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Powerful New Ad Features Multiethnic Descendants Of America’s Founding Fathers

The founding fathers may have all been white men in wigs, but their descendants certainly aren’t.

A new powerful and inclusive ad for features 29 direct descendants of America’s Founding Fathers, many of whom are people of color.

The ad, which was made by creative agency Droga5, is part of a Fourth of July campaign in which recreated John Trumbull’s historic “Declaration of Independence” painting. The company identified descendants who represent a variety of ethnic backgrounds to recite the document, showing just how much the country has evolved since the declaration was created by seven white men in 1776.

The research team for reportedly spent hours tracking down and validating the identity of descendants, according to AdWeek. The campaign, which officially kicked off on Thursday, will run through July 13. 

“In addition to the DNA research they are known for, Ancestry has an incredible genealogical database,” Droga5′s Executive Creative Director Tim Gordon told HuffPost. “Droga5 wanted to create something that used their huge archive to celebrate 4th July.” 

“We’re really humbled to have created a campaign that shines a spotlight on America’s modern-day diversity and our past,” he added. “Not only does the campaign highlight how connected and diverse we are, it proves that diversity isn’t just something we value, it is part of who we are.”

Shannon Lanier, one of the black descendants featured in the video, reiterated the importance of understanding both our personal and collective history.

“Through my family, I am part of history,” Lanier told AdWeek. “Through the recreation of that historic moment, I feel like I’m making history—it shows how much our country has changed and how diverse and beautiful America’s family really is.”

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Wow! How deep is that?  The truth...the REAL truth about this country.  How heavy was this to bring the descendent of the signers of the declarations and to revise it verbally  In unison was in fact POWERFUL.  Massa didn't bank on this.  But now it's time to  have the REAL truth about this country AND the world...on the table for discussion.  Folks need to KNOW what really happened and stop believing the LIES.  More of this is to come I'm sure....cuz again?  It's time.  But!

  True.  There's a rumor that at least 5 or 6 were in fact black.  But just like some negroes in Jim Crow, a lot of blacks passed cuz they wanted to.  Didn't wanna be seen as coloreds.  But that old DNA?  Don't lie.  Dark skinned offsprings were popping up everywhere.  So.  This is just an example of African Americans being involved in all kinds of things in [white] America...including the presidency.  But!

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