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Black man talks to young black boys about how to interact with the police

Reported by Simi Afroza Mira


In a video on Youtube, a black Karate instructor named ShÄrath Jason Wilson talks to his class of young black men about Michael Brown and how that should have and could have went differently. He asked the boys what they would do if a police officer asked them to get out of the street.  They responded by stating “get out of the street.”  Wilson explains to the group that these are new and different times and that they cannot act the way past generations have because it will get them killed.

He tells the boys that they are working to create leaders not followers and Satan knows that everyone can’t lead; but when they try,  rebellion starts and the devil wins. He adds that it is at this point that the authority assumes the leadership role in the situation and just because you let them push you, it doesn’t mean you are weak.


Wilson further tells the young men that the answer is not to confront the police but to go to a parent or another leader and let them know what is happening. Let the problem be handled the right way so it doesn’t end in another death of a young black man. He tells them that if Brown had gone to his parents and said he was being harassed, things could have been much different.

The instructor explains to the boys that in many homes there is no male authority figure so, these young black men don’t know how to act when a man tells them what to do. At home no man tells them what to do because, ultimately they are the man of the house. In the streets with the police, they have to learn to not resist authority. By resisting authority, they are giving evil the opportunity to do evil things, he said.



“Don’t talk about things being unfair,” Wilson tells them.  ”If you want to see unfair then you should travel to Africa.”  He says the only thing that is unfair is how blacks are set up in comparison to how whites are set up.


He gives the boys the following tips for staying alive when facing the authorities:


  • If you are being choked turn your face away from the fist
  • Don’t talk back or argue
  • Do exactly what they ask of you
  • If the say they are taking you in, go with them

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Policemen are major bullies in military garb. Big time gang bangers with the white man's drudged-up laws on their side. they can send Africans to their graves; consumed by extreme hatred; no questions asked; never caring; no conscience; nothing to fear.

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