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Are you comfortable with it?

Are you good at it?
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The problem with public speaking is the public part... I'd rather fight crocodiles...!! 20
I wish I could say it's fun and 'no worries'. dance

but no....... that would be lying Big Grin

If it's off-the-cuff yeah, that's fun... but once it's rehearsed and formal and lasts more than 2 minutes then my heart beats faster than a jackhammer ... what's worst is when you are the LAST person to speak ... it's like a waiting game Eek waiting to get it over Razz
I, too, have been doing it for most of life...since the age of 19 or 20 when I had a closed-circuit radio show.

Public speaking was integral to my career-job.

I was very good at it, particularly extemporaneously.

I never prepared a speech. The one time I did, for class lecture in a course our agency had underwritten at Penn State, was the worst job-related presentation I ever did.

Today, I dread it, though I still do it.

Often when I speak about identity for African American-Americans, I get too emotionally involved...that's very embarassing.

But I still do it.

Right now I am the only I know who speaks positively to the issue.

Got to do it.


Jim Chester
I'm weird with public speaking.

I rather speak in front of a full concert hall than an office. I rather speak in front of strangers regardless of their demeanor than friendly people I know.

That's frustrating since most speeches that I have given have been in front of smaller groups of mostly familiar peeps.

I never loved public speaking, but I used to be fine with it. In terms of comfort.

Used to really make fun of people who acted all weird.

But it seems that everything has gotten worse for me every year after being taught put your hands this way, move your eyes that way, angle yourself this way.

Gah. Damn folks took away my mojo.

Now I find public speaking to be very nerve-wracking. Even when I ignore that stuff and try to just do what I wanna do. So I'm not all that sure what's up with me.

I've noticed that I do best when I haven't had time to rehearse. So when I know I gotta say something somewhere, if I can avoid it, I usually don't think too deeply about what I have to say until right up to the time I gotta say it.

That does wonders.

With that method, my heart doesn't start pounding until after it's all over with.

Yesterday I had to give a mini prepared speech in front of maybe ten people I semi-know. I was beating up myself for rehearsing, but unlike I usually am, I didn't feel scared at all.

Kinda like speaking in front of a large group of strangers.

I felt cool about it.

But my body didn't seem to get that message.

A few words in, I was already shaking and dizzy.

But I still felt okay. . .until I noticed my leg doing that Jello jiggle thing.

Very peculiar.
I've been speaking more lately. Volunteering lately.

I'm not sure if it's because it's been mainly a different type of public speaking.

Mostly debates on politics (which I love but hadn't done on stage before).

But I haven't had the same problems as I've been getting used to. Like balancing on shaking legs and talking even quicker than my usual quick pace.

Yesterday, I was told that I might have had to represent a group on stage in front of about 40 people I know, and I just thought, "Okay, c00."

I haven't been so calm about a situation like that in years.

Perhaps the debates brought my mojo back.
If I don't have a Power Point it can be quite dreadful for me. The Power Point is my security blanket. I can not practice a speech... I have a topic, do an outline, prepare my slides and print it out just in case there are problems with the CPU where I'm speaking and I go at it. If I spend hours practicing I lose focus while I'm giving a speech because I'm trying to do what I practiced, and hand gestures, the way I'm standing... yadiyadiyah it's too much. I stay focused on my outlined PPt. and I'm good to go... still nervous as hell but good to go.

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