hunting of Aborigines for 'sport'.

A 'nigger ball', in South Africa, is a large sweet - the main effect of which was to turn one's teeth black - known in the UK as gob-stopper and presumably 'related' to America's 'nigger baby'; its use in the international hit single 'Ag Plees Daddy' (1962) caused ne'er a ripple in the English consciousness. West Indians themelves have a variety of 'nigger' terms, which may be acceptable between Black people, but are considered highly offensvive if used by Whites.

Among them are 'nigger-man' and 'nigger-woman', 'niggergram' or 'nigger-mouth', a malicious, groundless rumour, and 'nigger ten', the mark 'X' made by an illiterate.'


It seems that African Americans especially took the term and attempted to diffuse it of its negativity by flinging it at themselves. There is a scene in Richard Wright's "Black Boy" where he and several male friends stand on a street corner calling each other "nigga" in the early 1900s. So its been around in the African-American vocabulary for quite a while.

And this pattern of reclaiming a negative word in the hopes of taking out its bite, whether conscious or subconscious, seems to have trickled down to our day. Its a common practice world wide among oppressed groups. Women take up "Bitch." In India, Dalits took up the very name that meant "broken."

Probably its most bizarre example is HipHop artist Tupac Shakur's attempt to turn *nigga* into an acronym:

Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished = NIGGA.

It is a contradictory but powerful testimony to the way Black America has struggled with this word. Hatred internalized has been inverted and turned out as a defense mechanism. That defense mechanism, unchecked, has grown into an entire sub-culture that has forgotten why it all came into being to begin with.

So now *nigga* is tossed around without abandon, a product of hatred used by the hated in order to get back at the hater.

And thanks to my beloved Hip-Hop nation, it is currenly making a world tour like a Midnight Marauders track.

So all that being said, let's take a look at J-Lo's appropriation of the word. Now if *nigga* is some new way of getting back at 'whitey' through controlling and redefining the word by black people (a weak theory full of holes, but I'll allow it this one time for argument's sake), then what is it when a non-black person uses it?

Is J-Lo too using *nigga* to take control from 'whitey'? Is she calling Ja Rule *nigga* to somehow redeem those who's bodies were thrown overboard slave trips? When she says *nigga* is she taking away the hurtful lash of the whip upon the backs of the enslaved millions from North America to Brazil? Is she speaking out for the several million Congolese butchered under Leopold II of Belgium, who could have created pyramids from his gallery of chopped off black hands and feet? Is she speaking out for Saajartie Baartman, the black woman who was paraded out on a leash in Europe and then had her genitals cut out and pickled in a jar where it sits in France even today? Or maybe perhaps she's doing it for the short statured African Ota Benga who was placed in the Bronx zoo and displayed as a type of ape before he finally committed suicide? Perhaps J-Lo is appropriating *nigga* to scream out for Mary Turner, a pregnant black woman who was doused with gasoline, set ablaze, lynched and had her unborn child cut from her womb and stomped to death under black boots worn by white men who must have said "nigger" about 100 times in the process.

Is that what we black folks are teaching those such as J-Lo to do in their appropriation of *nigga?* We making helpers for the cause of redeeming those of the past?

Okay. Can't seem to stop the madness, so why not join it.


For all non-black people (listen close J-Lo) who want to earn rights on using the word *nigga,* there will be an initiation ritual to join this fraternal order. You can't jes SKATE in!

So, what's it take to become a "new" *nigga?*

First off, expect to be kidnapped at any time. It could come while you're at work, in church, asleep, at dinner---wherever. We'll be certain to carry you off (throw in the whole family for free). Resistance is encouraged by all means! We've got more than enough blunt objects to beat you with! You'll love it!

We'll personally march you to the first point in your initiation. Anyone who slacks off gets left behind for the hyenas, so keep up!

Got a dungeon for you first. Everyone gets a brand, no getting out of it. Keep that wound clean. Gangrene will result in limb amputation.

After that we embark on a fun cruise! We'll pack all of you and the other initiates in tight: get in where ya' fit in! Don't worry, just pretend you're in a coffin---you'll have just about as much space---and the months will just fly by! Defecate, urinate, menstruate, bleed and throw up where you are. Just remember, anybody get sick or die and its off to the sharks you go! And when the crew comes down to rape you---male or female---please just lie there and take it, as it helps the sodomy pass quicker.

Now once we dock we'll give you the customary inspection. Please allow us to check any and every orfice. And when you stand up there to be sold, just think proudly that you represent the initiates that made it. You could be lying on the bottom of the Atlantic with the 50% that didn't!

We'll have to change your names of course as you're sold. We've got new religions and hynms for you to sing in a brand new language. Not to worry, a little whipping and rubbing of salt in the wounds we've found helps in information retention.

And oh yes, family dispersal is mandatory. We cannot ensure that you'll ever see any loved ones again so please make all hugs and farewells short. Lengthy emotional outbursts doesn't really help anyone.

As for the rest of the new *nigga* initiation rituals, we haven't particularly ironed that out. But the committee is working on it. And we've come up with some inventive suggestions!

Spoke to a sista from Bermuda, she'd like to see the nailing of the ears of these "new" *niggaz* to trees for breaking a dish as was done to her ancestors.

My boy from Haiti suggests we bury a few of em' alive like they did to slaves in colonial Santa Domingo.

Some Suriname cats I know would like to see the customary hot coals on the genitals as well as some gibbeting (being hung by metal hooks from the ribs) as was typical punishment for slaves.

A Haratin from Mauretania has suggested the placing of living insects in the ears and then sealing them with wax, or at least some bone disfigurement.

An Australian Koori, whose peeps got painted with the whole *nigger* brush long ago, would like to see initiates have their infants roasted alive or the bodies of their families used for dog food as well as stuffed and mounted if possible.

A sista from New Orleans would like to see some "breeding" of these new *niggaz*, and the placement of their 13 and 14 yr old female progeny into brothels.

And just about everybody in the Dirty South sees mass lynchings and public burnings, along with the customary cutting off of penises, fingers, toes, etc. for souvenirs as mandatory---no exceptions.

And I'm sure the new *nigga* committee members will come up with more inventive initiation rituals as we go along. We haven't even touched on everything from intellectual racism to police brutality. We readily take suggestions!

So have no fear J-Lo and company. Place yourself in our hands and we assure, we'll make a NIGGA of you yet. All you gotta do in this game is SURVIVE. And then who knows, maybe about 300 years from now even your descendants will proudly walk up to each other and say---WHASS' UP NIGGA!?!!?

MORPHEUS- Exposin Fake Shyt

[Released: September 2001]
WoW......this came out back in Sept. '01',
--All I can say is right on, word up, Whoot-there-it-is, Amen, and Haah-lay-looyah!!

I saw on the news today that NOW some clownAzz Krackker has put a sign outside his store (Paulding County Georgia) which reads: 'Is Michael Jackson not guilty because he is a nigger with money?'
*Now the local naacp down there are running around trying to stir up and bring some attention to it by appealing to the chamber of commerce, the politicians and the general business community- Whining,crying and moaning about the white man is insensitive. HELL, HOW LONG HAVE WE KNOWN THAT CHIT??!!! WHAT SHOULD be going on is an appeal to the masses of black people to stop calling each other nigger. Hell.....F**K the white man!!... he is gonna be who he is no matter what! We have ourselves to blame for throwing the 'N' word around like it's something normal for us to do. Like it's perfectly alligned with and compliments our unique social propriety. We have ourselves to blame for buying the records and going to see the movies with the word in it and perpetuating it's use on our children and next generations. And then when J-low, Ralph Nader, and some backwoods red neck down in Georgia and (god only know who else) has the nerve to just come on out and say it or put the chit on a sign .......then we want to march up and down the street chanting 'no justice no peace'!
White people don't respect our moaning and bitching about that chit one iota!!.......cause we don't show respect for our damn selves. But I'm not going to give up......I'll be sure to use the article posted by gorilladyct to try to help more of us see some light and a different perspective on the subject.

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