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what are the lyrics you've heard ON THE RADIO that make you say..."what did they just say??"

it's amazing to me what is broadcast on the radio these days. while buying the cd gives me access to the "real deal"...i still have kids who don't hear those cd's while in the car with me. but now its to the point that i can hardly listen to the radio either. while artists have radio-versions of their explicit songs--the suggestiveness of some lyrics are just as bad.

here's two to start off:

1. genuwine--in those jeans(remix)

"hit it from the back so long i forgot what your face looked like"

2. mya--whoa(remix)

"sit on my face and let me eat my way to your heart"

Eek Confused Eek Confused Eek Confused

while thats all good with me---there are little ears listening to the public radio waves as well. dayum!

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