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Yes, it appears that he is wearing lip gloss.

I saw another interview with both parents. I found it particularly interesting that the father - a black male in the military - was supportive of his son. They did say that they took the child to a counselor, which I believe was a wise move. The counselor affirmed that the child was "normal and healthy." If that is the case, I would say that the family has done its due diligence and has struck upon a course of action that seems to be in the best interest of their son.
Yemaya, call me crazy but why is this country trying so hard to effeminate every black male child and make it look sweet and innocent?  I guess so it won't make them aggressive, when they get older in their adolescent years.

Bad enough you have so-called hardcore rappers wearing pink and kissing each other on videos (Lil Wayne kissing Birdman).  Am I the ONLY one who sees this?
That should be another reason for women NOT to date thugs...jails are like the Play-Doh "DL" factory in our community.
  This troubles me as well.  First, I agree with Brotha Huey  in that it has been the ongoing MISSION of massa to effeminate as many black males as possible....and in this case starting at only three years old.  This is how the roles get twisted in our community.  In slavery, the males were sent off to germinate the female populus of the black culture to massa's satisfaction and monetary gain.  And this mindset has evolved into our current status where many black men do not acquire the parental bond with the children they help bring into the world.  It seems they do not have a sense of responsibility toward their race and the women who painstakinly acquire their freedom.   Many are still stuck on stupid.  

My question would be what kind of assessment did the counselor do on a three-year old? To determine based on their findings, that there is NOTHING wrong with this youngster wearing female clothes?  Children, most times, do not develop their sense of personality, self image and identity until they reach the age level of 5 thru 6.  How can a child below this age range have the ability to KNOW who they are?   I look at the parents.  They are supposed to be guiding their children toward normality.  Yes, he is only three years old now....but!  Wait until he becomes an age where he CARES what his peers think.  Now I'm not talking about homosexuality....I'm basically addressing gender-identity.  My view?  What an injustice and disservice to this young boy.  I think the persons who need to be in counseling for assessment is the PARENTS.....but!  I'm just sayin

Just a few points here. When this started, the child was 2 or 3 years old and he wanted to be a princess for Halloween. Play dress is totally age appropriate for a child who is between the ages of 2 and 5. Emphasis on play. On the real though, I think that the parents have taken this a bit too far. I certainly hope that this child doesn't dress like a girl everyday. Its okay to like red and pink, many men wear these colors in their everyday dress. I hope that the kid grows out of it. The lipgloss thing was just over the top for me. Bottom line is the boy is too girly. Even if he liked black and gray, he still dresses like a girl.

Just curious,

I wonder if parents who do things like this also have the child's hormone levels, etc., tested as well as taking the advice of a therapist (who might be biased one way or the other themselves).

But I think that we are (at least our children's generation on) going to see a lot of this because of the fact that when it comes to ANY ailment or disorders in our society, we rely solely on what any doctor or psychologist can diagnos the problem as being, without looking closer at what CAUSES certain illnesses, disorders, etc., because the direct cause of the majority of problems, ailments, disorders, etc., that people have can be traced directly to our food supply. 

I really can't see why people can know that all the chemical waste, etc., that gets into our streams and rivers are causing fish to be born with two genders, yet, they can't seem to see any correlation between that and it being only a matter of time before human beings begin to have children born with two genders as well (even though one gender may only show on the outside, as with this little boy).

And please, I am not trying to say that homosexuality is a disorder or illness or ailment, however, I do think that there are WAY too many people claiming to be homosexual, that far too many men have feminine mentalities these days, and there are way too many children having gender sensibilities at way to early an age.
Well, it seems to me that this little boy is pretty much experiencing (and 'playing out' - due to the parents' willingness to support it) what a lot of homosexuals (adults) say is their experience and reality as children. 

Going under the belief that one is born homosexual - as opposed to 'turning into one' later in life - many gay men will say that they always felt like a girl ... wanted to dress like a girl ... played with their mother's clothes and makeup ... liked dolls, playing house, and make believe or didn't like sports and other things boys are supposed to be interested in.

Many of them say it's something they wrestled with all of their lives and hid from the outside world .... on into adulthood where they continued to deny their sexuality and gender preferences ... until they finally felt brae enough to "come out".  And, then again, some of them never do.

It looks to me like this boy is clearly homosexual.   He was born in a boy's body ... but feels like and wants to be female.  He will grow up with a desire to be sexually involved with men.  And ... while it sounds like his parents are still in at least a moderate state of denial about that ("So he likes pink .. what's the big deal??  ) ... they are not stifling their son's homosexuality as a child .. which should make it a lot easier for them to support him as he goes through his schooling (and no doubt the taunting and bullying that is sure to come!).

I don't think there's anything physically or medically "wrong" with him.  He's just gay. And able to express it much sooner and a lot younger than the majority of gay people do.
Oh, well ... I wasn't trying to insinuate that that's you were saying, sunnubian.    If I gave that impression, that's not what I'm trying to say at all!!  In fact, I would say that you and I were more or less in agreement ... perhaps saying the same thing in different ways!!

To try to clarify ... I said in another post recently that I think the number (head count-wise) of people who are gay is extremely under-estimated.  Most estimates will put the figure at 1%-3% of the population - (with a maximum high of around 5%).  That would suggest that 95% to 98% of the population is straight/heterosexual.  And, with current reports and actions and (social) atmosphere regarding homosexuality being what they are ... I just believe that that 1-3% figure is accurate.

One-to-three (or even 5)% might be the number who are wiling to 'come out' and admit to the world that they are gay .... but there's probably double that number that are afraid to do so .. or otherwise will not admit what their true sexuality is.  You have clergy, teachers, coaches, and other (mostly men) in positions of authority (including uncles, cousins and other members within families) who are abusing young boys (and destroying their lives and psyche) who will not even admit to THEMSELVES that they are gay or have homosexual urges and feelings.

For a lot of those people, it doesn't seem like it's just about being a pedophile and liking to be with children ... but, it's them wanting to be with children of the same sex.  Not to mention the number of husbands stepping out on their wives ... not to be with other women (i.e., it's just about having sex, as most red-blooded men want to do as much as possible!!) ... but to specifically be with other men.

Now, personally, I believe that's due more than anything else to homosexuality being much more understood and accepted in society today.  There are ample places and people a husband can go to - on the DL - who are more than happy to service them AND keep their secret!!!

There are a WHOLE LOT of gay people today willing to stand up and be counted, openly be with their same-sex partner. outwardly express their gender/sexuality preferences... just like this little boy.  He is happy when he is wearing a dress!  It makes him feel good about himself. 

So, I don't think it's a "something in the water" type scenario why we are seeing so many more people willing to say they are gay.  They are with their same-sex partner because they WANT to be with them.  And I believe there are that many (and probably twice that) that want to be in a homosexual relationship .. but aren't, simply because they don't want to admit it publicly.
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Maybe I've been watching too much tv lately.  But, I understand that there are more people who are gay that are out and open with it today.  I think the point I was trying to make is that environmental toxins are having an affect on our children, from birth, and although the majority of gay people in this country were born gay regardless, a lot of these man-made chemicals and toxins that are leaching into our food supply and into our waters are having a significant effect on human beings period, and from birth.  A lot of these man-made chemicals and toxins in our foods and waters (and quite a few natural substances that are in many processed foods) will interfer with human hormone levels or mimic either testostrone or estrogen.  I just think that this is having an affect on generations of children in America, and sometimes that effect is confusing their sexuality and/or perceptions.

Now, I agree that this little boy in the video is obviously gay/should have been a girl, etc., but I think society needs to be combing through incidents like this to make sure that it is natural from birth and not environmentally, chemically induced.  I mean, if we now are seeing fish and aquatic life being born more and more with two genders because of these man-made chemicals and toxins in our rivers and streams, and these same chemicals and toxins are being ingested by generations of children from birth, then . . .

I just think all this should be looked at more closely.
I mean, if we now are seeing fish and aquatic life being born more and more with two genders because of these man-made chemicals and toxins in our rivers and streams, and these same chemicals and toxins are being ingested by generations of children from birth, then . . .

I gotcha!!!    And I would have to agree!! 

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