Skip to main content you think whites feel the same sigh of relief as Black folk felt when OJ was found not guilty?

In other words, do you think they said, "glad it wasn't a white boy" Like I know we would have been saying, if the sniper was white.

And before you chime in with this evidence and innocent until proven guilty, I am not criminal justice so my burden of proof is much lower.
His ass did it.

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That is a hard question to answer. May have to ask a few of them if they experience this phenomenon.

But I think of all the races, they are the ones who are less likely to associate the actions of another in their race as being a reflection upon themselves. This is seen not only with minority races but with sub cultures too.

I too, when a person is being sought, whisper a prayer.. please, just don't let him be black.. or sigh a relief when its anything but a black person. I don't like feeling this way. I get mad that I even have these thoughts (especially if *they* don't). I did not do this crime, but I feel as if I have to share in the time, because his race is the same as mine.

This is a conitioning that we, individually, can break free from. Change your thought process (I'm working on mine).

You know another thing that pisses me off... if, in front of white people, you mention unfair treatments of blacks in the criminal system (like that Noelle Bush crack case)... some immediately say.. what about OJ... Like OJ getting off is suppposed to cover any injustices done to us. Like that is all we are supposed to get. He did it, so fair or not fair, the rest of us deserve jail. mad

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if, in front of white people, you mention unfair treatments of blacks in the criminal system (like that Noelle Bush crack case)... some immediately say.. what about OJ

Which is why I stepped away from MBMs' other post on what made you pick this party post. If you say why, you will get tons of other post pointing out others who didn't hold up their end of the deal either. Feels a lot like a cyclical reference question.

I don't hear any white folks saying anything about the color of the snipers. No, "I jes' knew it couldn't be a white boy," or even a sigh of relief.

Ever since Timothy McVeigh and the Unabomber there doesn't seem to be a lot of thought about that at all, for whites know that they can be snipers and bombers just as easily as anyone else.

I know that some whites will refer to OJ. I also know that it does no good to try to top each other with "duelling Unfairness," but sometimes people need to be reminded that OJ was just one man with a lot of money who did what rich people--white or not--have always done: buy their way out of trouble. It took a long time for the killers of Emmet Till to bebrought to justice--if you can call it that, so OJ wasn't the first, and he wasn't the only color.

And there are how many inner-city poor people who don't get fair treatment in the justice system?

A lot depends on your perspective, I guess. Ours isn't any more right tha any others', and it's no doubt no more wrong, either.

Muhammad (nee Williams) and Malvo have so far been treated just as wackos, Which seems like pretty fair treatment to me.
I don't think they (whites) look at situations racially as we do in general. I do recognize that when race is on the table they immediately jump to their own thought of racism. I also think, even though we are all subject to racism, whites learn of racism under more comfortable senario, a higher level if you will. They are not punished by what they learn, but more like rewarded. Blacks are beaten with it and face it in almost all we do.

So, to answer your questions I think the suspected to be Black and Muslim sniper weighs heavier in the Black community; however, I think whites now believe they have another reason to raise an eyebrow to us. The question that bother me is how much will they raise that eyebrow?
For what it's worth, I thought the sniper would be a white guy and was surprised when he wasn't. Figured it would be some white, want-an-all-white-America-the -government-has-betrayed-me nutcase. Like McVeigh or Kaczynski.

What I find very scary is that this guy had his "son" playing a role. Is it just me, or does it seem that more and more we hear about parents encouraging their children to violence...showing them just how it is done?

"Unless you're sharing what you have, you don't have as much as you think you do."
I think most white americans thought this would be a "25-35 year old white deranged male" as all the profilers on the news shows suggested it would be. I think a lot of (not all) white americans are pleased that the killer has been detained, even more suspicious of Islam, and pleasantly surprised that the sniper was, ahem, not your typical lone deranged gunman.

"I coulda freed thousands more if only they had known they were slaves..."

Harriet Tubman

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