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INGLEWOOD, California (CNN) -- The FBI is conducting its own investigation of the videotaped beating of a handcuffed black teen-ager in this Los Angeles suburb, officials said Tuesday.

The amateur videotape of the Saturday incident, which aired on local and national television Monday, shows a white police officer throwing Donovan Chavis, 16, against a police car and punching him in the face.

An attorney for Chavis described the teen as a developmentally disabled special education student with no arrest record who did not understand what was happening, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The incident also is under investigation by the city's police department, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and the district attorney's office.

Inglewood Mayor Roosevelt F. Dorn told dozens of protesters who showed up Tuesday at city hall demanding a meeting that the officer should be fired.

Dorn said he had ordered the suspension of Jeremy Morse, a three-year veteran of the police force. No action has been taken against three other officers and two Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies at the scene.

"In my city, this type of conduct will not be tolerated," Dorn said to cheers from the protesters. "It is my opinion that he should be fired."

Dorn said he was deeply disturbed by what he saw on the video and that "there is nothing that could have occurred" before the video began rolling that would have merited such police action.

"This shouldn't have happened again after Rodney King," said Inglewood resident Shirley McNabb who was among the people at city hall.

In Washington, Rep. Maxine Waters, the Democrat who represents Inglewood, wrote Attorney General John Ashcroft Tuesday requesting a Justice Department investigation.

"I don't see white police officers slamming the heads of little white boys into police cars," Waters told a Capitol Hill news conference.

"I haven't seen them abusing white males. What I see is white police officers abusing black males, and young black males particularly. Yes, I believe it's racially motivated.

"I stand with this family. I stand on the side of this young man," Waters said. "There was nothing that he could have done that could have caused this kind of treatment.

"He didn't have a weapon. He didn't try to run away. He did nothing that could cause the police to bang his head against that police car."

Inglewood police have not said much about what led up to the incident -- only that Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies had stopped the car because of expired license plates.

The boy's father, Coby Chavis, also was driving with a suspended license. Police said the boy lunged at Morse and that the officer sustained cuts as a result -- a claim the family denied.

Donovan Chavis told CNN he and his father had gone to a gas station Saturday. After he paid for the gas and bought a package of potato chips, he returned to the car and found police questioning his father, he said.

At one point, the teen said, a police officer turned his attention to him: "He said, 'Put those chips on the car and step back from the car.'"

Donovan said he did. "What they told him to do, he did it," his father said.

Family attorney Joe Hopkins said that before the video began Donovan was handcuffed, beaten and dragged by an 18-inch chain around his neck that snapped.


they say "look how far we've come in 2002"!!
man, i swear things like this happen (maybe not to this extreme) DAILY, and they don't make the news...our steps have made progress...but they've been BABY STEPS!

those who stand for nothing fall for anything
<small style="color: green; font-family: lucida sans unicode">"The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed." steve biko</small>
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There's another one, out of Oklahoma City, which is even worse than the Inglewood California one.

At a time when it's more important than ever for the people to wholeheartedly support our institutions (including law enforcement), these police departments had better get their acts together. The surest way to lose loyalty during these critical times is to commit acts like these.
For 4 centuries the caucasian has let us know how he feels about us, no matter what uniform he wears. I often wonder, if the shoe were on the other foot, and we were doing to theirs what they've done to ours, how LONG would we LAST??? We would ALL have been deported., or completely wiped out. It amazes me how tolerant we are with the abuse against OUR babies. One million locked up in prisons, executions, lynchings, drownings, bombings in churches. Native American population decimated, call us all kinds of foul names, think we're less than human. They call ALL the SHOTS (no pun intended), and we roll merrily along, trying to get along with them, day after day. We love these rascals, don't we?? Well they sure don't love US.
If you are going to quote me at least quote correctly. What I said in response to another members statement is "where is the racism that is shown daily in the news" since he implied that daily on the news you see racism. If you re-read the statement I didn't say it didn't happened I attacked his statement that we see it every night on the news.

That said, what happened to that child is criminal and his parents should sue the hell out of the police. Since we are talking about racism what then is your take on the black officer that stood there and watched it happen.
Sharpton: Make law to probe cop brutality charges
July 15, 2002

Los Angeles - The Rev. Al Sharpton called yesterday for federal laws requiring investigation into police brutality allegations in an attempt to curb what he called a national epidemic.

"There is a national issue of police misconduct and police brutality that must be addressed by the president himself," Sharpton said.

Sharpton said he traveled to the Los Angeles area to meet with the family of Donovan Jackson, 16. An amateur videotape showed Jackson, who is black, being slammed against a car hood and punched in the face - while handcuffed - by a white police officer in the suburb of Inglewood.

Sharpton, a civil rights activist whose National Action Network has an office in Los Angeles, also called for stiffer penalties for police convicted in such cases.

Inglewood Officer Jeremy Morse has been suspended with pay while a probe is conducted. His attorney said Jackson struck Morse first and the officer's response was justified.

Sharpton also expressed support for Mitchell Crooks, who videotaped the July 6 arrest of Jackson and later was jailed by Inglewood police on unrelated warrants.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Los Angeles) said she was leading an effort to raise $10,000 to cover legal fees for Crooks, a part-time disc jockey.

"We are going to see to it that Mr. Crooks has a legal defense," Waters said.

Crooks was arrested Thursday on warrants for burglary and a five-year-old hit-and-run accident in Placer County, Calif., where the warrants originated, after media attention for his role in bringing the police beating to light alerted authorities to his whereabouts. He was flown to Placer County on Friday to serve a 7-month sentence.

Waters said the group already had collected more than $3,000 for Crooks and hoped to collect the entire sum within 10 days.

"We don't care what he's been accused of," she added. "Those are minor offenses, we have learned, and we are going to help him out."

Meanwhile, another officer has been found to have struck Jackson before the videotape rolled.

Morse's partner, Officer Bijan Darvish, wrote in a police report obtained by the Los Angeles Times that he punched Jackson twice in the face before the teen was handcuffed because he was afraid the youth would hit him.

those who stand for nothing fall for anything

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