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Pres. Bush is being pressured for Black Male Commission

By James Wrights, Contributing Writer

WASHINGTON (Special to the NNPA from the Afro Newspapers) -- Rep. Danny Davis (D-Ill.) has issued a call for President Bush to launch a national commission to study the problems of the African-American male. Davis said that a commission is needed because of concerns that were raised at the recent Status of the African American Male Initiative that was recently held in Washington.

''Based upon statistical data, it is my contention that conditions relating to African-American males are continuing to decline and thereby require intervention,'' the letter said. ''For example, the unemployment rate among African-American males is approximately 31.9
percent, which is triple the national average. African-American males make up six percent of the total population and account for 48
percent of the prison population.

''According to the Census Bureau 30 percent of African-American males under 18 live below the poverty line.''

Marc Morial, former mayor of New Orleans, noted at the initiative event that ''Black men lead every negative aspect of almost any statistics compiled.''

Black men earn less, are deeper in debt, save less, are less educated, and tend to lack employable job skills, he said.

Morial's solution was for the government and the private sector to come together to solve these problems.

In the letter, Davis urged Bush to charge the commission to look at disparities in the health system, criminal justice system, school
dropout rates, economic opportunities and cultural trends.

Davis said, ''It is our hope that the commission will identify causes and recommend both short-term and long-range policy and
programmatic directions for positive change.''

A commission to study the problems of Black men is not new on the state and local level. Washington has a commission to study the
problems of Black men and boys in the city that was set up by D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D), and is set to issue a report in
2004. Indiana, led by Jose Evans, established a commission several years ago, and has become a model for others to follow.

For example, in Indiana, each major city has a commission of activists and concerned citizens set to monitor the progress of Black men in employment, the criminal justice system and education.

With the support of the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, National Urban League, the Association of Black Psychologists, the
National Organization of Concerned Black Men and the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Davis has organized a group of cities where
discussions will be taking place, at various times, regarding the status of Black men.

The cities are Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston, Memphis, Miami, Detroit and Atlanta.

After the discussions, the CBC will issue a final report on the problems of Black men and urge the government to take steps.

Davis said that this is the only way to make Black males' lives in America more pleasant.

''We are losing far too many African-American males to drugs, gangs, homicides and an overall sense of helplessness and hopelessness. If
we are to reverse these trends, special efforts must be put forth and we believe that a national look at these issues and problems could provide realistic problem-solving approaches,'' Davis said.

Free your mind, and the rest will follow.
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Black men earn less, are deeper in debt, save less, are less educated, and tend to lack employable job skills, he said.

wait. wouldn't this be a sufficient cause for this:

Black men lead every negative aspect of almost any statistics compiled.
- marc morial, former mayor of new orleans

or this:

We are losing far too many African-American males to drugs, gangs, homicides and an overall sense of helplessness and hopelessness....
- rep. danny davis (d-ill)

do you really believe other groups care or share your concern?

also i highly doubt afro males who are deep ~in honest ~ debt are induced to a life of crime. and gang members have shown a rather high propensity for saving loads of cash. matter factly, most prefer cash-only transactions. murderers? of course, a gang-banger would be less employable. furthermore, who would insure these kats?

why do you ppl waste time on these kind of ppl? they're like roaches, and you know it! who desires to live amongst them?

[This message was edited by mocove on January 11, 2004 at 10:07 PM.] need to re-think that last statement of sounds selfish as hell. people can be rehabilitated....first..I know some who have changed their ways, procured an education and are moving forward through a black person, much was done on my behalf by if I am in a position to help is damn near an obligation to me.....third.....the less people on the street doing bad things, the less chance you will get your cap peeled at a red matter what people are doing...they should be helped if possible....and never just looked down upon as if they are sub-human......and before anyone jumps in saying stupid shit....I am not excusing or condoning their all....
no, Kevin', i've re-thought that commentary too many times before admitting it.

afro-americans must rid itself of some its waste. not everyone will make this "boat". i'm for treating ppl like "adults" and with respect for their decisions, you're not. this paternalistic, liberal garb of yours has to be burned, friend.

why don't you place your passion behind sistas and brothas who trying to get an education and do for themselves but have met unexpectant upheavals in their lives? have you ever considered the number of decent and ambitious sistas and brothas that have lost jobs? how about the still struggling "first-generation" afro college student? oh, they don't deserve your compassion and ruthless fight? are their right to have all the resources to ensure that these noble goals are attained if not interrupted by inequities about which you speak?

you, freakin' liberals, showed exactly what you're about during the infamous justice thomas judicial hearings! you know no civility. that fiasco still stokes me.

learn something about history and not "what you want to learn". then, and only then, come back with your agenda, black man!

I place passion behind ALL black people that I can help and not just write some of us off.......i'll try and fail before I dismiss without trying....that is a selfish azz, lazy azz loser attitude towards my own, let ME tell it. I am a college educator part time for the last ten years come May....and when I am not in the classroom guiding and assisting black students with school and prospective careers.....i spend spare time encouraging and assisting all....from single moms with bad azz sons, to ex-gangbangers who sold drugs and want to turn their lives around.....and you know what? If you save ONE person, it is all worth it.

And before you tell me what I haven't learned you must consider that I was raised by two progressive black parents, graduated from an HBCU....where i watched conservative policies cause many students to have to drop out because of funding cuts. I have seen racism and discrimination in both the energy and defense sectors and in public dad when he was living used to fight discrimination cases on behalf of blacks who were fired unjustly, so i learned in detail how to get their jobs back based on precedents where whites were give lighter punishment....and as a brother who has risen as high as one can go educationally, i have faced sooo much f-king racism that it would make a weak negro kiss azz instead and a lazy one quit. I read once that the best way to combat racism is excellence and acheivement....they are can spite racists and empower yourself in one swoop. So between my own experiences and that of the hundreds/thousands of students I have encountered, i am sure i understand educational and professional issues of others more than you could imagine.....i believe in sharing my fortunate experiences and not be like sorry azz blk conservatives who benefitted from group actions, yet want to take the post-jim crow me perspective on everything.

And as so far as C. thomas...i don't see how you even have the gall to mention that raghead porch-monkey azz self hating negro to me. his classmates at Yale stated he suffered from self-hatred that is clinically observable. he is a unqualified troubled lackey for the white, er right. he punishes anytyhing black and or poor as an issue...but grew up shitting in an outhouse as a direct result of poverty jim crow relegated him and his family to.....affirmative action lifted him to a stature on par with W, who was BORN wealthy........that economic and social inequity between the two was closed and that negro had the fucking gall to say AA or a degree from Yale did not do nothing for him. Man look, I was raised fairly upper middle class and could not afford that kind of an education....what makes a dirt poor negro think otherwise?....blk conservatives are full of shit and usually long for the gotdamn plantation where they can be at massa's side serving him mint juleps on the ask me WHAT i really think of blk conservs......but as a black man who has escalated in this racist azz society without ever undermining my dignity and self-worth,....i have lost jobs, promotions and raises because i wasn't a grinnin azz coon like the other buckdancing negroes........and you have the f-king gall to tell me about the struggles of brothers and sisters....bro, when I went to a HBCU, potential employers had tried to place a stigma of an inferior education on us NATIONALLY....until we went to the chalk board or waltzed through grad and post-grad don't tell me shit about history...the efforts of "liberal" blacks as you like to call them enabled me social ascension on par with the kids of white guys who had waaaaaay more fucking opportunities than my dad......and it worked for my 4 siblings don't tell me shit about history..I read about it, was taught about it by black parents, teachers and college professors...and i lived it my damn self as I carry myself through life shaking the "black man's burden"........AND YOU CONSERVATIVES NEED TO REALIZE, FROM VOTING TO EATING TO WIPING YOUR AZZ IN A WHITE BATHROOM., BLACKS WHO HAVE EMBRACED LIBERAL POLICIES GAINED ALL THE RIGHTS YOU HAVE TODAY....NAME ONE GOTDAMN THING A CONSERVATIVE BLACK HAS EVER ACCOMPLISHED FOR HIS PEOPLE....VIA LEGISLATION OR OTHERWISE.......yeah, that is what i thought....nothing
civility, Kevin, civility! your passion is admirable but your incivility isn't.

i'm a first-generation hbcu grad myself and a child born out-of-wedlock. i was raised by my grandmother who picked oranges for a living. so, don't bring your sappy dogma here. while i admire your professional achievement, your present socio-political disposition leaves little to be desired.

you really should try a new line of work futhermore. didn't someone cautioned you of the occupational hazards of being a social worker? you cannot save everyone, especially every afro. we're not a monolithic ppl, who all think alike.

the honorable justice thomas never harmed you. he never denied you anything. so, why the unbridled hate? the bigger hypocrites are the jesse jacksons and farrakkans of the world and these kats have a track record! they've a love children to prove it. where's the hate there?
civility is in the eyes of the beholder......I've never cracked anyone across the head because I did not like what they said......unless it was racial.

As so far as my line of work....i have had, manager, professor,consultant....but unlike most people who are fairly successful...i do not let what i do become a figment of my is just how i make my green. You would never be able to tell what I do if we were in an informal environment....too many of my management textbooks make fun of "identifying with one's own position".

yes, we are not monolithic but we have the same social realities....we get discriminated against, racially profiled, redlined, abused by police, falsely none of you can ever say that what goes for one black guy absolutely does not go for you....not in that respect we are monolithic. we were in the 60's and made waaay more strides than we do now...but the psychology of poverty screwed us up because everyone gained a few trinkets and then wanted to be a 'different black' instead of just 'another' black. well i am still just another black.......

And I am not a social worker....but since MLK did it on my behalf...and wasn't looking out for the King family (if he did he may still be alive) I feel OBLIGATED to share in and everything I have that will help others be uplifted such as time, knowledge, money and effort. And I have had some positive results so it was all worth it.

And yes, when the un-honorable justice does things that hurt black people via policy, it includes me.......hell the things black conservatives support such as limiting educational opportunities for blacks may come back to haunt their granchildren....once again, it about WE, not about ME........and what rankles me about people like him....and ward that they walked through doors others blacks opened for them...and then slam the door in the faces of the blacks coming up after them......and any person with any kind of self-worth and conscience would feel awful about doing so......and as so far as jesse....see how he is shaking up wall street with the investments and funds managers? All of the policy issues they address is what I am interested in...not their dick and pussy activities......that would make me be a gossipy azz hen to be concerned about those I am not small-minded enough to fall for is someone's bed activity inserted in a policy discussion? It is like thomas'es big white sow of a wife....that is his business....not mine...because it has nothing to do with his judicial activities that adversely affect i do not look to others for moral leadership...just like you should not look to me for some type of behavioral conformity in here....those are f-k civility, as long as I do not have a problem conveying my thoughts.........
mocove posted,

you really should try a new line of work futhermore. didn't someone cautioned you of the occupational hazards of being a social worker? you cannot save everyone, especially every afro.

mocove is there any specific reason that the afro is ESPECIALLY unabled to be saved? Are the afros LESS save-able than others who are in undesirable social situations? Just thought i'd ask...........
Anyone with with any common sense can clearly see there is an all out assault on black men, and has been sine he came to these shores. Anyone one who says its all our fault obviously has his head in the sand. Look at real reason for this madness. It goes back to the slavery era, and comes up through Jim Crow, all the while black were denied basic rights and access to capital which they still lack today. You have these elitest who get all the spoils from the hard work of the masses but very little go to the poor. This trickle down economics is what paralizes the community. This is exactly apart of the Reassoning for Reparations

OK, I can be very cynical at times and now is one of them. I don't believe in my heart that GWB will ever form a commission for Black men unless it is to find out a way to increase cheap or free labor from them. So although the Rep's intentions are good, but we know GWB will not even pay any attention to this issue unless it has some benefit mainly to keep him and his party in power. For example the measure to offer "temporary citizenship" to illegal immigrants, the payoff a gain of the latino vote to put him back into office.
There is without a doubt an assault on African American males. It is started as soon as the system can begin to generate a negative record, literally in pre-school. Read the record of psychologists serving those federally-funded facilities.

We need strong, and continuing attention to be given to this attack.

I must say that it strikes me that not one, NOT ONE, of the agencies/organizations listed by Rep. Davis have said a single public word in more than 21 years about the gutting of the protection of the right to vote for these same men, in addition to all the women effected.

The list of silence:

With the support of the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, National Urban League, the Association of Black Psychologists, the
National Organization of Concerned Black Men and the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Davis has organized a group of cities where
discussions will be taking place, at various times, regarding the status of Black men.


Jim Chester

You are who you say you are. Your children are who you say you are.

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