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This is a tad off topic, but I just left youtube after observing third world poverty in good ole America.  Seems to me no one has informed Mississippi that slavery has been "abolished".  That was a sad, sad sight to see. Mississippi "Poobas", how the hell do you sleep at night treating Africans like that?????  Do you have any schools there at all and if you do, has more than 20 folks ever attended????  From all the people appearing in those videos, I don't believe one could collect $1.00 from all of them if one was in need.  Damn, white folks, racism eats the hell out of you!!!!!!!  Lots of you are above and beyond MEAN and damn HATEFUL!!!!!

Originally Posted by Kocolicious:

@ Brotha RR....That's EXACTLY what that word means.  It has evolved into this awakening.  Now if you can bottle it and give it to the brothas who think using this word has a different meaning and it's cool?.  Show them this.  And stand back and let it all sink in.  But!

+ you know most brothers and sisters are just lost right now.  some are asleep, many are in a deep coma.  

 Brotha RR wrote:  you know most brothers and sisters are just lost right now.  some are asleep, many are in a deep coma.


Yeah I know.  But they are giving up the things many many blackfolks died for....for them!  And now look at them.  This is who I call stupid mofos. Talking all that rap shyte but can't graduate from school.  How hard is that? Talking all that like they KNOW everythang....and massa has conditionally and mechanically put this "lazy" element in the black community where our children don't even have the DESIRE to excel....all because of some bullshyte they see in the streets or in videos.  Where are the parents?  Oh I forgot.  In prison.  On drugs.  In bad relationships.  Come on yall.  Then don't focking COMPLAIN that that the"man" is profiling black people.  Hell we are profiling ourselves when we DROP our own BALL of accomplishment.  


It is NOT enough of foot soldiers to the black cause.  Lemme say that AGAIN  it is NOT enough of us as foot soldiers to the black cause.  All I ever  hear is blah blah blah.  But never SEE any action unless it has been played on the media.  It appears that many of us are being brainwashed to react on certain things in our community but lend a BLIND eye to many upon many horrible things breeding right next door to us.  I keep SCREAMING...these are OUR one can REACH them like WE can.  But the question is: do we?  Helllllllllllll no!  We are tooooo busy trying to keep up with the [white] joneses[who are meth addicts] and dancing to massa music[who have MADE bank of black artists] until many of us can't SEE [there's that word again]...that we are being PLAYED. 


To be honest I have given up on this new bully-type generation...I don't even LOOK at them....they disgust me so much.....until here recently I was in a neighborhood store to get some cough drops.  I had left my purse in the car and only took some change with me thinking it would be enough.  A young black guy [around 19-24 year old] with baggy pants and white oversize t-shirt [looking like a gang banger] stood next to me while I tried to count my little pennies for this purchase. He said in his baritone voice-startled me at first'"don't worry about it madame I got the rest if you don't have it.  Get it."  Cuz I was just getting ready to put it back.  Needless to say I was more than stunned.  I turned to him and said "You're a good son.  Thank you."  At first I was gonna decline taking the offer but I realized that this was a teachable moment for me and him.  Doesn;t matter how SMALL the gesture...but!  That it was a gesture of kindness that we DON'T give each other anymore.  And it was at that time a glimmer of hope peaked through like morning light coming between the curtails and I saw this small seed of possibilities for our young people.  I knew then I must continue my mission to reach as many of our young people as possible. This young man's kindness did it for me...cuz I had threw in the TOWEL...big time.  


And look I was never afraid of 'em. You know our black kids.   I just got tired of the ignorance and stupidity that they willing spewed.  But!  I know the universe had given me so many gifts...and one of them is teaching children....especially middle and high school students. And everybody can't be teachers-and yet I was chosen to be one.  But I was ready to throw it away. Throw away allllllll those pain staking .years of teen trama-cuz they did tramatized[sp] me yall ain't gonna lie. But many of 'em also listened.  Many of ;em also went on to college and got professional jobs or went after their dreams whatever it was and were met with much success. brotha when you say lost?  I agree.  But there is a thing called LOST and FOUND..  And those of us who have the ability?  And are Up for the job? Are courageous? And have vision?   Need to put on our war paint and go out there and find our lost sheep and bring em BACK in OUR fold. Not with bullying scar tactics [cuz this is a new day] but with BLACK LOVE. Cuz I have FOUND that "black love" STILL works.  But!   

Finally, watched this video. It is excellent! Every black person in this country should watch it. I will purchase her book on the same topic, too.


Congress' apology for slavery was insincere. If it were truly sincere, Congress would have established a national holiday commemorating the end of slavery. It would have seriously and honestly began the task of dismantling all forms of institutional or systemic racism. Congress should have enacted laws that would place racial bias crimes on par with crimes against humanity. Finally, all descendants of those held in bondage should have been given reparations (40 acres and a mule, at least).


The 'apology,' when it was made, wasn't even broadcast on all networks as the top story. It should have been, daily, for at least two weeks. 


Here is the link to the 'apology.'


Actions do speak louder than words.

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