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I'll second the request for a workable search function.

One of the technical things that made stand out from other forums that I post in was the completeness and efficiency of searches done on old posts. I could always find old posts here when posts on other boards (sometimes the very same spam post) came up missing.

If I took an article from here and reposted it somewhere else, often I would have to come back here to find the original article that I copied from just to find an exact quote that I could use to narrow the search for my own post in another forum.
No, I'm not particularly liking the new format ... but, I wasn't real crazy about the old one either!    However, I was just starting to find out where everything was and starting to play with a few of the features ... and now I suppose I'll have to start over. 

Which, for the technologically-challenged, such as myself, is no small feat! 

But .... don't worry about me ... I'm just a disgruntled old lady who's survived worse than this!  And I'm sure I'll find a way to get over it!  I always do. 
Yeah, I saw the change earlier this morning, too, before I went to bed ... but, thought maybe it was just my computer losing its mind and rearranging the page or something.  But since both of my computers are showing the same thing ... I guess it's a relief to know it's not just me! 

And you're right ... for all we know this could be the 'old format' in a couple months time! 

Do you know if this is 'it' for this particular change??  Are they still working on stuff or are we at where we're going to be? 

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