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Recently Bill Clinton talked about amending the Constitution to allow Presidents who have served two consecutive terms to run again after sitting out a term. The logic is that the American people might want to re-elect an experienced President to address particular problems of the day etc. This, particularly so since Presidents are being elected who are younger and younger.

All that said, if Bill Clinton ran for office again would you vote for him?

Now is the time to make real the promises of Democracy.


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Originally posted by Kweli4Real:
But amending the constitution would be a very bad idea. It would start us down the road to being a monarchy

Well, perhaps if "the people" so desired. Remember, it would be up to the American people to either elect a returning president, or not.

Also, the way the Supreme Court put Bush in office, and the way it seems that Big Money really runs things, it's already feeling like the 'little guy' doesn't have much say in things in this country.

Question: NOT that I propose this, but does anyone know whether Constitutionally George H.W. Bush could run again? He served one term so I presume he could.
222, Yep HW Bush is free to run again.

But your argument about the recent election and big business running the show, is the main reason we shouldn't amend the Constitution.

It's easier to steal an election where the voters are faceless than amend the Constitution which I believe (if 8th grade Civics serves me correctly) requires a 2/3 vote of the very identifable members of the House and Senate.

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