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RadioRaheem posted:


Oh, brother, WHEN in the hell have Black Women EVER 'not seen Black men as human'?! 

And, who are these Black women that see Black men 'sharing their thoughts/ideas' as aggressive?

This young brother is confused.

Black women are the only people on earth who have ALWAYS been there, who have always had the back of the Black man.  

Black women have fought with and for Black men against every oppression, every injustice, and every threat.

There are too many young Black people posting things online without knowing [or taking the time to research/read first] their own history.  

There are also too many Black people online painting ALL Black women [or Black men or the entire Black race] with the same broad brush.  

I'm pretty sure that any Black men viewed as being "aggressive" by Black women, probably are.



 Welll…..this young brotha is clueless.  Really no need to debate but just for the record?  Black women can say all kinds of things about  how some black men [entertainers/sports athletes] will marry everything  and anything but a black woman when they make it big.  The first thing you see if some white itch sniffing and slubbering all over 'em.  Did we say ANYTHING?  Nawl.  Cuz most of us were too busy trying to keep a roof over our children's heads, keep them fed and alive.....all while some black men portrays this FAKE profile of black man success....until of course Whiteman show him whose really "boss."  Then these same negrows come running back to the Black community particularly the Black woman for HELP.  These poor ignorant negrows don't know anything about Greenwood or the Elaine Twelve or the riots of 1919...where whitemen look for ANYTHING to lynch/kill a brotha or women or children for that matter.   So.  For me it's sad.  Cuz our brothas REFUSE to learn from those who suffered and those we have lost.  And that's the real SHAME in our community.   But!  

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  Sho  you right my sista.  Whiteman worship something he can NEVER have [innately] and black men are killed for having that something...naturally.  Priapus was an European [Greek] fertility god with a large phallus that said [with his penis in his hand] he was gonna f@ck the world.  And it appears he was right.  Cuz Europe did f@uck the world with its evil slave trade not only with Africans but with its own kind.  Plus all the disease and mayhem they brought without giving a sweet fock.   Tells you a lot about what kind of monster humans[Neanderthals]  these folks are.  All this?  Over penis size.     Cuz to them?  Size means more power.  But to Black men?  It means death.  Sad.  But!

When they strung black men up trees, that's the first body part that was sliced from the body. Not only sliced, but then placed them in something or another from the mantle for friends and relatives to observe and laugh. Somewhere in the background Miss Ann was secretly wishing her "man" had been so generously endowed.

Now that interracial marriage has been SLIGHTLY overlooked, white women snatch up our men more quickly than we. The "Rock"'s new WHITE wife was grinning from ear to ear on YouTube yesterday. She's happier than a pig in shit!!

 Yep!  Sho your right.  White women have been after African Mandinka since 1619.  Since black men stood on the auction block with their swinging pendulums unbeknownst that it would cause such a stir between both white men and women. Let's not EVER forget those sex farms/plantations they created to have brutal sex with black people.  Society don't like to talk about this.  But it's true.  Melvin Van Pebbles talk about it in Sweet Sweet  Sweetback.    Folks thought the movie was a black man's!  It really happened.  Especially in the deep South. And that was among the many reasons (including lynchings) why  black folks didn't talk about the South once they migrated out.  Plus Africans and Native Amerindians never worshiped the penis.  Only European and Asian cultures.   However, this worldly fascination with black "penis" has caused the main division between many black men and women.  And is why some black men deliberately chose white/Asian women to be with.  They like the idea of being praised for having a large penis (don't have to do anything else).  To them?  It is their identity(power)....first!  And they use it to lure and to use as a weapon....much like how massa has used his penis in battle-which back in the day was part of his way of life.  But!     

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Black  men are insane to have "sex" with white women. So many of these fellas have DIED behind that shit and they STILL haven't learned their lesson. Same goes for white men and black women. What happens when he gets mad at you and calls you a "nigger?" I can't imagine!! It was enough of a pain just working with them.

Trumpitler:  It's the white men that are the murderers, not Mexicans. Read your history!!

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