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Affirmative action has been used to 'level the playing field' by ensuring that some minorities are hired that may not otherwise have been hired.

However, this might leave the mental impression on some people that they needed to have the other people excluded so they could get the job, and it had little bearing on their abilities. Now some people will be happy to get a job and never mind all that, but it affects the respect a person might get.

I definitely want to punish racist f***s that don't hire based on ridiculous reasons like the color of a person's skin.
But I would like to get more specific when it comes to punishing people who might not hire simply on idiotic bases like race.

I have an idea. Instead of just opening job positions exclusively to minorities and leaving out everyone else, we can have the broad competition and I think there's a way to weed out racist employers/personnel department people.

Every time someone is hiring, after the interviews have been conducted (with maybe a govt. official sitting in, recording the proceedings), if a white person is selected for the job, the hirer and employer (and owner, if separate) should be subjected to a polygraph test with the following questions (more can be devised, but these cover the basics):

-"Are you racist?"
-"Do you automatically think a person is a bad person or inferior because of their skin color?"
-"Did you think that [insert name of a minority applicant with HIGH credentials] is qualified for this job?" (Can be asked several times, depending on amount of nonwhite applicants)

and at the end, the person giving the polygraphs can say "Thank you for your co-operation. Keep in mind that we have the right to invade your f***ing privacy if you fail this test."

And then the government shall go through all the applications and discover if there were any minority candidates with greater qualifications than a white person that got hired.

And if they fail the test, invade their f***ing privacy, start an investigation, and turn their whole company upside down and inside out. That'll teach 'em not to be racist f***s.

It may not be completely foolproof in all cases but I believe this to be a fair and equitable solution.

"You liberals with your conspiracy theories are starting to sound like your own version of the John Birch Society"-Rush Limbaugh
"You liberals with your conspiracy theories are starting to sound like your own version of the John Birch Society"-Rush Limbaugh
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Polygraphs are terrible, don't ever rely on them.

Enacting this policy would cripple the nation, as all humans hold stereotypes, and will easily make quick decisions based on these, whites and there socialized ideals of superiority are no different. So essentially you would put millions of otherwise qualified whites out of work and homeless, this is a terrible solution.
...a fair and equitable solution.
The only way to arrive at such a goal is for everyone to share power politically and ensure everyone by race and across racial lines have the "means" to be self-sufficient.

It is hiring/employment FACT that 85% of jobs are not advertised for open competition... THAT'S TODAY! not the past. By human nature with this "Who you trust is who you hire" and "It's who you know not what you know" predominant phenomenon, we know that Whites, who have historically held most of the jobs from top to bottom will hire Whites first in most instances. I don't have a big problem with that.

However, it remains a problem because the infrastructure in the Black community for instance is far away from have self-sustaining enterprises. Blacks have always lacked capital available to create viable, thriving businesses on par with their White counterparts. The fact is the U.S. gov't has had plenty of initiatives that provided capital by and large for White businesses... Black businesses have hardly ever gotten equal consideration.

Hell, everything in Black society especially the very types of business - hotels, banks, etc. - that foster a community we abandoned by the unfortunate consequences of de-segregation where those businesses were not fortified.

I may be wrong but I think what happened to Black schools was indicative of all of Black social infrastructure, those things were just almost completely dumped because Whites had "better" things. The Separate but [un]Equal idea was harmful in the sense that instead of fostering/fortifying Black schools and businesses to make them competitive the Black infrastructure was disqualified from the national "competition" in favor of or rather with complete emphasis on all things White and "integrating" (actually forcibly assimilating) Blacks into the "mainstream".

If all races were able to sufficiently hire a majority of their own members and we all can escape this foolish notion that we are in a win-or-lose competition then we can all live together, work together (at firms that are aggressive in diversity), etc. without any "divisiveness", but rather equality in every sense of the word (from top-to-bottom).

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