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Do you think that a man who watches pornography is more or less likely to commit adultery? what about men who go to strip clubs?

same question could be askedof women, they too, go to the strips and read pornographic material [i.e. Fabio novels]

thanx for your responses. it's interesting because someone at work brought this up and we all had a good debate about it. a strong argument could be made either way. I'm not so sure if i totally buy the fact that porn and infidelity are linked, but some people made some really good arguments that porn effects relationships in some very real ways. i was just interested in what aa.org thought about that. . .
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If a man (or woman)has to peep some porn on the down low, there's definitely issues lying beneath the surface, increasing risk for infidelity.

Why would that be so? Are you saying an interest in porn means the partner is unsatisfied? I don't think that's necessarily true.
It's true that porn can effect relationships. I think that it's because women and men tend to view the "purpose" of porn differently.

(Being a man) I think woman don't understand the role porn plays in many men's lives. It is not a sign that we are unsatisfied in our relationship; or, that we are unfulfilled; or, that we wish our SO looked or behaved or performed differently. It's none of that.

IT'S SOMETHING TO LOOK AT. It arrouses the senses in much the same way as a violent flick or a sporting event.

The problems come when our better halves, start reading into things and interpreting things according to their understanding.
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"Why would that be so? Are you saying an interest in porn means the partner is unsatisfied? I don't think that's necessarily true."

What I am saying is that if anyone has to sneak around to peep porn, especially with the intent of keeping the contents from his/her spouse, that is where the issues lie. Roll Eyes

Pornography may not be directly related to infidelity, but it has been known to destroy marriages-it can also strengthen them, just depends on the individuals involved.
According to studies, men have definite, measurable brain responses to porn. Far more than women. And, studies indicate that women have definite (and measurable) responses to other senses, like smell.

Do men need visuals, probably not; but it certainly enhances the experience.

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