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Nah. She's still fine. It's just that disco diva, Solid Gold reject dancer outfit makes her look old and that hair looks like it was killed and hung to be cured in a smokehouse. She can do something about those chicken legs too. And what's with the gapping the legs open so people can see that burn scar from when Penny's mama from 'Good Times' burned her with an iron? Okay, what the hell happened to her knees? She looks like somebody hit her in the knees with an aluminum bat.
She looks terrible... and it is a shame because beneath her plastic surgery (boobs and face) she was really a beautiful woman...

She looks cheap.. and desperately trying to hold on to her sexiness.... but its coming off wrong....

there's no class to it.... she can do better...

but if we're going to give our opinion

then thumbs down...

not a good look td6

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