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Actually, this is an intersecting idea to a certain extent. And an opportunity to post a link I promised to some while ago (can't remember the discussion).

If you know me the idea of SOVEREIGNTY is crucial to my conception of Reparations.
Actually AGENCY my be a more precise term. But here's a link to the "S" word as a plan:

The African American renaissance has begun.

Brothers and Sisters your future choice. Flourish in a land that is Yours where you will be free and prosperous, and have no fear of want or dignity.

We must pursue sovereignty and make manifest to the World - the African American people will govern a new nation that is polycultural, polyspiritual and polyethnic.

Our new Nation will provide employment and opportunities for the next millennium to our people and neighbors. Our Nation will be one of the most harmonious, most sophisticated and most technologically advanced countries this World has ever seen - where all of our citizens share in the glory and wealth of our Nation's destiny.
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Thanks for the link also.

You know my use and application of sovereignty.

National sovereignty begins with an assertion of sovereignty by one or more individuals.

By definition, whatever follows is self-determining.

You also know I am not a separatist; either on issues of nationality, or otherwise.

I do agree that sovereignty is key to the future stance of African America.

Curiously, we are saying the same thing.

I see sovereignty applied in an individual, and consequently aggregate declaration of ancestral nationality and heritage. And therefore identity.

Personal sovereignty is achievable immediately.


The aggregate will come in the time it takes for a societal critical-mass to be achieved.

You, as I understand it, see sovereignty as an aggregate goal for an independent nation.

Establishment of a national sovereignty will take a grand plan of organization and implementation, and an after-plan of survival.

Both can be done.

We both see that declaration of sovereignty as restoration.


Jim Chester
You, as I understand it, see sovereignty as an aggregate goal for an independent nation.
Well, really, independent nation our not I feel the AGENCY is the most important assertion and acquisition.

So, if it can be asserted within the US proper by transforming democracy, I'm for that too and possibly even more so. In fact, I see that as a progressional step towards full, independent nationhood.

I believe that:
In Order To Be A Nation, We Have To Act Like A Nation.

That can (and possibly must) begin here.
Consociated Democracy, the cultural self-determinational focus on us building institutions to make things currently lacking organic. Consociated Democracy, the prescribed sovereignty that affords the exercise of that power of self-determination institutionalized for own problem-solving people like the White female professor who posits in her article "Some Truths About Black Disadvantage" how only "the victim" can really heal himself... Well, let's test that theory out!

She is open-minded, right? brotongue

Let's see if she's willing to acknowledge that disadvantage.

Again, Native Americans have a limited form of sovereignty... We had similar dispossession. I believe that requires similar restoration.

It's a Liberation Imperative, IMO.

We both see that declaration of sovereignty as restoration.

True, JWC... True...

Thanks for you comment!
She is open-minded, right?--Nmaginate

Professor Wax is open-minded as long as you do her way.

The sad part of this position is Prof. Wax in challenging and influencing the minds of our youth who, while having the will, may not have the resource to resist this authoritative source in shape (university) environment.

Hopefully, they can find support in this forum.

By the way, I think your 'platform' of Agency is equivalent to what I call 'societal critical mass.'


Jim Chester

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