is now on the blog roll on Jack and Jill  It's on the right hand side under political blogs.  kool

This is something that has been bothering me for some time now. The Ads. There are far too many ads from far right conservative organizations that are coming up on the page. There was an ad for the Tea Party Rally and conference that took place in August this year. Now I see Nan Hayworth keeps coming up and also ads sponsored by

I'm moving this here so I can find it when I need it! 

I avoid the search on here. I use Google instead. You can have it search a specific domain for you.

you would input the following:
"[word or phrase you are looking for] site:" into Google (without the quotation marks).

For henry38 you would enter: "henry38 site:"
EbonyRose, I had the same frustration recently. What you will have to do is copy the embed code, click on the HTML and paste the embed code into the HTML window. That should solve the issue. For some reason the video insert just doesn't work on this page, which makes it totally pointless. :/
Sometime on Monday, November 29, 2010, your LiveCloud experience will get an amazing update!

Here's a summary of what you'll see:

Upgraded and enhanced interfaces - Nearly every page you use has been redesigned to improve the overall experience.

Enhanced widget creation and editing - creating your perfect home page in LiveCloud just got easier. Check out the new simple drag and drop, simply by hovering over any homepage widget. You can now include full content and extracts within widgets too!

Facebook Connect integration for login - you can choose to use your Facebook login, rather than your existing LiveCloud login, if you wish. Sign in using your existing LiveCloud credentials first, if you are interested in doing this... then you can connect to Facebook on your Personal Settings page.

Lots of new themes for you to use - increase the wow factor for your LiveCloud space; visit themes in your personal control panel to see the new options.

LiveCloud Channels and social groups will be spun out as independent communities ( sites) - the members, content, and owner/admins remain the same, but channel content will not appear in the LiveCloud network feed and you will no longer see a listing of channels to "explore."

If you're a member of a LiveCloud Channel, you'll notice that the URL will change from to However, if you visit the old URL, we will automatically direct you to the new one, and all bookmarks will continue to work as usual. Your login will remain the same as well.

So what is now? It's a social network focused solely on personal spaces with rich blogging, commenting and clip sharing. And it has the best privacy and moderation controls around. We’re still working on an iPhone app for LiveCloud, as well.

Please visit the LiveCloud blog for a complete, detailed explanation of the upcoming changes, with screenshots. If you have questions or suggestions, please visit; we're always listening.

LiveCloud will be down for up to 8 hours during the upgrade, and we will be using our @livecloudnews Twitter account to communicate updates.

Thanks for being part of our online community reinvention!

Corporate Blog:

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1904 Third Avenue, Suite 525, Seattle, WA 98101  I don't know what it means...exactly.  I got the email too.  But!  You can go to the social strata thingy located at the bottom of this post and click it.  And then you can ask the support help what it means.  That's what I did when I could not get in to this site last week.  Someone will answer you right away.  That's the only suggestion I can give. Good luck 
Hey!  Where'd everybody go??  Are me and Huey the only ones that made it through??

I think you have to re-sign in to read some of the posts!
Okay ... It seems as though the "Activity Stream" is not working correctly ... or at least not like it used to!! 

Looking in the "Forums" list, I see that JWC has also been here and posted this morning ... (still looking for others!) ... but, it just doesn't show up in the "Activity Stream." 

I don't see your post there either, kresge!!  I had to actually be in the "Issues and Politics Forum" and look up and see it as a "Last Post by ...." to know you had answered.

Guess the bugs are still being worked out!    I'll keep looking around and see what I find. 
  Man!  They changed the FORMAT again.....  Most of the icons are not working!!! Why did they do that?  It looks like the old forum....well to me anyway.  Okay.  I just needed to say that!  It's all good.  But!  I'm just sayin
LOL .. yeah, I thought the same thing, Ms. Koco!!  But ... it actually looks like it might be simpler to navigate ... once we figure out exactly how to do that! 

Glad you made it!!    I think everyone will be able to get back in after the initial shock of the change!
MBM,  (or website gods)

Please remove the Poor white trash cracker troll known as biteofhoney from the website.



I'm having an 'issue'. Recently upon attempting to post a response, I'm having to submit it twice. The first time the response just hangs up, I have to cancel the the process. Once I cancel the process and click submit, the posting goes through. Any ideas on what this is??

and of course it just now did it again. . .

I'm still here and lurking.  Just in the process of going through some transitions (good ones).  Miss yall and hope everyone is doing well.




Can anybody tell me what is an "RSS Feed" is?  And whether or not it's something that could/would be useful for promoting  And how it should be used?? 





~~ Technologically Challenged 

Is there SOMETHING wrong with the SITE?  I cannot EDIT.  I cannot even FIND the edit button.  Help!  Yall know I need to edit....otherwise...long and unproofread commentary.  Any suggestions?

@ Ms. Koco ....


They moved the edit button to the top and on the right of the post window!!  It's on the same line as the date/time of the post ... and is only visible when you run your mouse pointer over the little 'wheel-looking thingy' in the corner.


It looks like a sheet of paper with a pencil laying on top of it.  It's next to the "trash can" - which is the "delete post" button.  


I also found out that you can delete original posts, now, as well. 

  Thank you my sista.  I thought I was goin' a bit insane....cuz I knew it used to be in that spot  Whew!  It feels good to know it "ain't me.  But! 

  That's good information my sista....but!  Each time I try to move my arrow on the upper right....the whole icon panel disappears completely without letting me click on to it.

    I'm gettin' irritated!  Okay.  For now I'm gonna do it the old school way....cuz this is more than ridiculous.

Originally Posted by EbonyRose:

Can anybody tell me what is an "RSS Feed" is?  And whether or not it's something that could/would be useful for promoting  And how it should be used?? 





~~ Technologically Challenged 



What is RSS?

RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it.

Hey sunnubian ... I got a question for you ...


What do "tags" do??  And do you make them up yourself when you add them to your post?? 

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